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Continue to carry out the “Tianjin Consumer Year” activities to stimulate new momentum in market consumption

Continue to carry out the “Tianjin Consumer Year” activities to stimulate new momentum in market consumption

  Tianjin North Net News:In the second quarter of 2023, the retail market in downtown Tianjin will usher in two shopping mall projects, Heping Impression City and Tianjin Meijiang Huanyu City, driving the total market stock to 2.722 million square meters. Since the beginning of this year, Tianjin has continued to carry out the “Tianjin Consumer Year” campaign. In this quarter, driven by various holidays and shopping festivals, the vitality of the consumer market has increased significantly.

  Ben Thanh Summer“Starlight Binhai” event kicks off

  On the evening of August 5th, Bincheng’s summer “Star Shining in the Binhai” event officially kicked off in the “Yuxiang” area, aiming to enrich the night life and night culture of citizens in the new district, promote the upgrade of night economy and consumption, and ignite the beauty of summer. The event is sponsored by the People’s Government of Binhai New Area, and undertaken by the District Commerce and Investment Promotion Bureau and Tianjin Economic and Technological Development Area. The event will run until September 3rd. During the first performance of the event, the dances “Red Drum Surprise”, “Haina”, songs “Ten Miles of Spring Breeze” and “Sun” and many other wonderful performances brought citizens a different summer experience. At the scene, many citizens picked up their mobile phones to record the wonderful moments of the performance, and many audience members interacted with the actors from time to time and played songs to the rhythm of the music.

  wisdom mountain“Craft Brewing Summer 2023” market ignites Ben Thanh’s “night economy”

  Well-known craft beer from all over the world, special food with different flavors, dynamic electronic music melody…From August 4th to 6th, the “Craft Brewing Summer 2023” market event held in the Zhihuishan Cultural and Creative Industrial Park of Binhai High-tech Zone has become the first choice “check-in place” for many young hipsters to experience the summer atmosphere. The “Craft Brewing Summer 2023” market activity attracted more than 100 merchants from Tianjin, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Chengdu, Yunnan, Xiamen and other places. Among them, there are more than 30 local craft beer brands in Tianjin. In order to further enhance the fun and interactivity of the event, this year the organizer also opened up an area for all-you-can-drink and an interactive area for competitions. Relying on the rich and colorful interactive links, it will further ignite the “night economy” of Binhai High-tech Zone and stimulate new market potential .

  “The World”· Panshan officially returns!Super shocking large-scale landscape performance

  3D light and shadow, amazing upgrade! The super shocking large-scale landscape performance “The World Panshan” will return at the Panshan Theater at 20:00 on the evening of August 5th! 350 actors, performing 1,230 roles, combining virtual and real scenes such as lighting, water curtains, and holographic scenes. The scene is beautiful and heartbreaking,An immersive super experience. The first performance of “The World Panshan” was nearly 75 minutes long, and it was divided into five chapters: “Yuanshan”, “Red Dust”, “Green Lantern”, “Yellow Scroll” and “Purple Clay”. Humanistic feelings. The performance theater covers an area of ​​10,000 square meters and is attached to the natural features of Panshan Mountain. It has invested heavily in building temples and mountain peaks as the background of the performance. It does not destroy the original natural landscape and style, but also can maximize the majestic and magnificent dance effect.

  Peace Joy City super favorite powder rice festival jinmen“Chinese New Year”

  As a national congress with unabated heat and high temperature for more than ten yearsIP, “Tomb Raider Notes” has many loyal fans. The August 17 Rice Festival, organized and initiated by Fan Daomi, is China’s first IP-exclusive fan festival. The “ten-year agreement” in front of Zhang Qiling’s bronze gate has been successfully held for six times, and now it has become an annual carnival for ricers. This time, Heping Joy City has introduced the August 17 Rice Festival to Jinmen with a big hand, which completely ignited the enthusiasm for rice on the entire network! Daomi on multiple social platforms has already started to “steal the season”, rubbing hands and looking forward to the “New Year” in Tianjin this time. Fans from all over the world plan to go to the main venue of Heping Joy City to check in. Local fans in Tianjin were even more excited and screamed, “I am so promising in Tianjin”, full of pride in the city!




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