Continue to promote the entire industry chain and Bright Dairy embraces the national market with digital technology


In recent years, Bright Dairy has successively built “natural breeding” pastures, “smart manufacturing” factories, “just-in-time delivery” logistics and “Brightness Xpress Order” shopping platforms, linking more than 100,000 cattle wearable devices and hundreds of thousands of production equipment. In 2000 Multiple cold chain vehicles and 3.5 million households in more than 90 cities realize equipment interconnection, data interoperability and intelligent collaboration in the entire industry chain from source to terminal. It can be said that today’s Bright Dairy is continuing to promote the digital construction of the entire industry chain, building a solid first link in the implementation of the “fresh food” strategy, and laying a solid foundation for embracing the national market.

Take the intelligent management and control system of Guangming Dairy Farm as an example. Bright Dairy uses Jinshan Ranch as a pilot project. First, it improves and improves the intelligent ranch management system, upgrades automated ranch management equipment, and realizes dairy farming, dairy breeding, on-site environment, feed feeding, milking information collection, raw milk inspection, indicator early warning, etc. Daily management support and information management; the second is to build an intelligent management and control system for milk sources. Before transporting raw milk, QR codes are assigned to milk cylinders, milk trucks, and milk tanks, so that the milk can be processed by scanning the code during the milk collection process. Data transfer on the farm side enables real-time management and control of farm to factory data.

Production intelligent management and control system. Taking the East China Central Factory as a pilot, the first is to upgrade and improve the MES system to realize the collection and management of production information, optimize the dairy production business process, and realize the closed-loop management of the entire process of production business planning, scheduling, technology, execution, statistics, and analysis; the second is to We have built a coding system for 12 molic acid and 5 excellent production lines. We use packaging pre-coding to associate data on the filling production line and scan codes on the packaging production line to associate the entire production data with each product. A minimum unit product completes the data transmission in the production section and provides basic data guarantee for the entire intelligent management and control system; the third is to build a laboratory inspection management system to automatically collect inspection results of raw milk, raw and auxiliary materials, sequenced samples, finished products, etc. The inspection information will be digitized and standardized to meet management needs; the fourth is to build a production traceability information management system to form a complete production section management data to realize the information identification and full two-way process of fresh milk acceptance, excipient acceptance, production process management, finished product storage and transportation Information traceability.

Circulation intelligent management and control system. Taking 4 low-temperature product logistics warehouses (Maqiao, Jiading, Fengxian, Kangqiao) and 1 normal temperature (Taopu) logistics warehouse in Shanghai as pilot projects, we will make full use of information, automation, and intelligent technologies to comprehensively sort out the aspects of warehousing management and logistics distribution. The business process combines product traceability with warehousing and logistics operations to further improve work efficiency and improve operation management. First, it has established a full business process and product traceability process covering receipt, warehousing, warehousing management, sorting, distribution, and delivery. The combined warehouse management system (WMS) and transportation management system (TMS); the second is to carry out intelligent traceability scanning and sorting pilot transformation of the Maqiao warehouse to improve the efficiency of traceability scanning and sorting; the third is to build distribution The traceability information management system will bring the distribution and distributors involved in the pilot products into supervision, ultimately control the channel and terminal situation, and realize anti-counterfeiting and anti-violation cross-regional sales management.

Management and control platform. Establish a management and control platform to achieve aggregation and access to the ranch intelligent management and control system, production intelligent management and control system, circulation intelligent management and control system, dealer management system, product traceability information and order system order information, forming a coverage of ranches, factories, warehouses, logistics vehicles, sales The outlets have full two-way information traceability of dairy products to achieve comprehensive control over product quality and safety.

Service and marketing interactive platform. Facing the public and consumers, we deeply integrate product information traceability services with corporate marketing activities, promote the active participation of dealers and consumers through marketing activities and provide feedback on preferential activities, and help enterprises prevent counterfeit goods, mixed goods, and counterfeit production. Dates, etc. provide support and help.

In addition, Bright Dairy has also established a full traceability and quality control command center, and established milk source command sub-centers, production command sub-centers, and logistics command sub-centers in the milk source center, production center, and logistics center respectively to realize product information throughout the industry chain. Real-time supervision and control of traceability and quality, enabling high-definition video consultation, command and dispatch, and decision-making analysis in response to unexpected food safety incidents.

As a leading dairy enterprise in my country, Bright Dairy is also the first representative to build an entire industrial chain. By establishing an intelligent farm management and control system, a production intelligent management and control system, a circulation intelligent management and control system, a digital management and control platform, and a service and marketing interactive platform, it has successfully built a full-process traceability and quality control command center to help enterprises achieve high-quality development results.


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