Congratulations!Danai Education & Teacher Danai Li Xin won the title of Excellent Partner & Excellent Lecturer of LF Open Source Software Academy in 2023


The 2023 Open Source Education Annual Ceremony was successfully held. At the LFOSSA 2023 Open Source Education Annual Ceremony, LFOSSA announced the 2023 Outstanding Partners and the 2023 Outstanding Lecturers, including Dane Education and Dane Education teacher Li Xin.

  1. Dane Education won the title of Excellent Partner in 2023

This award is a recognition and incentive for LFOSSA training partners who are engaged in open source technology-related fields; help students overcome difficulties in learning and mobilize students’ enthusiasm for learning; and thus actively participate in and pass the LF professional certification examination!

  2. Teacher Dane Li Xin won the title of Excellent Lecturer in 2023

This award is a recognition and incentive for mentors who are engaged in open source technology-related work and actively preach in online and offline open source activities.

  3. Introduction to Danai Education’s CKA certified products

Danai is committed to cultivating cloud native talents and focusing on course development and training. CKA certification is the official Kubernetes certification launched by the LF (Linux Foundation) Foundation. Danai Education, as an official certified partner, has also tailored corresponding solutions for our customers. training courses.

Students who don’t know much about CKA can first briefly understand:

  #What is CKA certification?

The full name of CKA (CertificatedKubernetesAdministrator) is the officially certified Kubernetes administrator. The Certified Administrator (CKA) is designed to ensure that certification holders have the skills, knowledge, and abilities to perform Kubernetes administrator responsibilities.

CKA certification helps certified administrators quickly establish their credibility and value in the job market, and can help companies hire high-quality teams faster to support their growth.

Certificate sample

  #Why should you obtain CKA certification?

For technical personnel engaged in the IT industry, if they want to get generous wages and obtain good positions, in addition to possessing excellent skills, they also need to obtain high-valued certificates, and the CKA certificate is currently quite valuable in the industry. A certificate that many people will use to enhance their professional competitiveness.

  Who is #CKA suitable for?

System management, operation and maintenance, program development, testing, and security-related practitioners are in demand. Kubernetes is more suitable for people who have a basic foundation in Linux container technology and want to learn and improve in depth. For complete novices, they need to learn relevant professional knowledge before they can obtain this certification.

  #DaneCKKA course learning content

·K8s cluster principle, component introduction, cluster maintenance and management

·etcd principle, etcd data backup and recovery, summary and Q&A

·Online update and upgrade of management nodes, label management

·Detailed explanation, summary and Q&A of Pod resource objects

·Pod scheduling strategy, taint strategy, network security strategy

·Resource utilization monitoring, summary and Q&A

·Authentication and authentication, service management, Ingress management

·Controller, summary and Q&A

·k8s cluster management, storage volume management, log management

·Comprehensive lectures, summaries and Q&A before the exam

Since its establishment 21 years ago, Dane Education has been committed to cultivating IT talents and has trained a total of 1.2 million+ students. In the future, Danai Education will continue to give full play to its role as a leader in IT career paths, continuously consolidate the foundation for digital skills training, continue to work hard in areas such as curriculum innovation and industrial cooperation, provide young people with cutting-edge courses, and at the same time open up top technologies and resources. To all developers.


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