Continuing to increase its AI technology, Mousse integrates global resources to build a smart sleep ecosystem


Matthew Walker, founder and director of the Human Sleep Science Center, emphasized the importance of sleep to health in his book “Why We Sleep”: “Scientists have discovered a revolutionary way to extend your life. New secret recipe. It can improve your memory; keep you slim and reduce appetite; reduce your risk of heart disease, myocardial infarction and diabetes. You will feel happier, less depressed and less nervous. Are you interested? This can be included The cure for all ills is not Hermès, but sleep.”

Whether you sleep well or not is related to personal health. However, in the fast-paced and high-stress living environment, sleep has become a “luxury” that is out of reach for many people. How to make good sleep happen naturally has become a required course in life. Under the wave of AI, this problem has also ushered in new solutions.

Recently, the muse tide technology new product launch conference with the theme of “making good sleep happen intelligently” was held at the National Aquatics Center. De Mousse Group has launched “Tide Technology” and a new AI product – De Mousse AI Mattress T11PRO, setting a new benchmark in the field of smart mattresses with the power of technology. In addition, around the annual World Sleep Day, Mousse takes the lead in creating a smart sleep ecosystem in the industry by integrating global sleep resources, publishing industry white papers, and guiding users into a healthy lifestyle. “Healthy sleep shared by the world” has become a reality.

01 Build a smart sleep ecosystem and lead the future development of the sleep industry

As the key cornerstone and important support of a new round of industrial revolution, artificial intelligence has been characterized by rapid technological innovation and strong application penetration since its emergence. Today, the era of “artificial intelligence +” has quietly arrived. As a leading brand in the field of healthy sleep, Mousse not only provides more cutting-edge “AI + sleep” answers and accelerates the penetration and application of AI in the healthy sleep industry, but also maintains an open mind of integrated innovation and win-win cooperation to promote the smart sleep ecosystem. construction.

According to the “2024 Mood and Healthy Sleep White Paper” (hereinafter referred to as the “White Paper”) released by Mousse, China Sleep Association, iResearch Consulting, and Himalaya, 95% of the respondents have had health problems in the past year, among which sleep problems account for the most Ranked first among the five major health problems. 50% of users choose to improve their sleep by finding bedding that is more suitable for them and adjusting their bedroom sleeping environment.

Faced with sleep problems, the public is turning their attention to more breathable and comfortable mattresses and seeking customized sleep management solutions to improve sleep quality. A complete and co-promoted smart sleep ecosystem can effectively promote the sharing of AI technology, data, and resources, and provide more accurate sleep health management services under the customized sleep needs of users that urgently need to be met.

On the industry side, the smart sleep industry is showing its importance in modern life with its rapidly growing market size. According to the 2022 global sleep survey results released by ResMed, the global sleep economic industry has reached US$60 billion to US$80 billion and will reach US$91.5 billion in 2025. Among them, according to data from Growth Market Reports, the global smart sleep market will reach US$15 billion in 2022, with a compound annual growth rate of 17.4% expected by 2031.

In the global sleep economy market, which is close to US$100 billion, the smart sleep market is still in its early stages of penetration and has broad prospects. At this dawning stage in the East, the construction of the ecosystem can effectively promote the in-depth exploration of the smart sleep field by global resources, drive more mature products into thousands of households, and enhance the overall competitiveness of the industry. Based on user needs and industry development needs, Mousse has made multiple efforts to deepen the user’s mind, iterate AI technology, integrate industry resources and other multi-dimensional efforts to promote the construction of a smart sleep ecosystem.

02 AI technology adds new smart technology products to drive the sleep revolution in the industry

Looking back on the past 20 years of the sleep industry, the combination of single product dividends and channel dividends has created a number of companies. Now that we have entered the era of the stock market, increasingly fierce market competition forces both veteran players and new entrants to be more focused on “quality”. We should innovate at various levels and truly achieve healthy and sustainable development with digital and intelligent capabilities.

