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Consumption coupons, treasure hunt contests…more than 400 activities to welcome the start of the new shopping season

Consumption coupons, treasure hunt contests…more than 400 activities to welcome the start of the new shopping season

  Tianjin Northern Network News: In order to conscientiously implement the deployment of the Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government to expand domestic demand and promote consumption, boost enterprise development confidence, continue to release consumption potential, and create a joyful, peaceful, festive and lively festival atmosphere, the Municipal Commerce Bureau organizes various districts and key commercial and trade enterprises to seize the traditions of the end of the year and the beginning of the year Taking advantage of the peak consumption season, the 2023-2024 Tianjin New Year’s Eve Shopping Season will be held.

This New Year’s shopping season is themed “Happy New Year’s Warmth Shopping” and will start from the end of December 2023 to the end of February 2024. This shopping season opens up all aspects of “food, housing, transportation, shopping, and services” and guides the extensive participation of upstream and downstream, production, supply and marketing, and domestic and foreign trade companies, covering multiple nodes such as New Year’s Day, Spring Festival, and Lantern Festival, focusing on government consumption vouchers, City Walk Treasure Hunt Contest, Supermarket Happy Shopping, Ice and Snow Consumption Festival, Zero Countdown, New Year Shopping Festival, Family Reunion Banquet, Themed Art Exhibition, Home Renewal Festival, and the ten major themed activities of the e-commerce shopping season as the starting point, with better Consumer supply and better consumer experience will create a Jincheng New Year’s Eve consumer carnival full of fun, new year flavor and taste for citizens and tourists.

This “Shopping Season” is the first city-wide consumption promotion event in 2024. Major business districts focus on increasing popularity and vitality, expanding overseas consumption, and strengthening the linkage with business, tourism, cultural and sports exhibitions. A total of more than 400 large-scale consumption promotion events lasting two months have been launched. A series of activities, including more than 230 events held before and after New Year’s Day, including 78 events in the supermarket discount category, 43 events in the leisure experience category, 27 events in the ice and snow theme category, 18 events in the exhibition and display category, 29 events in the home appliance category, and New Year’s Eve There were 28 activities and 11 New Year Festivals. There will also be over 200 events during the Spring Festival. These activities mainly highlight the following features:

  There are “many” New Year’s Eve benefits and discounts

The municipal finance allocated 30 million yuan in consumer voucher funds, including four major sectors: automobiles, home appliances, live broadcast e-commerce, and “Jinnonghui” agricultural products, and organized various districts and financial institutions, e-commerce platforms and other entities to allocate certain funds to merchants. Stack consumer coupons to carry out various forms of promotions. For example, Xiqing District launched the “Enjoy the New Life and Huge Benefits in Xiqing” automobile consumption subsidy activity; the Municipal Consumer Circulation Promotion Association held the City Walk treasure hunt competition, connecting more than 30 key business districts in the city to bring consumers Huawei MATE50 and New Year gift packages such as color TVs, refrigerators, washing machines, water heaters, etc.

  Trendy fashion and vitality “enough”

This shopping season pays more attention to the creation of consumption scenarios and launches a series of immersive and themed consumption promotion activities to bring a fresh and trendy shopping experience to the general public and tourists. For example, Xiqing Fengya Impression City, Xiqing Dayuehui, and Nankai Jingdong MALL will be unveiled before the end of this year. Their brand-new shopping environment, fashionable display devices, and strong preferential subsidies have attracted the attention of a large number of young people and families with children. ; In more than 20 key business districts such as Jinnan Lvdong BOX Commercial Street, Yifeng District, and Plaza 66, the “Snow Village Music Festival”, “Ice and Snow Consumption Festival”, “Yuedong Ice and Snow Festival”, etc. are held, supporting the display of Jinmen folk customs, Lantern performances, intangible cultural heritage experiences, etc.; Meijiang Convention and Exhibition Center holds the first Tianjin ACNG Culture/E-Sports/Animation Carnival, presenting an immersive cultural feast including animation, games, film and television, literature, role-playing, etc. to the majority of two-dimensional enthusiasts.

  National trend integration experience “new”

Major shopping malls have integrated national fashion elements into their displays, skillfully integrating tradition and trends to create a “commercial +” cross-border integration of national fashion with Tianjin characteristics to create a New Year atmosphere. For example, the Tianjin Consumer Circulation Promotion Association holds a competition for “My Favorite Year of the Dragon Themed Displays” to create an online Dragon Year Displays exhibition; business districts such as Yangliuqing Ancient Town and Ancient Culture Street will hold national trend lantern exhibitions with supporting facilities. Special food market, happy circus, cultural and creative intangible cultural heritage performances, Hanfu parade and other activities; Lujiazui Center in Hongqiao District introduces the “Moving Qingming River Scene Cultural Theme Exhibition (Tianjin Station)”, allowing consumers to experience the Northern Song Dynasty immersively Prosperity; Joy ​​City in Nankai District welcomes the theme exhibition of “Blessings from Heavenly Officials”; Wuqing Sports Center holds the “Happy Chinese Year National Tide Temple Fair” around the Spring Festival.

  Online and offline linkage “more”

Major commercial and trading companies make full use of digital technology to create multi-channel consumption scenarios and link online and offline discount promotions. For example, Meituan created the “Meituan Lohas Street” themed exhibition in Jinjie and carried out the “New Year’s Taste of Jinmen” live broadcast event; Jinyun Haihe MCN hosted the “Tianjin E-commerce Festival” large-scale live e-commerce event and opened a time-honored brand in Tianjin , Tianjin agricultural products, home appliances, automobile consumption and other categories of special events, selling Tianjin’s good products to the whole country; Teemall Shopping Center held the third I-Shopping Festival. In addition, online platforms such as, Douyin, and Vipshop have created special areas for Tianjin New Year goods and issued special coupons in Tianjin.

  The colorful market brings a “strong” New Year flavor

In order to meet consumers’ demand for purchasing New Year’s goods during the Spring Festival, the city will hold New Year’s goods festivals, New Year’s goods exhibitions, and New Year’s goods bazaars in more than 20 areas including Binjiang Shopping Center, Meijiang Convention and Exhibition Center, Haijixing Agricultural Products Wholesale Market, and World Famous Wine Club. For example, Jinjie Pedestrian Street holds the Spring Festival themed market of “Ancient Rhythm Becomes New Trend”, and the Golden Street New Year’s Eve themed activities such as “Dragon and Phoenix Present Auspiciousness”. The market with both fashion sense and pyrotechnics will provide consumers with a new offline consumption experience. and social space; the Binhai Cultural Center holds the “Colorful New Year Goods, Taste, Arts and Interests” New Year Goods Festival; Hebei District organizes Tianjin Sanjia Shopping Channel to hold the 2024 Tianjin High-Quality Agricultural Products Welcome New Year Shopping Festival at Juyuan Commercial Plaza.


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