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“Counting down with you” to express the true love and feelings of brother fans and “continue to love” themed listening and sharing session with passionate dedication

“Counting down with you” to express the true love and feelings of brother fans and “continue to love” themed listening and sharing session with passionate dedication

  September is the birthday month of the famous singer Leslie Cheung, and various themed activities to commemorate Leslie Cheung are held in various places. On Mr. Leslie Cheung’s birthday, a listening and sharing session titled “The Wind Continues to Blow Can’t Bear to Stay Away – Leslie Cheung’s Music Journey” was held at the Bird Theater in Tianjin Wisdom Mountain. Many “Brother Fans” were present. Among the famous media figures Zhai Yi, Led by three guests, the famous music critic Aidiren and the famous DJ Yang Yue, online and offline fans reviewed Leslie Cheung’s music path and artistic life through live listening of physical records. This music sharing event hosted by Baihua Literature and Art Publishing House is one of the series of activities of the third “Hundred Flowers Literature and Art Week”. At the end of September, a Leslie Cheung-themed record collection exhibition will be held at the Wisdom Art Center.


  On April 1 this year, the new book “Countdown with You” written by Zhai Yi and published by Baihua Literature and Art Publishing House——Leslie Cheung’s Musical Journey” was recognized and supported by “Brother Fans” as soon as it was released. After the book’s author Zhai Yi held theme sharing sessions in Shanghai and other places, on Leslie Cheung’s birthday, it was held at Tianjin Wisdom Flying Bird Theater This listening and sharing session. The event invited the famous music critic and the author of the preface to the book “Countdown with You” Aidiren and the famous radio host Yang Yue to have a conversation with the author Zhai Yi, and attracted many people through online and offline interactions. Many readers and “Brother fans” participated. At the beginning of the sharing session, a carefully edited video memory video of Leslie Cheung’s life took the lead in bringing back the audience’s memories of the good old days when Leslie Cheung was a leader in the music industry and in his prime. The three host guests led the audience to recall their brother’s music history and talked about the past energy between themselves and their idols.


  The biggest feature of this sharing session is that all the playback carriers are precious physical records. As a record collector, Zhai Yi showed the audience many of Leslie Cheung’s physical records in his collection, including the radio chart-topping discs of the year, the precious vinyl first editions released, and the overseas versions released by the record company that year. and commemorative editions. The three guests followed the timeline as a clue and recorded vinyl, stereo cassettes,Leslie Cheung’s physical album records in different media such as CD, LD, and MD are played live through the player, allowing the audience to experience the analog sound texture that is very different from digital music. Many young audiences were particularly interested in the record media on display. The three guests also made the whole sharing session exciting through humorous language and real experiences of the changes in the music industry. From the obscurity of Leslie Cheung’s debut in the music industry, to his instant success after joining China Star, to his loneliness and sadness when he quit the music industry, to his glorious comeback in the music industry and the packaging method of Universal Music’s old wine in new bottles after Pian Ran’s death… The three guests used different The record carrier medium allows the audience to share an audio-visual feast during the two hours at the Bird Theater.


  In order to give back to the audience andFor “Brother Fans”, the organizer Baihua Literature and Art Publishing House has specially launched the precious “Leslie Cheung Record Book” this month. Introduction by Zhai Yi, author of “Countdown with You”. Since many “Brother Fans” hope to edit and print the records released by Leslie Cheung in the form of vivid and detailed picture albums, Baihua Literature and Art Publishing House specially provides readers who purchase “Countdown with You – Leslie Cheung’s Music Journey” on Leslie Cheung’s birthday. Give this exquisite gift. And unlike “Countdown with You” which uses flashbacks to review Leslie Cheung’s music life, the “Starting from Zero – Leslie Cheung Record Album” presented with the book uses a sequential list to show readers his brother’s life from 1977 to 2023. 75 physical records released in 46 years. The audience at the scene also fell in love with this well-printed and beautifully designed booklet. Many audience members also told the story of their youth growing up with Leslie Cheung under the leadership of the guests. It is reported that in the subsequent series of activities of the “Hundred Flowers Literature and Art Week”, “Brother Fans” can also see Leslie Cheung’s theme record exhibition at the Wisdom Art Center. As an interactive curator, Zhai Yi introduced: “In fact, Leslie Cheung’s physical records have been released for nearly Hundreds of copies, and countless versions. We also hope that through the form of physical records, everyone can more clearly and intuitively experience Leslie Cheung’s powerful singing skills, creative talents, fashion concepts, aesthetic standards and production effects. The most important thing is , everyone can resonate with the aesthetic pursuit and passionate beauty of youth and frivolity from these long-lost physical records.” At the end of the listening and sharing session, the three guests screened out unique emotional expressions from the audience’s comments. They also presented commemorative posters and a limited numbered book “Countdown with You” with Leslie Cheung’s birthday.


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