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Continuance is a belief!China Pacific Insurance Life Insurance’s 2023 Blue Whale Association Annual Summit was successfully held

Continuance is a belief!China Pacific Insurance Life Insurance’s 2023 Blue Whale Association Annual Summit was successfully held

On December 12, the “2023 Blue Whale Association Annual Summit” of China Pacific Insurance, a subsidiary of China Pacific Insurance, kicked off in Harbin, Heilongjiang. Nearly 500 continuing members of the Blue Whale Association from across the country attended the meeting and accepted honorary commendations. Chairman of China Pacific Insurance Pan Yanhong and many senior executives attended.

“I have faith in insurance. Because of this faith, I have the strength and determination to overcome every difficulty. We must join hands with CPIC and work together to become the light of the insurance industry, illuminating those who come after us, and together we can continue to be a blue whale.” Member!” At the summit, Director Lu Xiaomei of China Pacific Life Insurance Jiangsu Branch delivered a speech when entering the “Blue Whale Hall of Fame”, which resonated with all Blue Whale members present.

Caption: Lu Xiaomei (middle), marketing elite representative of China Pacific Insurance Life Insurance, believes that insurance is a kind of faith

Caption: China Pacific Insurance Life Insurance marketing elites take a group photo in front of the altruistic performance culture exhibition board

  The Blue Whale Summit is China Pacific Life Insurance’s largest and highest-level marketing elite recognition ceremony at the end of the year. It aims to commend Blue Whale Association members with long-term service capabilities and excellent service quality. China Pacific Life Insurance Blue Whale Association was founded in 2008. It is guided by the spirit of “continuity is a belief”. By benchmarking IQA (International Quality Award), it encourages marketing elites within the company to join, continue to provide customers with professional services, and focus on service. Quality, the Blue Whale Association is an important carrier of China Pacific Insurance’s customer-centeredness and long-termism. It is also a beautiful testimony that the company and the marketing team work together for good and long-term companionship. The 2023 Blue Whale Summit coincides with the 15th anniversary of the establishment of the Blue Whale Association. At the meeting, many participating elites were invited to share their personal blue whale beliefs, and the top honors of the Blue Whale Association were solemnly released——“Blue Whale Hall of Fame”pay high respect to Blue Whale members who have long-term service and continuous performance for 15 years: Lu Xiaomei of Jiangsu Branch, Qu Fenggen of Suzhou Branch, Yu Shuimei of Yunnan Branch, Fang Xinfan of Zhejiang Branch, Xu Peiling of Zhejiang Branch, Li Yushun of Jilin Branch, Suzhou branch Qi Xia has seven continuous members of the Blue Whale Association for more than 180 months, and they are among the first batch to be admitted to the “Blue Whale Hall of Fame”.

Caption: The first batch of seven Blue Whale Association members who have been members of the Blue Whale Association for more than 180 months are admitted to the “Blue Whale Hall of Fame”

The managing director of LIMRA LOMA China sent a congratulatory video to explain the concept of the IQA International Quality Award; Hou Bin, the three-time Paralympic champion, gave a live speech and shared the championship spirit with the participating elites. The Blue Whale Association is committed to professional empowerment. In order to further enhance the service capabilities of participating elites, this summit gave an in-depth interpretation of China Pacific Insurance’s “senior care core proposition” and specially invited analysts from Caitong Securities to bring insights into the senior care market. In addition, the 2024 “International Double Benchmarking” merit honor system and the “Wanyou Gravity” plan were released at the event to enhance the altruistic merit cultural beliefs of the participating elites, assist the participating elites in their digital operations, and continue to cultivate marketing that truly matches customer needs. The team spreads the “Pacific Insurance Service” of “responsibility, wisdom and warmth”.

Caption: At the event, China Pacific Insurance’s marketing elites had high morale

This summit is also the first high-profile marketing elite commendation ceremony held by China Pacific Insurance after the transformation of “core insurance”. “Core Personal Insurance” refers to building a PAA (consultative marketing) and PSA (service marketing) team through the core model of “internal office empowerment and external office leadership” to continue to establish the value ballast stone of China Pacific Life Insurance and then support Long-term value creation.

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