Contains 28 kinds of vitamins and minerals plant-based nutritional formula for disease prevention and health care

Contains 28 kinds of vitamins and minerals plant-based nutritional formula for disease prevention and health care

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(Kuala Lumpur News) Many people have no choice but to rely on nutritional formulas to supplement or even replace the daily three meals when they cannot obtain the daily nutrients they need from ordinary foods.

Especially the elderly who suffer from diseases or are elderly. They cannot chew and eat too much solid food. They can only drink nutritional formula to maintain their daily needs.

However, many nutritional formulas on the market are animal-based nutritional milk, which is not suitable for some people with lactose intolerance.

It is reported that 90% of Malaysians have lactose intolerance, that is, they are sensitive to milk, which will cause some side effects. If it is mild, it will feel bloated in the stomach, and if it is severe, it will have diarrhea.

50% muscle loss after age 40

Diet therapist Lin Huiling pointed out that cow’s milk is for cows, goat’s milk is for sheep, and human milk is most suitable for humans. Therefore, many people are not used to milk. Eating milk or dairy products will cause lactose intolerance.

“Whatever we eat, our body reacts. When a lactose-intolerant person drinks milk, the body thinks it might be a toxin and refuses to absorb it, so it excretes it. Although they drink a lot of milk Nutritional formula, the body is still thin. Therefore, I think the plant-based complete nutritional formula is the most suitable for all human beings.”

On the other hand, we all know that if we want to stay healthy, the most important thing is to have complete nutrition.the so-calledComplete nutrition contains 7 types, namely: carbohydrates, high-quality protein, high-quality fat, vitamins, minerals, fiber and water.Especially protein, the human body is composed of protein from hair, organs, skin to nails, so it is absolutely indispensable.

After the age of 40, 30 to 50% of muscle loss will occur. The older you are, the more serious the situation is. In fact, this is also related to the problem of protein. The main functions of proteins include repairing cells.

We can see the external inflammation of our body with the naked eye, but if the internal organs are inflamed, we cannot see it. At this time, the protein will also repair the cells for metabolism.

If not enough protein is taken in, the body will automatically use the protein stored in the muscles to provide raw materials for the internal organs to repair, thus causing sarcopenia.

Toxins are stored in the intestines and are difficult to excrete

She further explained that with sarcopenia, it is easy to fall or break a bone because of the lack of support.

Many elderly people are skinny and skinny, most of them are suffering from sarcopenia, and their hands and feet are weak.

However, some elderly people seem to be fat but find it difficult to move around, and instead appear clumsy. This is because the body is not muscle but fat. Fat has no energy, and all energy is stored in muscles. The feet can walk.

“Our body is made up of 100% protein, so we must eat protein. We need 0.8-1g of protein per kilogram of body weight. If a person weighs 50kg, he needs 50g of protein per day, which is enough for cell metabolism and repair.”

“Many people consume protein from animals, such as milk or meat, but as we get older, it becomes more difficult to digest food because of aging body functions, weakened teeth and gums, it is difficult to chew, plus saliva The secretion is not much, and the enzymes that help digestion in the stomach are also reduced, so the food eaten is difficult to digest. Therefore, we can see that many elderly people will gradually become vegetarians, reduce meat consumption and turn to plant-based foods .”

“In fact, if we go back to biology, the structure of human teeth and intestines is not suitable for eating animals, but suitable for eating plants.

We don’t have sharp teeth, and the intestines are too long, so a lot of toxins are stored in the intestines.

Animals that generally eat meat have very short intestinal tracts, which can be digested and excreted quickly without accumulating toxins in the body. So we advocate plant-based nutrition. “

There is another reason for Lin Huiling to promote a plant-based diet; “The biggest crisis in the world today is food shortage, and facing global warming, many people suggest that the industrial chain should be shortened. For example, soybeans and corn are planted to feed animals. You still have to find a place to house animals, and ultimately just eat animal meat to get protein. Why not get high-quality protein directly through plants?

In fact, soybeans, peas, grains, and brown rice all have high-quality protein. Plant-based protein is the most suitable for human beings and is easier to absorb. “

Help address the food crisis

She pointed out that the complete and comprehensive nutrients needed by humans can be taken from plants, which can not only help solve the crisis of food shortage, but also help reduce global warming and reduce carbon emissions.

She gave examples one by one: “Carbohydrates can be taken from grains; in terms of fat, there are good fats in nuts and seeds; high-quality protein can also be taken from grains such as brown rice, peas or soybeans. It is easier for the human body to digest and absorb without sensitivity; vitamins and minerals can also be taken from vegetables and fruits, and fiber can only be taken from plants.”

Many diseases are caused by malnutrition. Even if you eat a lot every day, you may not be able to take in the nutrients your body really needs, that is, 14 kinds of vitamins and 14 kinds of minerals. It has been recognized in the medical field as the most indispensable nutrition for the human body.

And more than 90% of people do not have enough intake, so they will make up for it with health supplements.

Lin Huiling said that there are also plant-based complete nutrition formulas on the market today, which contain the above-mentioned 28 kinds of vitamins and minerals, and some ingredients also contain CaHMB and lutein, etc. If you can drink two cups a day, you no longer need supplements from health supplements .

