Continue to move forward and go to a better place together China Pacific Insurance releases 2023 sustainability report


  Recently, China Pacific Insurance released its 2023 sustainability report. This is based on the company’s 13 consecutive years of publishing social responsibility reports.Published sustainability report for the third consecutive year.

  Focusing on sustainability, climate-related information disclosure, and ESG performance, the report comprehensively displays CPIC’s sustainable development strategy, practices, achievements and highlights, effectively responds to the requirements of listed exchanges and regulatory agencies for the company’s non-financial information disclosure, and depicts China’s CPIC and stakeholders jointly build a vivid picture of a new ecology of sustainable development.The report combines high-quality development results to deepen sustainable developmentThe “Five Forces” model is traction, value, responsibility, synergy and internal drive.At the same time, the report further improvedComprehensiveness and completeness of ESG compilation standards and performance data,Based on the self-researched and developed ESG carbon footprint management platform, we carry out carbon investigation work on the entire operation end of the company and realize the visual presentation of carbon emission data.

Deepen the “Five Forces” model and build a new ecosystem for sustainable development

  In 2023, China Pacific Insurance will gather the “five forces” into an inexhaustible driving force for sustainable development. Sustainable development has stronger traction.Elevate ESG to a strategic level, establish and improve the ESG management system, and continue to improve leadership capabilities;The value of sustainable development is more efficient.Give full play to the advantages of insurance expertise, continue to innovate the supply of green financial products and services, and facilitate green and low-carbon transformation;The responsibility for sustainable development is even greater.The insurance side and the investment side work together to effectively protect the development of the real economy and help improve people’s happy living standards;The synergy of sustainable development is stronger.Integrate and symbiosis with stakeholders, enhance employee cohesion, improve customer satisfaction, and develop together with partners;The internal driving force for sustainable development is more durable.Adhere to the leadership of party building, strengthen corporate governance, give full play to the leading role of science and technology, and strengthen internal control and compliance management.

Respond to social hot spots and implement the “five major articles”

  In 2023, China Pacific Insurance will adhere to the mission of “serving the great people of the country and protecting a better life” and solidly promote the “Five Major Articles”.Promote science and technology finance,Support scientific and technological innovation and promote the successful transformation and upgrading of a number of advanced manufacturing industries, strategic emerging industries, and traditional industries.Participate in green finance,Innovative green insurance products, providing green insurance coverage exceeding RMB 109 trillion, and green investment exceeding RMB 200 billion.Practice inclusive finance,We will improve the social security system and continue to enhance our product and service supply capabilities. Critical illness insurance projects serve more than 100 million people, and long-term care insurance has more than 50 million insured people.Deeply cultivate pension finance,To create an “insurance + health + senior care” ecosystem, enrich aging-friendly services, and deploy senior care communities, CPIC Home has launched 14 projects in 12 cities across the country and opened 8 stores.Innovative digital finance,Released the Digital Intelligent Pacific Insurance (DiTP) plan, completed the reform of the technology governance structure, basically achieved full-scenario digital service coverage, and empowered the insurance ecosystem with technological advantages.

Reflecting the “highlights” of the year, CPIC services successfully escorted the Asian Games

In 2023, China Pacific Insurance will go all out to escort the successful hosting of the Asian Games with the high position of “serving the great nation and protecting a better life”. We customized a package of risk solutions with a total insurance coverage of over 400 billion yuan for the Asian Games. Personal insurance covers more than 150,000 athletes and technical officials, with a total on-site service time of 34,000 hours and a total communication exposure of 3.5 billion times. Create a new benchmark for service, create new value for collaboration, highlight CPIC’s new heights, and gather new brand strength to win glory for China Red and add luster to CPIC Blue.

Facing the future, China Pacific Insurance will continue to cultivate new advantages, new drivers and new vitality for sustainable development, and strive to become a leader in high-quality development!


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