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Costume war action film “Gate of the Sand Sea” debuts at the Shanghai Film Festival

Costume war action film “Gate of the Sand Sea” debuts at the Shanghai Film Festival

“Gate to the Sand Sea” poster

The ancient costume war action film “Gate of the Sand Sea” jointly produced by Dongfang Meizhi (Beijing) Film Co., Ltd., Beijing Baina Qiancheng Film and Television Co., Ltd., Zhongjing E-sports Entertainment Co., Ltd., and Beijing Tangde International Film Culture Co., Ltd. “, the “mysterious veil” was unveiled at the Shanghai International Film Festival on June 11. This film is adapted from the high-scoring novel “No Door in the Sand Sea”. The author of the novel, Wu Youyin, is the screenwriter and director of the film. It tells a historical legend full of compassion and heroism, desolation and determination. expect.

  The picture is full of sense!The original novel was “requested” by readers to be made into a movie

After a sandstorm that has not happened in a hundred years, Zhang San, a small soldier, meets Li Si, an enemy nobleman who is in trouble in the desolate desert. The kind-hearted Zhang San only wants to bring his saved military salary home to live a simple life with his wife and children on the kang, but Li Si, who has a city in his heart, has even more lofty ideals. No matter where they came from or where they are going, two people are struggling in the wild sand of the 800-mile desert, and their paths are different, but in order to escape from birth, they still have to rely on each other for their lives, and they will fight against the wild sand of thousands of miles…

The novel “No Door to the Sand Sea” written by Wu Youyin was published in 2019. Readers who have read the novel said that “the picture is full of sense” and “it is simply a hearty movie”, and “required” that it must be made into a movie in the future . And this is also the goal of the author Wu Youyin. He once said on his Weibo that he must finish the filming of this film, “There is no force that can stop me. It is difficult to go through the scene after survey. If it is not enough in one year, it will be two years. The crew has made the most serious preparations, everyone is silent and resolute, and I believe that God rewards those who work hard. The flag of compassion must be flying over the city of Mingsha Castle. Zhang San in the dawn must complete the redemption, Li Si in the middle of the night will definitely embark on the journey.”

  A sparrow fights a goshawk! The second premiere poster of “Trilogy on Earth” amazes everyone

On June 11, the costume war action film “The Gate of Sand Sea” finally appeared at the Shanghai International Film Festival. Director Wu Youyin introduced the film and the spiritual concept he wanted to explain to the media and industry insiders present on the same day. At the same time, the film also released the concept poster for the first time: on the poster, a sparrow hit by an arrow stands tall on the water. However, what is reflected in the water is an angry goshawk with spread wings. This is exactly the message that Wu Youyin and his works have always wanted to convey to the public: the weak Zhang San is like a sparrow. The sparrow may not have great ambitions, but it still has strong vitality under desperate circumstances, just like all living beings. And the origin and direction of all these are thoughts, “Big thoughts and small thoughts, good thoughts and evil thoughts, thoughts of dogs and birds; Zhang San Li Si are sentient beings, eight hundred miles of quicksand is life, the power of thoughts is great, one thought of heaven, one thought of hell. “

In 2018, the film “Love in the South Pole” written and directed by Wu Youyin won the audience’s recognition after its release. At that time, he had a small “ambition”-creating the “Trilogy of the World”. If “Love in the South Pole” expresses his interpretation of pure love, then “The Gate of the Sand Sea”, the second part of the “Trilogy on Earth”, is his presentation of the ultimate friendship. Why do people who are different and seem completely different become “friends” who cherish each other and are incompatible under desperate circumstances? For this story, Wu Youyin has great enthusiasm and expectations. He admitted that it is very difficult to make this work into a movie, but he will do it anyway. “The novel is like a mighty river, and the script is like a rugged mountain road. One is to go to a distant place, and the other is to go to a high place.” It is precisely because of such a persistent and rigorous creative attitude that Wu Youyin completed the script creation of this film, and also harvested as scheduled outside expectations and concerns.

The ancient costume war action film “The Gate of the Sand Sea” started filming in Xinjiang at the end of June and will meet audiences across the country in 2024. More exciting, so stay tuned!

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