She added that this kind of plant-based and high-protein complete nutritional formula can help improve immunity, especially for scars left after surgery, it will speed up the repair effect and reduce the risk of wound infection.

Dietary fiber high to solve constipation

“Compared with other milk nutritional formulas, plant-based ones are better absorbed and will not cause sensitivity to the body. Moreover, plant-based nutritional formulas have high fiber. Modern people rarely eat vegetables and fruits, and it is difficult to get enough fiber. In addition, The human intestine is very long, and fiber is needed to clean the intestines and expel dirty substances and feces. If you do not consume enough fiber, you will suffer from constipation.”

“Elderly people usually suffer from constipation. It is because the body function declines, the intestinal peristalsis slows down, the intestinal muscles become weak, and it is very difficult to defecate. This complete plant-based comprehensive nutrition formula is high in dietary fiber, which can help solve constipation question.”

“The nutritional formula with lutein is also more suitable for the elderly, because in today’s technological age, and many elderly people have learned to use mobile phones during the epidemic, often as a head-down group, it is very difficult for their eyesight, and high radiation speeds up the occurrence of eye diseases. For example, the risk of cataract or macular degeneration is also increased, and lutein can help protect the eyes, and it is not easy to cause eye fatigue and stinging.”

Know a little more:

Meal Replacement or Nutritional Assistance

1 drink equals 1 meal

How to drink plant-based complete nutritional formula correctly?

“Plant-based complete nutritional formula, 1 cup is equivalent to 1 meal. Generally, healthy people over the age of 30 can use it as a meal replacement or nutritional supplement. For example, they are busy and stressed at work, have no time to eat a good meal, or do not know the true What nutrition is needed, and people who only want to eat enough instead of eating well will soon face aging and malnutrition.”

Replace high-fat and high-sugar breakfast

Lin Huiling suggested that making a cup in the morning as a nutritious breakfast is enough to maintain the nutrients needed for the day, such as protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals, etc. Even if you eat lunch or dinner casually, it is not a big problem, at least breakfast has already supplemented the required nutrients up.

“Many people eat nasi lemak, noodles, white bread, Indian pancakes or pastries with high starch and high calories for breakfast. For those who only know how to eat but don’t eat well, it is recommended to use this plant-based nutritional formula instead A high-fat, high-sugar, high-starch breakfast is not only healthier than before, but it can also remove 300 to 500 calories a week and lose 0.5 kg of weight!”

The elders have a drink each morning and evening

“If you have health problems, or the elderly have bad teeth, no chewing ability, skin and bones, no energy, poor blood circulation, and start to have various problems, it is recommended to drink two cups a day, that is, one cup in the morning and one cup at lunch and dinner. Then accompany the family to eat vegetables or meat, and use it instead of meals.”

Many vegetarians are most afraid of insufficient iron, insufficient vitamin B group and B12, and it is difficult to produce red blood cells. However, this plant-based complete nutrition is rich in various nutrients that vegetarians need. In addition to high protein, there are also Rich in B complex and B12, it is very suitable for vegetarians and those with insufficient red blood cells.

Case sharing:

Third degree stroke becomes vegetative

Drink for 3 years and grow black hair

Lin Huiling said that as far as she knows, plant-based complete nutrition formula can not only provide comprehensive nutrition, but even help relieve some minor problems.

“I have seen some people who are facing sub-health. After drinking for 3 weeks, they can feel very energetic, their skin becomes more beautiful, their whole body looks brighter, and they can climb stairs much faster.”

She also met an old woman who had three strokes and finally became a vegetable. Since she started drinking plant-based complete nutritional formula 3 years ago, her hair was originally full of white hair, but now all the hair she grows is black. , and overall healthier.

She said that there have also been some people with bone spurs. They usually take muscle relaxants or vitamin B complex to suppress the bone spurs, but after drinking the plant-based complete nutritional formula, they said that the muscles were loose and the shoulders were no longer stiff. You can also sleep more comfortably.

In addition, there are also some elderly people who have joint cracking sounds when walking. Their joints are only initially problematic and not seriously worn. After drinking the plant-based nutritional formula for a long time, the joints will no longer make sounds when walking or climbing stairs. .

Diet Therapist Lin Huiling

Doctor’s words:

Patient health improves and doctors are happy

And what does the medical community think of plant-based complete nutritional formulas?

Dr. Zhang Xindong, who has been in contact with many related patients clinically, pointed out that more than 90% of the people in Malaysia are lactose intolerant.

“Plant-based complete nutrition is the best food for young or old, and it is good for gastrointestinal absorption. I am happy every time my patients see their bodies improve after taking plant-based nutrition.”

Zhang Xindong is a family doctor. He often comes into contact with various patients in the nursing home, especially some stroke patients. Because the family has no time and does not know how to take care of them.

After the stroke, the patient could not eat or take care of himself, so he had to be sent to a nursing home for special care. He often visits patients and sees that after taking the plant-based nutritional formula, the patient’s sleep has improved a lot, and the bloating and discomfort have been reduced.

Dr. Zhang Xindong

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