Tide is Mousse’s insight into the tidal power of nature and life, representing the laws of nature, the rhythm of life, and the rhythm of sleep. At this press conference, Mousse’s “Tide Technology” was officially unveiled. “This is the result of 20 years of intensive research by Mousse.” Yao Jiqing, vice chairman of Mousse Group, said that through 20 years of exploration and research, relying on ergonomic data model, AI tidal algorithm, AI tidal smart core and sleep scene intelligent research With four major innovation matrices, Mousse has successfully created disruptive “tidal technology”. From the Tide Algorithm, which debuted in 2023, to the grand launch of Tide Technology today, this matrix evolution marks a new level of smart sleep solutions and will continue to lead the development trend of the healthy sleep industry.

The new product mousse AI mattress T11PRO relying on Tide Technology became the focus of the conference. Focusing on the three core elements that affect sleep health – correct sleeping posture, comfortable sleep environment and scientific sleep cognition, T11PRO is equipped with 7 core technologies of Deluxe Smart Sleep, through AutoFit intelligent adaptation technology, AI tidal algorithm and precise The ergonomic data model gives users an unprecedented comfortable sleep experience and makes “customized sleep” a reality.

At the scene, Sohu founder and Ph.D. Zhang Chaoyang, as the chief experience officer of Mousse Tide Technology, shared his unique experience and profound insights into the Muse AI mattress T11PRO. Regarding the automatic monitoring function of Mousse smart mattresses that is of great concern to the public, Zhang Chaoyang provided an analysis based on his unique physicist perspective: “Arteries, veins, heart rate, and every tiny vibration of the body can be detected by Mousse’s self-developed piezoelectric ceramics. The sensor sensitively converts it into an electrical signal, and then converts it into AI language for simulated regression calculation. With this technology, all vital signs of people’s sleep state can be seen at a glance.” The next step in automatic monitoring is automatic adjustment. Equipped with AutoFit intelligent adaptation technology, T11PRO has 18 intelligent flexible adjustment units, which can completely cover the shoulders, neck, back, waist, hips and legs and other parts that need to adjust the support. According to the body shape and sleeping position, it can achieve intelligent body shape adjustment every 20 milliseconds. Identify and automatically adjust the support softness and hardness of each flexible adjustment unit.

Looking forward to the changes and promotion of AI in sleep in the future, Zhang Chaoyang described a new picture of AI technology empowering healthy sleep for the industry: “When you wake up during the day, AI can become a robot assistant. During sleep, AI can monitor your health status in time. From this, It can save a lot of lives.”

At this press conference, two new products, Champion Dream and Century Dream PRO, were released at the same time as the Muse AI mattress T11PRO. Both mattresses are newly built based on the HSP technology platform. The Champion Dream is a joint model between Mousse and the National Swimming Team. Based on the insight into the needs of athletes for physical recovery through sleep, Mousse uses imported German raw ore springs. It truly meets the core needs of sports enthusiasts for support, pressure relief, and breathability; Century Dream PRO combines three high-end materials: space resin balls, Artilat latex, and super-soft cloud-like sponge, with internationally certified adaptive pressure relief and full sleeping position support. technology, providing top touch and comfortable sleep, opening up a new pattern of high-end smart mattresses.

Regarding the three new products released this time, Chen Wenze, vice president of De Mousse Group, said, “T11PRO, Champion Dream, and Century Dream PRO, they represent De Mousse’s most advanced technology, most professional capabilities, and top-notch material craftsmanship.” You can see It turns out that under the new industry cycle and competition landscape, Mousse has incorporated artificial intelligence algorithms, ergonomics, sleep science, new materials, cutting-edge technology, etc. into its brand moat. This is an important step for enterprises to shift gears and speed up in the era of artificial intelligence, and it is also the only way for Muse to build a smart sleep ecosystem.

03 Linking multiple parties to share and promote together, moving towards a collective of developers of advanced technologies

Linking and integrating global high-quality resources from various dimensions such as scientific research, innovative materials, manufacturing, and branding, and exerting the synergistic effect of 1+N, has always been the focus of mousse. At the level of industry-research integration, Mousse has carried out in-depth cooperation with many domestic scientific research institutes and universities in recent years, such as jointly researching mattress ergonomics with Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, jointly developing snoring sound source detection with the Chinese University of Hong Kong, and jointly with Sun Yat-sen University Developing a sleep staging algorithm based on ballistocardiography, and jointly developing health assessment based on image recognition with Northwestern Polytechnical University, ensuring that supply-side capabilities are always at the forefront of the industry.

