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Come and learn about this ant insurance? Jinxuan pension insurance product

Come and learn about this ant insurance? Jinxuan pension insurance product

  take care of old age,old age,Have fun with old age,old age, is the most simple and sincere expectation of the general public for the elderly life. With the deepening of the aging population in our country, how to better realize the “Elegant retirement“, is becoming more and more people’s concern.

  With the continuous development of the insurance industry, commercial pension insurance has become a new pension choice for many people, and you may be one of them. However, how to carry out scientific product configuration? became a new problem. Why don’t you take a look at the golden selection products launched on the Ant Insurance platform – by the life insurance company of China Life Group (Hereinafter referred to asChina Life Insurance Company“)Release ofManmanying Pension Annuity Insurance(hereinafter referred to as “Manmanying”) may become your “good partner” on the road to retirement.

  The Ant Insurance platform has joined forces with industry actuaries, insurance product researchers, senior insurance product experts, etc. to jointly build the Ant Insurance AIMM Golden Selection Model. From multiple dimensions such as cost performance, insurance threshold, service claim settlement, company operation, and scope of protection, tailor-made for policyholders and select the best from the best. In its pension insurance product segment, Manmanying was awarded the “Ant Insurance Gold Award”Most Popular Pension Insurance Award“.

Manmanying is a pension annuity insurance product launched by China Life Insurance Company. Its protection responsibilities include pension annuity, birthday bonus and death insurance, which can help the insured plan their retirement life in advance. This insurance product has the following characteristics:

  Broad coverage, enjoy protection.Anyone over the age of 18 and under the age of 55 who is in good health can be the insured.

  Survival benefits, stable enjoyment of happiness.From the date when the pension annuity begins to be received as stipulated in the contract to the corresponding date of the annual effective date of the year before the expiration of the contract insurance period, if the insured survives to the corresponding date of the annual effective date of the contract, China Life Insurance Company will pay the pension according to the insurance contract every year Annuity brings stable happiness to the insured in their later years.

  Receipt at the expiration date, birthday gift.If the insured survives until the effective date of the year when the insurance period of the contract expires, and the contract is terminated, China Life Insurance Company will pay the birthday bonus according to the basic insurance amount of the contract, which is the icing on the cake for the insured’s retirement life.

  Death protection, let love continue.If the insured unfortunately dies within the insurance period, China Life Insurance Company will pay the death benefit according to the contract. An insurance policy, so that responsibility and love can be continued.

  To insure Manmanying, you can search for “Manmanying Pension Annuity Insurance“, you can follow the steps to complete the insurance.

  As the leading enterprise in my country’s life insurance industry, China Life Insurance Company actively implements the “people-centered“Development ideas, to give back to customers with true feelings, to “Craftsman spirit“Cast simple, high-quality, warm service.

  If you want to know more about pension insurance, please pay attention to Alipay”Ant Bao·Jinxuan Help Selection“Science popularization column, chatting with many insurance experts about pension and insurance.

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