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Consumer rights protection starts with the heart and financial knowledge promotion is put into practice? Sunshine Life is taking action!

Consumer rights protection starts with the heart and financial knowledge promotion is put into practice? Sunshine Life is taking action!

Recently, Sunshine Life actively implemented the requirements of the State Administration of Financial Supervision and Administration’s “Notice on Carrying out the 2024 “3·15″ Financial Consumer Rights Protection Education and Publicity Month Activities” and carefully planned and carried out the “3·15” Financial Consumer Rights Protection Education Promote a series of activities to create a harmonious and healthy financial consumption environment and spread the positive energy of finance.

Pay attention to people’s livelihood problems and practice corporate social responsibility

In order to do practical things that benefit the people, Sunshine Life is guided by the good culture of “love and responsibility”, actively responds to the call of “helping the comprehensive revitalization of rural areas”, and implements the concept of “insurance to benefit the people”. Various organizations have used practical actions to benefit the people through public welfare activities such as donating insurance protection to people in mountainous areas and medical staff and donating items to schools in remote areas.

Senior executives take the lead and do practical things for the people

Sunshine Life insists that senior executives take the lead in grasping and stressing consumer protection, and implements the supervision requirements of “financial executives stressing consumer protection”. During the event, the “Four Ones” action was carried out, the “3·15” publicity and education work was comprehensively deployed, and financial consumer protection publicity activities were actively carried out, and the work teams and front lines were visited to publicize the requirements for financial consumer protection work. At the same time, by carrying out activities such as “General Manager Reception Day”, “Executive Service Day” and “Listening Day”, the company’s management can deeply understand the demands of consumers, solve consumers’ urgent, difficult and anxious problems, and effectively do practical things for the people.

Caring for the elderly, young and special groups, and strengthening the popularization of financial knowledge

In order to popularize the eight basic rights of financial consumers, Sunshine Life actively explores innovative education and publicity models through a combination of online and offline methods. Targeting the vast number of financial consumers, especially special groups such as “one old, one young and one new”, we will carry out various educational and publicity activities in a focused and hierarchical manner. At the same time, diversified services such as Braille manuals and “sign language services” have been launched for people with disabilities to improve the service experience for people with disabilities.

Promote the implementation of the “Maple Bridge Experience” and strengthen the diversified resolution of financial disputes

Sunshine Life took this “March 15” as an opportunity to actively explore a diversified working mechanism for resolving financial disputes. Through a combination of training and practice, we strive to enable all employees to learn and understand the essence of the “Maple Bridge Experience” and apply various working methods of the “Maple Bridge Experience” to strengthen the diversified ability to resolve financial disputes at the grassroots level, properly solve problems, and allow The masses work hard to “satisfy consumers” and ensure that conflicts and disputes are resolved in the bud and at the grassroots level.

Enhance awareness of integrity and establish a good industry image

In terms of internal management, Sunshine Life continues to strengthen legal, regulatory and professional ethics training for employees, effectively enhances the awareness of compliance with laws and the concept of honest and standardized business development, adheres to the bottom line of honest operations, and enhances the awareness of industry integrity. At the same time, senior executives take the lead to carry out the “Five Entry” activities of entering rural areas, entering communities, entering campuses, entering enterprises, and entering business districts, guiding consumers to enhance the concept of integrity, awareness of rules and the spirit of contract, forming a joint force of education and publicity, and creating a good social atmosphere.

Consumer rights protection work is a systematic work from point to chain and chain to network, which requires the joint participation and efforts of all employees. As an important participant and promoter in the financial industry, Sunshine Life will actively promote the implementation of consumer protection, maintain the image of the insurance industry, demonstrate corporate responsibility, and jointly create a harmonious and healthy financial consumption environment.

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