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Commercial medical insurance has become an important health protection force

Commercial medical insurance has become an important health protection force

Taikang Life Insurance recently released the 2023 claims white paper. Data shows that medical insurance accounts for more than 90% of Taikang Life’s 1.34 million claims in 2023, highlighting the important supplementary role of commercial medical insurance in the social security system.

Why should I buy commercial medical insurance when I already have medical insurance?

Health is a core issue of people’s livelihood. Faced with the reality of high medical expenses, more and more people will take out additional commercial medical insurance to supplement the shortcomings of social security.

The importance of commercial medical insurance is not limited to the following points: it supplements social medical insurance, especially to make up for the shortage of medical expenses for serious illnesses, making the scope of medical insurance more comprehensive; the out-of-pocket part of medical expenses is borne by the insurance company, transferring risks and mitigating Family financial pressure caused by treatment; filling the medical security gap for people who are not covered by social medical insurance; compared with social insurance, commercial medical insurance can provide more compensation for medical expenses, etc.

Therefore, configuring commercial medical insurance has become a choice for more and more people. In recent years, commercial medical insurance represented by “Million Medical Insurance” has become the main force in the commercial medical insurance market. Consumers who pay premiums ranging from a few hundred to a thousand dollars each year can receive protection of up to millions of dollars. If the insured unfortunately goes to the hospital due to an accident or becomes ill after the waiting period and incurs medical expenses that comply with the contract, the insurance company will pay the insurance money according to the agreed compensation ratio after deducting the agreed deductible. At the same time, consumers can also choose to match with small medical insurance, which can also get protection for expenses below the deductible. In short, configuring commercial medical insurance can greatly alleviate the pressure of medical expenses. To deal with unknown disease risks, it is important to have a comprehensive medical insurance plan.

Health appointment, the best financing solution for high-quality medical services

High-quality medical resources are very scarce. Purchasing high-end medical insurance and using insurance to build a bridge to high-quality medical care has become the choice of many families and individuals today.

Under the big health strategy, Taikang strives to close the health loop and launches the “Healthy Appointment” series of high-end medical insurance products. Relying on Taikang’s core advantages of integrating medical insurance and medical care, it is the first in the industry to guarantee renewal for 10 years. The product system includes products, From single-point breakthroughs in services and networks to integrated solutions of “product + network + service”, we have achieved important innovations in closed-loop health and customized one-stop full life cycle health management and medical service solutions for high-net-worth individuals. The product mainly has three characteristics.

Solve customers’ problems such as the source and occupation of large medical funds. The “Health Appointment” product provides comprehensive coverage and is flexible and optional. The basic insurance coverage for large amounts of medical care is as high as RMB 6 million to RMB 8 million. Coupled with Taikang Health Ecosystem’s self-built direct payment medical network, customers can enjoy richer and more stable medical resources while also enjoying a convenient direct payment experience.

Integrate the world’s top medical resources to create a medical service network. At present, “Healthy Appointment” cooperates with about 110,000 global medical institutions, and global medical institutions are distributed in more than 150 countries; direct payment network medical institutions are spread across the country, with more than 200 high-quality public special needs/national medical institutions such as tertiary hospitals and more than 400 private hospitals. , there are more than 300 high-end dental institutions; the special medical service network covers more than 1,000 tertiary hospitals, covering the authoritative medical resources of the top 100 hospitals in the country (Fudan version).

We provide customers with exclusive family doctors, critical illness medical project managers, etc., with exclusive services and exclusive management, through proactive health management, convenient diagnosis of minor illnesses, and specialized care for major illnesses, to fully meet the health needs of the entire health cycle, and provide customers with health consultation, Health promotion, health examination, chronic disease management, disease prevention and medical services.

As the third pillar of medical and health protection, commercial medical insurance is expected to become the mainstream of health financing and payment in the future. Taikang Life accurately grasps this development trend, promotes high-end medical insurance represented by “Health Appointment” to continuously enrich the insurance product system, and depicts the innovative practices of life insurance companies on the new life insurance business blueprint.

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