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Conference on Digital Financial Services Helping High-Quality Development of Foreign Trade Held in Tianjin

Conference on Digital Financial Services Helping High-Quality Development of Foreign Trade Held in Tianjin

On the afternoon of March 16, the Digital Financial Services Helping High-quality Development of Foreign Trade Conference hosted by China Life Insurance Tianjin Branch was grandly held in Jinwei Hotel, Hexi District. China Customs Brokers Association, Tianjin Municipal Bureau of Commerce, Tianjin Customs Brokers Association, Guanguanbao (Beijing) Information Technology Co., Ltd., and heads of many foreign trade enterprises and trade service enterprises in Tianjin were invited to attend.

At the meeting, leading experts analyzed the current situation of the foreign trade industry, the needs of foreign trade companies, and the pain points of trade service companies, and put forward suggestions on how to promote digital finance to better serve the foreign trade industry. Subsequently, China Life Insurance Tianjin Branch introduced digital tariff guarantee insurance products and measures to help small, medium and micro enterprises solve financing and guarantee difficulties. Customs Treasure (Beijing) Information Technology Co., Ltd. introduced the relevant functions and specific operations of the “Tariffs Treasure” platform, as well as the direction and progress of cooperation with financial institutions to promote financial services in foreign trade scenarios such as customs advances and trade financing.

According to reports, “Tariff Treasure” is a smart trade aid platform jointly built by China Life Insurance and various financial institutions under the guidance of the China Customs Brokers Association. “Foreign trade + finance” digital intelligence service provides trade service companies with integrated customs, taxation and financial service tools, embeds the financial business window into the foreign trade business scene, and facilitates the digital transformation of foreign trade financial business.

China Life Property & Casualty Insurance, as one of the pilot insurance service providers for tariff guarantee insurance reform, has signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the China Customs Brokers Association. Relying on the technical support of “Tariff Treasure”, it will further increase the support for small, medium and micro import and export enterprises in Tianjin. Service support should be strengthened, and the role of finance and insurance in stabilizing expectations, enhancing confidence, and escorting development should be better utilized.

Participating companies expressed that the “Tariff Treasure” smart trade assistance platform and China Life Insurance’s tariff guarantee insurance provided practical solutions to solve their pain points and difficulties in customs clearance, and hoped to carry out docking cooperation as soon as possible.

This meeting provided new ideas for Tianjin’s foreign trade industry to build a new pattern of opening up to the outside world. Technology empowerment will better integrate finance into the new development pattern of the service foreign trade industry, making cross-border trade safer and more convenient, marking the Tianjin’s customs and trade industry has taken another substantial step forward in the process of opening up and exploring.

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