Countdown to 7 days!Thousands of companies are coming, and the first exhibition of the gift industry is about to usher in a surge of business opportunities in Beijing.


The first exhibition of the gift industry in the Year of the Dragon – the 49th China·Beijing International Gifts, Premiums and Household Products Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as: Beijing Gifts and Home Products Exhibition) will be held at the China International Exhibition Center (Chaoyang Hall) in Beijing from March 21 to 23, 2023 ) “Dragon” reappears. Relying on the resource advantages of the organizer Reed Exhibitions and after 25 years of accumulation, the Beijing Gift Fair has become the largest and most influential industry benchmark exhibition in the northern region. It is expected to attract 40,000+ industry professionals to gather at the event and get off to a good start in the gift industry. “stand”.

Northern Gifts and Home Furnishings Flagship Exhibition Ignites Beijing

This exhibition has once again achieved full hall scale! Eight major exhibition halls are open, with 1,300 high-quality exhibitors. The exhibits cover: food, small household appliances, daily necessities, culture, cultural and creative products, kitchenware and other categories. 200,000 creative gifts are gathered to satisfy employees. Various purchasing scenario needs such as benefits, business gifts, event promotions, e-commerce product selection, etc.

Lots of new ideas, lots of highlights, extra excitement!

In addition to the gift channel advantages accumulated by the organizer over the years, the exhibition continues to introduce new themes and new highlights, providing more sales channels for exhibitors and more highlights and choices for buyers. Multi-dimensional empowerment, new products, trends, and business opportunities, all in one exhibition Master it! Play the sound of promoting consumption to the buyers present.

Full coverage of corporate welfare scenarios

As the largest gift market in the north, Beijing has the country’s leading number of gift end-user companies, and there is a huge demand for welfare, business and other gifts. With such a large scale, complete categories and many new products, the gift industry’s first exhibition in the Year of the Dragon is naturally an efficient and economical procurement platform not to be missed by the purchasing managers of various enterprises. It is reported that CITIC Yijia, China South-to-North Water Diversion Group Cultural Tourism, Toyota Motor, Leading Future, Zhongao Tongyu, etc. will come to purchase with large orders. At the same time, there will also be an employee welfare theme forum, inviting industry experts to attend and share useful information!

The first e-commerce product selection hall was established

For the majority of e-commerce channel operators, this Beijing Gifts and Home Furnishings Exhibition has set up an e-commerce-themed product selection hall for the first time. The exhibits in this themed pavilion are not only rich and diverse, but also include smart technology, boutique lifestyle, personal care and beauty, household department stores, pet supplies, maternal and infant toys, office equipment and consumables, food and agricultural and sideline products, outdoor supplies, textiles and other popular e-commerce products. Categories, as well as trendy and popular products, provide a one-stop solution to the problem of resource docking in the e-commerce industry.

As an emerging track, live broadcast e-commerce has experienced explosive growth in recent years. This exhibition has invited a group of live broadcast experts to attend the exhibition to connect B-end enterprises and C-end buyers through the exhibition, creating more business opportunities!

The national trend of cultural creation, classic beauty, everlasting!

Cultural confidence, cultural innovation, and the beauty of national trends are everlasting! At this exhibition, professional buyers and visitors will see many cultural and creative products with distinctive regional cultural characteristics, intangible cultural heritage products, and re-products based on museum collections The design is creative and creative, allowing the audience to immerse themselves in the exhibition in the atmosphere of national trends and traditional culture.

At the same time, as Beijing is an important center of higher education in China, the organizers have specially set up the “College Admission Letter Award”. This event can not only promote the implementation of design cases of exhibitors of cultural and creative enterprises and obtain more brand exposure and docking business resources, but also allow various audiences to appreciate the most “cultural connotation” design masterpieces.

All five flavors, experience and display “new field”

Food has always been one of the main categories of gifts. Food exhibitors at the Beijing Gifts and Home Exhibition gathered in the “Colorful Food” in Hall 2, which brought together special food and drinks from Beijing, the north and other regions across the country, as well as agricultural products and gifts from all over the country. The organizer innovated the display format and set up a happy life, inseparable from “food” special themed interactive exhibition area in Hall 2, allowing buyers from all channels to experience, interact and negotiate on-site, and promote business completion in an immersive atmosphere of experiencing delicious food from all over the world.

At the Beijing Gifts and Home Furnishings Exhibition, whether it is a variety of beautiful and exquisitely designed kitchen utensils and tableware, or on-site dynamic and static displays and tastings of various foods, buyers can taste the beauty and sophistication of life. , and it can broaden the purchasing channels, and the business is promising.

10+ theme activities, all-round empowerment

This Beijing Gifts and Home Furnishings Exhibition will provide exhibitors and buyers with a diversified and rewarding viewing experience. It will hold 1 exhibitor training session, 2 major buyer investment sessions, and focus on 7 major theme forums, with innovative theme content and sessions. New highs, introducing more high-quality partners, such as industry leaders Yunzhonghe, Kuaishou, Duoduo Cross-border TEMU, Amazon, etc. The forum will cover topics such as new e-commerce, employee benefits, cultural creativity, collectibles, digitization, and cross-border e-commerce. From different dimensions of industry trends, forum participants will be able to easily familiarize themselves with industry trends and future business directions, and gain insight into new business opportunities. .

Cutting-edge trends, supply and procurement docking

In order to enhance the exhibition experience and efficiently help buyers and sellers connect, the exhibition site will also hold a major buyer investment meeting at the same time to gather talents and businessmen, providing an accurate matching and communication platform.

The 49th Beijing Gifts and Home Furnishings Exhibition will build on the rich experience of successfully holding previous exhibitions. It will be innovated, draw on the best of others, bring together better products, more efficient solutions, and higher-end connections, adapt to current hot topics, and continuously make breakthroughs. A new peak, creating more value for national exhibitors, terminal buyers and channel dealers in the gift industry in the northern region.


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