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Core technology creates a moat, and Yadi electric vehicles lead the industry’s technological leap

Core technology creates a moat, and Yadi electric vehicles lead the industry’s technological leap

Innovation is the vitality of an enterprise.

Since the launch of the Yadi Crown Energy series in 2020, Yadi has become the first company in the industry to have a single series exceed 15 million units through continuous product upgrades and technology iterations, and the Crown Energy series has also become an industry benchmark product. Recently, new members have been added to the Yadi Crown series. Three new models of the 6th generation of the Yadi Crown are officially unveiled: the 6th generation of the Yadi Guaneng Q50, the 6th generation of the Yadi Guaneng M85, and the 6th generation of the Yadi Guaneng T60. Define new industry flagship standards with technology.

The continued evolution of flagship products stems from the diversified needs of electric vehicle users. In the context of consumption upgrading, industrial upgrading has become a key path for the industry to break through. Adhering to the user-centered approach and paying attention to the diverse needs of users is the underlying logic behind Yadi’s global leadership.

It is worth mentioning that the three flagship new products of the 6th generation of Yadi Guanneng launched this time are all products evolved based on in-depth insights into the real needs of users and continuous optimization of user experience. The design of the 6th generation of Yadi Guanneng Q50 is more in line with the preferences of girls, good-looking and easy to ride; the urban hardcore aesthetics and T-power overclocking mode of the 6th generation of Yadi Guanneng T60 will be more attractive to boys, and it is easier to ride at high speeds; The 6th generation Yadi Guanneng M85 is more suitable for family travel, and it is super easy to carry people and ride. As the first brand in the industry to propose and optimize the human-machine comfort of passengers, Yadea has moved from hardware experience to soft experience, setting a new benchmark for “good riding” and taking the lead in the industry!

The new launch of the 6th generation of Yadea Crown Energy will not only further enrich Yadea’s high-end product matrix and redefine the new benchmark for electric two-wheelers, but will also promote technological progress and quality improvement in the entire industry, and help the industry develop new advantages. Upgrade and lead Chinese enterprises to go abroad and shine on the world stage.

At the same time, driven by high-quality development and supported by product strength, Yadea has achieved a magnificent transformation from “going out” to “globalization”, leading the world in short- and medium-distance travel. At present, Yadi serves more than 70 million users around the world with high-quality products. It has won love and recognition in 100 countries around the world. It has ranked first in the world’s electric two-wheeled vehicle sales for six consecutive years, representing “Intelligent Manufacturing in China” to provide global users with Green travel solutions.

Driven by the wave of technological innovation in the new era, Yadea leads green development through technological innovation, fully enhances the new productivity of the electric two-wheeled vehicle industry, ignites the “new engine” of green development, and writes the “Yadea” brand of high-quality development. Answer Sheet”. As Wang Jiajia, President of Global Marketing and Service of Yadi Technology Group, foresees: “2024 is the year of comprehensive promotion of Yadi’s globalization. Building the world’s number one electric vehicle is our next goal. Standing on the world’s pattern , Yadea will contribute the strength of China and Yadea to the green and convenient travel of global users.”

Leveraging innovation and technology to drive change in the trillion-dollar electric two-wheeled vehicle market, Yadi drives high-quality development of the industry with new productivity, demonstrating the company’s innovation capabilities and market acumen. I believe that in the near future, Yadi will lead the entire industry to new heights.

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