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Consumption season continues to “overweight” Robin’s wedding festival is coming

Consumption season continues to “overweight” Robin’s wedding festival is coming

Nearly a month since the launch of the second Haihe International Consumption Season, the whole city has made overall plans to promote it. On the premise of preventing and controlling the epidemic, it has organized and carried out diversified consumption promotion activities that run through online and offline, cover commodities and services, and integrate business, travel, culture and sports. It demonstrates the accelerated recovery of the consumer market in Jincheng and the ever-increasing commercial vitality. The consumption season continues to “overweight”, and Robin’s wedding festival is coming.

Robin’s Wedding Festival officially started on July 29 and lasted for a month. At the same time, on July 29, 77 grabs 100 general gift coupons for wedding festivals, which will be officially launched at 10:00. Tickets, single use only 1 ticket not accumulative, date of use: July 29th to August 21st.


  Chinese Valentine’s Day Gifts to choose from, exciting programs take turns

During the wedding festival of Robbins Department Store, the “Singing Love Song” Midsummer Night Open-air Concert will be held from 7.30-7.31/8.4~8.7/8.12-8.14/8.19-8.21 every night from 17:00-21:00; August 4th – During the period from 11:00 to 19:00 on the 7th, a grand show of Wanglaoji wedding costumes will be held. There is also a surprise gift for free. Any consumption in Le Hotel can be received with a shopping receipt at the event site to receive a box of Wanglaoji throat lozenges for free. At the same time, Robin members grabbed drink coupons in the WeChat public account menu, and received a can of Wanglaoji Small Green Box for free with their mobile phone QR codes at the scene.

Especially when Qixi Festival is coming, Robin Department Store will hold many romantic activities on 8.4 Valentine’s Day, Chow Sang Sang and DR jewelry brand marriage proposal activities. From July 29th to August 7th, the off-single convenience store officially opened. Single consumers can get a marriage bottle in the cabinet of the “off-single convenience store”, which contains a single contact information of the opposite sex, and can also provide their own Information, import the information into the convenience store, and get more opportunities to get acquainted with the opposite sex.


  Huge discounts and surprises, subsidies to help enjoy the wedding festival

Robbins Department Store’s third wedding festival “Bin” has something to do, and romance sets sail. The wedding “price” is released in advance, and the gold can be reduced up to 77, cosmetics are discounted by 10 times points; Good gift; “Jin Tesco” is happy to buy Qixi Festival, from now until 9.23 every Friday at 11:00 am, log in to the Union QuickPay APP to point and grab and other welfare activities are staged in turn.

From August 5th to September 30th, every Friday and Saturday, Bank of China will launch WeChat payment linked to Bank of China credit card. From August 4th to 7th, the Agricultural Bank of China launched the Agricultural Bank of China’s mobile bank credit card consumption gold jewelry category 800 minus 120, with a daily limit.

Robin Department Store has been committed to creating a business model of “commodities + multiple formats + scene-based + new retail + market hotspots”, and strives to allow consumers to “enjoy exquisite life, all in Robin Department Store”. It is understood that in Robinson Department Store, well-known brands gather the most complete, high-quality and high-quality gold jewelry, which has always left a deep impression on many people. “Buy gold to Robinson” has become the consensus of consumers in Tianjin, Beijing and Hebei. . Gold jewelry is a hot-selling category in department stores every year, and there is an endless stream of customers in front of the gold jewelry counters in every gold and jewelry district. is far ahead. For a long time, Robin Department Store has had the ability to respond to “everything changes” with its strength, bravely braved the wind and waves at the inflection point of Tianjin’s commercial market, and met the ever-changing needs of consumers with sincerity, affinity and “visible” discounts.

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