Conrad Tianjin unveils seasonal afternoon tea


  March 9, 2024 — The fragrant fragrance blooms in spring, Conrad Tianjin·Qiatang Lounge specially presents “Spring – Kangkang’s Herb Garden”, sincerely inviting you to enjoy a spring journey of visual art and taste feast. This season’s afternoon tea brings together carefully selected herbs and ingenious delicacies, together with the unique welcome of the Kangkang bear gardener, to depict the vitality and vitality of spring.

[Unique Presentation]Spring colors and vanilla are inspired by colorful “Wedgwood” bone china tea sets. Each tea set is painted with flowers and bird patterns, which fits the spring theme and adds an artistic touch to the tea-sipping moment.

[Creative Inspiration]Inspired by fresh herbs, creative desserts and specialty savory pastries cleverly combine basil, thyme and other herbs to bring unique taste bud enjoyment. From cherry and thyme millefeuille Napoleon to chilled scallop and tomato gazpacho, every bite is an ode to spring.

[Kangkang Bear]As the image ambassador of Conrad Tianjin, Kangkang Bear has always appeared in various seasonal afternoon tea themes in a variety of roles, bringing guests a unique experience. This season, Kangkang Bear transforms into a passionate gardener, inviting guests to explore together and leading everyone into a world of vanilla full of vitality and fragrance. The “Birds and Flowers” photography area in the Qiatang Lounge, with the theme of Kangkang Bear and its carefully created spring background, has become the perfect place to leave beautiful spring memories.

[Creative Desserts and Savory Snacks]Spring Taste Journey

Featured Desserts:

Cherry Thyme Mille-feuille Napoleon – Rich thyme is blended into the English cream sauce, and paired with Napoleon mille-feuille.

Chocolate Hazelnut Tarragon Cake – Selected fresh tarragon is perfectly combined with rich chocolate truffles and hazelnuts. Each bite is full of rich chocolate and subtle herbal aroma, bringing you a unique sweet enjoyment.

Raspberry Coconut Mint Tart – Special mint coconut filling is combined with raspberry cream. The sweet and crispy chocolate shell is wrapped in the richness of coconut and the refreshingness of raspberry. Every bite is the fresh taste of spring.

Mint White Chocolate Citrus Tart – The mint jelly is combined with the white chocolate lemon curd of the citrus series, which is refreshing and refreshing. The slight peppery spiciness is surprising, bringing you a unique spring flavor.

Peach Basil Roasted Almond Crisp Pie – American tart crust with crispy base, almond butter and yellow peaches, decorated with pistachios and salty basil, every bite is a gift of spring.

Special salty snacks:

Low Temperature Scallop Tomato Cold Soup – Selected fresh scallops are slow-cooked to perfection in a soup made with clams and herbs, and are combined with a thick soup of tomatoes, yellow peppers and cucumbers to create a silky texture, herbs and seafood. The delicious blend brings you a fresh taste of spring.

Puffs, Horse Hoof and Diao Grass Shrimp Cake – fresh shrimps are hand-pulled into a puree, with crispy water chestnuts and diao grass, wrapped in soft puffs. Every bite is filled with the crispness of the shrimp and the crispness of the water chestnuts, paired with herbal aioli sauce. A unique treat for your taste buds.

Ham and tarragon crepe roll – a crepe made with spinach and tarragon juice, filled with ham and vanilla sauce. It combines the sweet ham and fresh tarragon flavors. Every bite is a gift of spring.

Smoked Duck with Herb Roasted Pumpkin and Daikon Kimchi – Pumpkin roasted with herbs and garlic, paired with smoked duck breast and sweet and sour daikon kimchi, the smoky aroma perfectly blends with the freshness of the herbs, bringing you a different The flavor of spring.

Featured Cookies:

Chive cheese biscuits – Homemade chive soda biscuits, rich in onion aroma and extremely crispy and smooth in texture, allowing you to feel the vitality of spring while enjoying delicious food.

Vanilla biscuits – based on rosemary, added with peppery spices, moderately salty and sweet, each biscuit is a good wish for spring.

Featured Scones:

Cheese rosemary scone, vanilla scone – whether it is rich cheese rosemary or fresh vanilla, paired with mango berry jam and mascarpone cream, every bite is the best interpretation of spring.

[Invitation and Details]”Spring in the Herb Garden” Afternoon Tea, priced at NT$468 plus 15% service charge per set, suitable for two guests.

[More New Products – Monthly Limited · Selection of Black Forest Cake]While enjoying afternoon tea, the Qiatang Lounge of Conrad Tianjin also carefully prepared a new spring limited product – Selection of Black Forest Cake. This cake uses fresh cherries and is blended with cherry brandy, perfectly blending the refreshing aroma of wine with the sweet and sour fruity aroma. Each bite of the dense chocolate cake is not only filled with silky chocolate mousse and rich Chantilly cream, but also has the crispiness of the almond chocolate shell, bringing a layered taste enjoyment. It seals the rich aroma and full taste, allowing people to taste a slightly bitter sweet fragrance in spring.

In this spring, Conrad Tianjin Qiatang Lounge invites you to experience the flowers and herbs of spring and enjoy a beautiful and lively time with the “Spring Spirit· Kangkang’s Herb Garden” afternoon tea. Come to Qiatang and witness the beauty and vitality of spring together.

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