CPIC Action for Healthy Life China CPIC officially releases “352” big health service blueprint-Times Finance-Northern Network

CPIC Action for Healthy Life China CPIC officially releases “352” big health service blueprint-Times Finance-Northern Network

On May 20, China Pacific Insurance held a big health strategic action press conference, and officially released the “352” big health service blueprint for the first time through various forms such as strategic action panorama display, in-depth experience of health care services, and face-to-face communication between executives and guests. It will focus on displaying China Pacific Insurance’s innovative achievements in terms of concept, mechanism, management, and product services in the past three years since it implemented the big health strategy, and outlines the bright future of the “Healthy Living CPIC Action”. More than 50 domestic investors, analysts and media personnel were invited to participate in the meeting, and had in-depth and open exchanges with relevant leaders of China Pacific Insurance.

  From chess to middle game, practice the original intention

From the Fifth Plenary Session of the 18th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China first proposed “promoting the construction of a healthy China”, to the 20th National Congress emphasizing that “protecting people’s health should be placed in a strategic position of priority development”, “Healthy China” has risen to a national strategy and has become a building block. An important chapter of a community with a shared future for mankind and an important support for the realization of Chinese-style modernization. As a leading insurance company with a full insurance license and an important participant in the country’s multi-level social security system, China Pacific Insurance formulated a five-year plan for the development of big health in August 2020. Going ahead and building a leading domestic health care comprehensive service provider” development goal.

In the past three years, with the purpose of serving the people’s better life and enhancing the ability to create value, China Pacific Insurance has actively leveraged its main business advantages, strengthened insurance payment, enriched CPIC services, invested in the upstream and downstream of the big health industry, and is committed to building “insurance + big health” new ecology. At present, China Pacific Insurance has established a full-scenario health care service system covering pre-illness, sickness, rehabilitation, and elderly care, forming a long-term ability to continuously optimize high-quality, integrated service supply. In 2022, China Pacific Insurance’s health insurance premium income will be nearly 77 billion yuan, an increase of nearly 25% compared with the end of 2019. The growth rate is better than the average of major peers for three consecutive years. The number of health service users will increase by 150% compared with the previous year. The resilience of sustainable development in the health sector continues to emerge. Kong Qingwei, chairman of China Pacific Insurance, said: “‘Healthy China Pacific Insurance Action’ is a concrete manifestation of China Pacific Insurance’s commitment to doing the right thing, the practical thing, and the difficult thing. Big difference will be made. Today’s actions will shape our future!”

  Keep Upright and Innovate and Start Again

The “352” big health service blueprint released this time is the enrichment and enrichment of China Pacific Insurance’s existing strategic connotation and extension. Based on the construction of an all-round and full-scenario insurance ecology, it clearly proposes three major circles of insurance payment, service empowerment and establishment of ecology, and 10 specific actions to build a closed development loop that promotes, nourishes and supports each other, which is facing the new era. , a new blueprint for new opportunities and new challenges.

  Focus on the three core elements to improve payment capabilities.Focusing on underwriting, claims settlement, and the data most needed to improve quality and efficiency that customers are most concerned about, continue to promote healthy body insurance, innovate products for the elderly, young and sick people, and achieve full coverage of insurance protection; through intelligent claims settlement, create Experience better insurance services; build around health big data to improve customer demand matching and risk reduction management.

  Create 5 special services to help empower the main business.Focus on the whole course of disease management and the elderly and young customers, and build a three-dimensional comprehensive solution of “insurance + health + pension”. For the management of the whole disease process, focus on promoting digital medical care that combines professionalism and technology, high-quality medical care with integrated management, and rehabilitation medical care for special diseases; for the “one old and one young” customer group, create an institutional pension that combines medical care and nursing care and youth health promotion services. With the service advantage of “what others don’t have, what others have, we have excellent”, empower the main business to upgrade from product-driven to service-driven.

  Give full play to the role of the two funds to establish a healthy ecology.Use industrial investment funds and public welfare funds to promote real finance and good insurance. Among them, the big health industry fund invests in biotechnology, life sciences, medical equipment and other physical enterprises, realizes the economic value of the company’s asset-liability matching, and helps the development of medical services and digital health; CPIC blue public welfare fund focuses on “one old and one young” brain health public welfare Take action, practice social value, and help navigate the main business of insurance.

  Consolidate the foundation and go far

In view of the characteristics of high capital demand, wide-ranging fields, and large professional span of the big health industry, China Pacific Insurance Coordinates strategic development with an overall thinking, and focuses on the three key points of coordinated development, professional ability, and risk control to lay a solid foundation for development, highlighting the “one-size-fits-all” The integrity of “chess” and the long-term nature of “a long deck of cards”.

  Strengthen synergy and symbiosis.China Pacific InsuranceContinue to give full play to the overall coordination and supervision and management functions of the General Health Special Committee, relying on the principle of interoperability and subject principle,

Effectively promote the synergy and symbiosis among the various subjects and create a win-win situation, ensure that the direction does not deviate, and the implementation is effective.Highlight professional ability.China Pacific InsurancePropose refined principles, give full play to the advantages of top cooperative resources, and create refined features; deepen professional principles, carry out market-oriented talent introduction, and achieve both quantity and ability.Strengthen risk management and control.China Pacific InsuranceComprehensively use diversified platforms to form a risk isolation and control mechanism, unify management standards, and create practical samples with four development modes of “self-doing”, “borrowing”, “partnership” and “reverse empowerment”.

In recent years, in the face of a complex and ever-changing external environment, China Pacific Insurance has always adhered to its values ​​and firmly believed in the long-term, accelerated the promotion of the three major strategies of “big health”, “big region” and “big data”, and made every effort to create a new highland for future high-quality development. Fu Fan, President of China Pacific Insurance, said that the big health strategy, as the first of the three major strategies, is the key chess piece and winner of the “14th Five-Year Plan” for China Pacific Insurance. We will continue to forge ahead and open a new chapter in serving the multi-level social security system and building a healthy China.

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