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Construction of the first Yuanshen Rehabilitation Hospital project in South China officially started

Construction of the first Yuanshen Rehabilitation Hospital project in South China officially started

(Xiamen Yuanshen Rehabilitation Hospital Project Launching Ceremony)

On December 23, the launch ceremony of the first project of Yuanshen Rehabilitation, a professional rehabilitation medical brand under China Pacific Insurance Group, in South China was successfully held in Xiamen, marking the official start of construction of the Xiamen Yuanshen Rehabilitation Hospital project.

Yuanshen Rehabilitation Hospital lands in Xiamen, exploring innovative paths for “medical health care”

Adhering to the hospital’s tenet of “high quality, reliability, and warmth”, Yuanshen Rehabilitation Hospital takes reshaping the quality of patients’ lives and assisting the development of the rehabilitation medical industry as its mission. It aims to become a leader in the rehabilitation medical industry and plans to build it within 5 years. A high-quality rehabilitation medical service network with 10 rehabilitation hospitals and over 3,000 rehabilitation beds helps the main insurance industry create a closed-loop service of “prevention, diagnosis and treatment”.

(Design renderings of Xiamen Yuanshen Rehabilitation Hospital)

Xiamen Yuanshen Rehabilitation Hospital, as the first hospital deployed by China Pacific Insurance in South China, will give full play to the group’s internal resource advantages. The project hospital is embedded in its own high-quality senior care community of CPIC Home. The hospital truly realizes the mutual promotion and deep integration of “medical health care”. The total construction area of ​​the project is approximately 18,000 square meters, with a total number of beds planned to exceed 300. It is planned to build specialties such as critical care rehabilitation, neurological rehabilitation, bone and sports rehabilitation, and cardiopulmonary rehabilitation.

Strategic cooperation with West China to enhance the health and well-being of people in the region

In recent years, by deepening the construction of national regional medical centers and promoting structural reforms on the supply side of medical services, the overall medical level of Xiamen has steadily improved, and has gradually formed a “Xiamen model.” In the process of building a national regional medical center, Xiamen has actively promoted the extension of high-quality medical resources from Xiamen to surrounding areas, and its regional radiation and driving role has been significantly improved.

On July 19, 2023, China Pacific Insurance and West China Hospital of Sichuan University signed a strategic cooperation agreement to establish the “West China-Pacific Insurance Joint Innovation Center” to jointly explore innovative models for the integrated development of high-quality medical resources and commercial insurance payment. On December 20, West China Xiamen Hospital of Sichuan University signed a business cooperation agreement with Xiamen Yuanshen Rehabilitation Hospital and CPIC Home Xiamen Community to cooperate in medical services, talent training, scientific research transformation, academic exchanges, etc. It is believed that the three parties will join forces to Achieve greater breakthroughs in rehabilitation medicine, elderly care services, green pass construction and other aspects.

West China Xiamen Hospital is jointly built by Sichuan University and the Xiamen Municipal Government, and is operated by the West China Medical Center of Sichuan University. It implements homogeneous management with the same standards as the West China Hospital of Sichuan University. It can not only provide high-quality, High-level medical services will also play a positive role in building a multi-level medical security system in South China.

In the future, Yuanshen Rehabilitation will further accelerate the construction of the project hospital and strive to complete it and put it into use as soon as possible to meet the medical needs of residents in CPIC Home and rehabilitation patients in Xiamen, further improve the overall diagnosis and treatment level and rehabilitation medical treatment capabilities of CPIC Home, and improve the service guarantee of CPIC Home. capabilities to provide customers with a package solution of medical treatment, nursing, health and wellness, and help improve the health level and quality of life of the people.

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