Country Inn & Suites by Radisson 2.0: From a single accommodation to a diversified lifestyle

Country Inn & Suites by Radisson 2.0: From a single accommodation to a diversified lifestyle

After the Spring Festival in 2023, the national tourism market will release signals of recovery, and the travel needs of travelers are constantly changing. According to the “Investigation Report on Chinese Consumers’ Accommodation Preferences” released by Ctrip, the current tourist group is gradually showing a new lifestyle: 3-5 days of short-term travel, and the combination of work and leisure. They begin to pay more attention to convenience , efficient, but also emphasizes the quality of personalized service, pay attention to the quality of tourism products and other needs.

With the continuous development of the tourism industry, the hotel brand positioning attributes also match the pace of consumers, from pure leisure experience to the renewal of diversified services. According to the “2022 China Hotel Business Travel Market Research Report” released by the China Tourism Academy, business travel expenditures will continue to grow rapidly in the future? Being able to hold meetings, parties and entertainment has become a core requirement, and this coincides with the brand positioning and target customer groups of Liyi 2.0 products.

Liyi brand 2.0 products aim to create a benchmark store for business travel for the new generation of business people. How to create efficient, personalized and convenient quality life experience for users is the top priority. In the design of Liyi 2.0, the theme direction is Huayiyuexin, and the space is created through modern naturalism techniques. The walls are separated by large areas of cloth patterns, reflecting the warm and comfortable side in the rational organizational relationship. The fireplace element behind the sofa also well reflects the characteristics of the urban living room. Each space shows the multi-faceted nature of the city, but at the same time preserves the original and natural parts, bringing unexpected surprises to customers; X-SPACES, as one of the core highlights of new products, mainly forms an independent and The exclusive space is not isolated, and the multi-functional furniture in the space takes into account the dual functions of meeting and entertainment. It meets the diversified needs of work for business travelers and brings people a different kind of life enjoyment. Liyi 2.0’s new service unit——Chief Butler, the needs of consumers are changing with each passing day. While actively responding to consumer needs, it is also trying to create a brand-specific service style, breaking the previous “single support” situation, and providing customers with from From booking to check-out, from breakfast to falling asleep, there are a total of 27 exclusive and considerate services. This is not only a back-up guarantee for the expansion of the territory of Liyi Hotel, but also has a very high reference value for the healthy development of the service market.

As a brand under Jinjiang Hotels (China), Country Inn & Suites by Radisson has sufficient platform advantages, sharing the traffic of over 182 million members on Jinjiang WeHotel’s global hotel Internet platform, bringing a steady stream of stable customers to franchised hotels, and relying on the group’s supply The advantages of the chain platform make it possible to invest in the Li Yi Hotel brand with a single-room cost of 90,000 yuan, comparable to products in the market with a single-room cost of 120,000-150,000 yuan in mid-end hotels of the same grade, and then help investors effectively through refined management and efficient operation. Shorten the return on investment cycle, and thus gain high recognition and favor from investors.

In the future, Liyi brand will continue to explore the life and emotional needs of contemporary young business travelers, reshape the business travel space with the new vitality of the times and the new social culture of space, and endow the industry with more meaning.

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