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Continuing the trend and starting a win-win future? Voting for the 2023 Seventh Tianjin Business Selection is in full swing

Continuing the trend and starting a win-win future? Voting for the 2023 Seventh Tianjin Business Selection is in full swing

  Tianjin Northern Network News:In order to help cultivate and build an international consumption center city, Tianjin has designated 2023 as the “Tianjin Year of Consumption”, establishing a consumption-promoting pattern that “runs through the year, continues in all four seasons, and has prosperous consumption” to better assist the city’s high-quality economic development. The “Tianjin Action Plan to Accelerate the Construction of an International Consumption Center City (2023-2027)” was officially released in June 2023, proposing 24 key tasks. In the next five years, Tianjin will make multiple efforts to continue to enrich consumer supply and enhance consumption. energy level. At the same time, we should open up an international perspective, release consumption potential in a market-oriented manner, and activate the endogenous driving force for the development of shopping malls.

The 2023 Tianjin Business Selection will use “innovation”, “symbiosis” and “sustainability” as the key words, focus on Tianjin, radiate to Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, and face the world, bringing together Tianjin’s major shopping malls and well-known native brands, as well as the first to enter Tianjin. Domestic/international brands and industry authoritative experts build a face-to-face communication platform for business industry elites, creating an annual high-profile event in Tianjin to discuss industry hot spots, solve industry difficulties, and foresee the future of the industry. The voting channel for “Continuing the momentum and starting a win-win future·2023 Seventh Tianjin Business Selection” was officially opened on October 24. Currently, voting is in full swing.

In terms of selection content, there will continue to be two major awards: “Business Projects” and “Business Figures”, and the “Business Brands” and “Annual Popular Culture and Art Exhibitions” awards will be added.

·Conditions for participating in the “Business Project”: It has a pivotal position in the fiercely competitive Tianjin commercial market and has gained the love and expectations of consumers.

· Eligibility criteria for “Business Figures”: Representative business leaders whose unique business ideas lead projects to achieve outstanding results in the Tianjin business market.

· Eligibility criteria for “Business Brands”: including being the first to enter Tianjin, major well-known brands, etc.

· Eligibility conditions for the “Annual Popular Culture and Art Exhibition”: The cultural and art exhibition in the shopping mall in 2023 is loved by consumers, and they go to social platforms to check in and share.Activity planning

  The 7th Tianjin Business Selection-Online Voting

  October 24, 2023 – November 10, 12:00

  Long press to identify the QR code below to vote online

Announcement of results The final selection results will be announced through the official WeChat account of “Tianjin Tong” at 17:00 on November 10, 2023.

  The 7th Tianjin Business Selection-Participants: All commercial projects within Tianjin, including shopping malls, department stores, outdoor shopping streets, etc.

  Selection rules: The selection activity is based on the principles of fairness, impartiality and openness, and adopts online voting. The final result is selected based on the final number of votes obtained and professional comprehensive evaluation.

  Basis for award: (1) The company has a good reputation and has no bad behavior; (2) It has a good social image and social responsibility, and has a certain popularity; (3) The final online votes are among the best;

  Voting rules: 1. This event adopts a scientific vote counting method, and the selection results are authoritative and valid; 2. The voting adheres to the principle of public participation, and all kinds of false behavior are strictly prohibited. If you discover the above behaviors, you can report them to the organizing committee; 3. For companies that use bad means to swipe votes, we will take measures such as warnings and stopping voting. In serious cases, they will be disqualified from the selection.

  Disclaimer: Participating companies must be responsible for the authenticity of their application materials, otherwise the resulting intellectual property disputes and legal risks will be borne by the applying companies themselves.

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