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Come and see Zhang Chunye, Hsiao Jingteng and Wang Chenyi’s collision of love concepts. “Maybe You’re Going to Fall in Love” starts today

Come and see Zhang Chunye, Hsiao Jingteng and Wang Chenyi’s collision of love concepts. “Maybe You’re Going to Fall in Love” starts today


“Maybe You’re Going to Fall in Love”, the first domestic episodic social love program for urban men and women exclusively titled by Douyin, will be broadcast simultaneously on Jiangsu Satellite TV, Douyin, and Tencent Video at 20:20 today. In the program, eight urban men and women with different personalities will go through the entire process of meeting, getting to know each other, and developing feelings for each other during a limited one-day date. Their emotional relationships will also undergo unexpected breaks and reorganizations. Different from previous love variety shows, “Maybe You’re Going to Fall in Love” does not set up a celebrity observation room. Instead, the program host Zhang Chunye and the “support group” Xiao Jingteng, Wang Chenyi, expert Han Zhuo and other guests face to face to witness the male and female guests breaking through the reorganization. Experience emotional sweetness and loss together.

  Zhang Chunye encouraged guests to be brave in speaking of love, and Jam Hsiao sang affectionately during the recording session

In tonight’s program, “Ye Lian” host Zhang Chunye and support team members Xiao Jingteng, Wang Chenyi, and expert Han Zhuo gathered in a real and romantic subway car, waiting for eight guests to appear, with the purpose of spending one day helping people with busy lives. Urban men and women find the possibility of love.

As the first love drama to be recorded after marriage, Zhang Chunye couldn’t help but want to get happy with Xiao Jingteng as soon as he showed up. Xiao Jingteng also said that he would encourage guests to express their courage face to face. Wang Chenyi, a “newcomer in the variety show”, is new to the show. He said that he is a very fond of sweets and will truly participate in the interactions with the guests on the show.


During the initial selection of amateur guests, guests who missed out on their favorite ones due to the order of seats publicly expressed their regrets about the lack of a “blow-out” session. Such a bold move was recognized by Zhang Chunye, who believed that love cannot be restrained and encouraged everyone to express it bravely.

The combination of 4 men and 4 women will be broken, deconstructed and reorganized. There are N ways of combination. Let us wait and see who will be the only one. Jam Hsiao, who was newly married, was also very aggressive, saying bluntly, “I can’t be separated from my wife. I will miss her so much when I am separated from my wife.” He also sang the song “Marry Me” affectionately on the show, making people shout that this is the ideal love.

  Focus on dating group portraits of urban men and women to create a new model of comprehensive romance

As the first situational social love show, “Maybe You’re Falling in Love” invites male and female amateur guests to three scenes: the subway, the coffee shop, and Chunye’s cabin, to have a progressive and in-depth understanding, experience the first appearance, the first introduction , first date, first choice… what it brings to the audience is a brand new variety show experience comparable to “drama chasing”. When the guests met for the first time, some were attracted to each other by common interests and hobbies, and some slowly confirmed each other’s feelings in the 1V1 chat. Everyone got closer to each other unknowingly. After a one-day date, can the final emotional direction be the same as before?

The program showed the nervousness, embarrassment and confusion of male and female guests when facing the opposite sex in social situations, which also triggered discussions between the host Zhang Chunye and the support group Xiao Jingteng, Wang Chenyi, and expert Han Zhuo on the corresponding issues in reality. Focusing on topics such as “How many dates can you go on in a week?” “Are you a person who wants to share in life?” “In love, should you take the initiative or wait passively?” They all analyzed based on their own experience.

Faced with the relationship between siblings with a slight age difference, Zhang Chunye threw the question to Jam Teng Xiao, who had a lot of say in this matter. The latter generously shared the details of the relationship between himself and his wife for the first time, and said that the relationship between brother and sister still requires both parties to be consistent in terms of psychological maturity and be on the same frequency. Guests at the scene also expressed their thoughts on the relationship between siblings.

Starting from November 17, “Maybe You’re Falling in Love” will be launched on time on Jiangsu TV, Douyin, and Tencent Video every Friday at 20:20. Let’s experience the story of love in real social life together.


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