Come back with honor!Eagle Sanitary Ware won the double award of “Cotton Tree Award? Product Design Award”

Come back with honor!Eagle Sanitary Ware won the double award of “Cotton Tree Award? Product Design Award”

After the cold winter, we welcome the warmth of spring and the blossoming of flowers. After three months of precipitation, the Guangzhou Design Week will be held on March 3-6, 2023 amid much anticipation. Eagle Sanitary Ware presented its popular products with both creative design and style, and won two prizes in one fell swoop with its outstanding design. “Cotton Tree Award · 2020 Product Design Award” showcases the R&D and design strength of national brands, and creates a design cultural event on the same stage with many brands at home and abroad.

Eagle Sanitary Ware is located in Guangzhou International Purchasing Center. The booth incorporates Eagle Sanitary Ware logo lines and blue tone, supplemented by light elements, showing the concept of cleanliness and youthful vigor. The Eagle Sanitary Ware booth was full of people, allowing visitors to experience the extraordinary design and caring for people.

  Kapok Award · Product Design Award:

  Neon illusion series custom bathroom cabinet


The bathroom cabinet is responsible for the appearance, design and personality of the bathroom. It can better reflect the design, personality, attitude. As the flagship bathroom cabinet of Eagle Sanitary Ware, the customized bathroom cabinet of Neon Symphony Series strives for perfection in both overall design and details.

On the whole, with a new symmetrical design, it presents a fashion aesthetic change. Double circular mirrors, square cabinet body, fusion of square and circle, hanging design, more three-dimensional and rich. Mosen green instantly awakens infinite vitality and feels full of vitality. The unique 3D vertical carving process of the cabinet door presents an extraordinary design beauty and arouses the imagination of love for life.

From the details, the waving sensor LED mirror not only senses the switch, but also intelligently defogs when it is turned on. 6000K bright white light, you can freely adjust the brightness of the light steplessly. The main cabinet is designed with double drawers, bringing ample storage space. Riding drawer with light, opening and closing induction, the introduction of light cleverly breaks the dullness of the space. This custom cabinet can be freely customized in size, color, and style design. Ceramic pots and rock slabs are optional. There are 16 colors to choose from, which can greatly meet the needs of individuality and design.

  Kapok Award · Product Design Award:

  Feather Series Basin Faucet

As the finishing touch of the bathroom, the hardware faucet is more and more emphasizing both design and practicality. This feather series basin faucet originally designed by Eagle Sanitary Ware is inspired by the flexible and elegant feathers. Integrating the minimalist design concept into it, the slightly upturned handle and spout design, the handle is thin and flexible, the opening and closing are light and smooth, the dynamic and smooth body, slightly leaning forward, seems to be talking to water, space, and people , moist and full of water flow, interpreting a beautiful and pleasant water experience. In the future, the hardware faucet design style of Eagle Sanitary Ware will become more and more abundant to adapt to the overall bathroom life.

  glory moment

“Cotton Tree Design Award in China”, as the origin project and important award of Guangzhou Design Week, has attracted much attention. Eagle Sanitary Ware’s customized bathroom cabinets of neon light series and self-developed feather series basin faucets stand out among many participating products by virtue of their extraordinary design and technological aesthetics, and won two “Cotton Tree Awards · 2020 Product Design Awards” in one fell swoop “. The award not only reflects the attitude of Ying Sanitary Ware towards younger brands, but also actively dialogues with young forces.

“Cotton Cotton China Design Award” is jointly sponsored by China Industrial Design Association and Guangzhou International Design Week. It was launched under the leadership of Guangzhou Municipal People’s Government in 2006. It is China’s three major international design organizations – International Industrial Design Federation (ICSID), the International Federation of Graphic Design Associations (ICOGRADA), and the International Federation of Interior Architects and Designers (IFI) are jointly certified and simultaneously promoted globally as an annual international design event. Over the years, the influence of the “Cotton Tree Award” is not only reflected in the annual inventory of advanced designs, but more importantly, it has unremittingly introduced many innovative and forward-looking design concepts and unique smart lifestyles into the Chinese consumer market.

  design empowerment

  good life

The origin of Eagle Sanitary Ware and Kapok Award can be traced back to 2009. Since then, it has continuously empowered products with design and won many important design awards at home and abroad. Persisting in the love of life and insisting on original design, centering on “design-driven industrial upgrading” and “designing a better life”, Eagle Sanitary Ware always protects the health of national sanitary ware and drives industrial innovation and development with healthy, intelligent and comfortable products and designs , to help the high-quality development of Chinese manufacturing.


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