At this press conference, as a co-research partner of Muse Group’s sleep technology, representatives from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology shared the cutting-edge scientific research trends in the smart sleep industry and said that research on human sleep and happiness is an important part of the MIT laboratory. The research direction has many similarities with the vision and development projects of the Muse Group. The two parties will conduct research and development on a number of technologies in the field of sleep, covering the development and application of new materials, slow brain wave sleep aids, mood adjustment and Sleep aid, sleep monitoring, AI technology applications and other fields are gradually making good sleep an easier reality.

In the innovative cooperation that promotes win-win results among all parties, Mousse always maintains an open and inclusive attitude of seeking innovation and change. For example, it has been working with the China Sleep Research Association for more than ten consecutive years to analyze the current sleep status of Chinese people in multiple dimensions and provide direction guidance for technology research and development; it has reached strategic cooperation with the national swimming team to support the championship dream and deepen the industrial integration of “exercise + sleep”; it has reached an emotional level with Himalayas Sleep cooperation provides users with new solutions to sleep, from a good night to a peaceful mind.

In order to convey the concept of healthy sleep, Mousse teamed up with the China Sleep Association, iResearch Consulting, and Himalaya to jointly publish a white paper. By taking the pulse of contemporary people’s health issues, it deeply connects sleep with emotions, and not only promotes the single scene of “sleep” to “healthy lifestyle” “The expansion of diverse scenarios has also driven the transformation of the national health concept from “disease treatment” to “health management.”

According to the white paper, 86% of respondents believe that sleep and mood influence each other. In order to improve sleep, most respondents choose to listen to audio before going to bed to relax their mood. Based on this insight, Mousse teamed up with Himalaya to launch “Sleep Radio” to provide solutions to sleep and emotional distress in the form of audio, helping the public manage their emotions, improve sleep quality, and benefit all people. From March 16th to 17th, the two parties even moved the radio station offline and built a large-scale “Sleep Good Night Radio” installation in Beijing, allowing the public to listen to Good Night Radio, experience Muse sleep technology, and gain solutions for a good night’s sleep.

In addition, based on its insights into the sleeping conditions of Chinese people, Mousse creatively launched the “world’s smallest mattress”, using a more humane approach to appeal to people to let their phones sleep, charge themselves, and develop a good sleep. Habit. Through its ingenious “small mattress”, Mousse has triggered people’s thinking about healthy sleep, effectively helped more people develop good sleeping habits, and fully demonstrated the responsibility and responsibility of a national brand.

From March 12th to 14th, the Weibo topic of Mousse #WorldSleepDayHoliday # was even more popular, attracting widespread attention from netizens. On the 12th, Musi’s official Weibo accepted the challenge from Weibo’s big V, saying that if the Weibo post exceeded 10,000 retweets, all employees would be given a day off. As of the 14th, the Weibo post had been forwarded 16,000 times, and Mousse officials immediately issued a notice that all employees would be on holiday on 321 Sleep Day. Through this employee care action, Mousse has further connected the brand with “World Sleep Day” and set an example to arouse the public’s attention to sleep health.

Whether it is promoting technological innovation through the integration of production and research, or deepening user communication through the integration of brand resources, Mousse has always taken the mission of “let people sleep better” as the focal point, and joined hands with partners in different fields to continue to “expand capacity.” “Smart sleep ecosystem, together draw concentric circles of healthy sleep.

From focusing on user needs and deepening the understanding of healthy sleep, to innovating technology and using AI to support healthy intelligence, to improving supply-side capabilities and moving towards the status of “advanced technology integrated developer”, it can be seen that Mousse not only promotes its own Standing on the wave of the AI ​​era, we have completed profound changes and explorations from the inside out, built a powerful smart sleep ecosystem for the industry, and continuously promoted the evolution and transition of the ecosystem.

At present, integrating scientific and technological innovation resources, leading the development of strategic emerging industries and future industries, and accelerating the formation of new productive forces have become the new focus of global competition. As the “leader” of the smart sleep ecosystem, Mousse has accurately grasped the focus of “new productivity”, promoted the sleep industry to move towards high-tech, high-efficiency, and high-quality features, and continued to lead the way in the upgrading of the sleep industry. .


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