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Colorful activities spread warmth and celebrate the festival to gather people’s hearts

Colorful activities spread warmth and celebrate the festival to gather people’s hearts

The Spring Festival is approaching. In order to let the residents of the community feel the strong festive atmosphere and warmth, the Wuqing East Horse Circle, Hebei Tun and Xiawu Banner Social Work Stations have jointly planned a number of unique activities with relevant government departments.

1. Party Flag as Pilot Border detail

In order to effectively strengthen and improve administrative regional boundary management, maintain social stability and common development in border areas, give full play to the leading role of party building, and with the purpose of maintaining social stability in border areas and promoting economic development in border areas, conscientiously implement and in-depth promote the creation of safe borders. It requires that the creation of safe boundaries be used as a starting point to mobilize multiple entities to participate in community grassroots co-construction and enhance the vitality of community residents and community social organizations.On January 29, Dongmaquan Town, under the guidance of the Wuqing Civil Affairs Bureau, hosted a singing competition with the theme of “Harmonious Red Song Concert, Peaceful Boundary Love” hosted by Ximafang Village, Dongmaquan Town, from Anci District and Chengguan Town, Langfang City Nearly 50 singing lovers from Dengkouzi Village participated in this event. The activity promoted exchanges between Kouzi Villages and provided a safe and stable social environment and a high-quality and efficient service environment.

2. Respect the old and love the young Warm condolences

Respecting the elderly and loving the young is a traditional virtue of the Chinese nation. On the eve of the Spring Festival, the social work stations of Dongma?, Hebei Tun and Xiawu Banner, which are under the jurisdiction of Wuqing Shengxin Social Work Service Center, recently visited the families of lonely elderly people and children in need in the villages, and sent them rice, oil, fruits, Laundry detergent, quilts and other daily necessities. During the condolence process, social workers and community social organizations had cordial conversations with the elderly and children to understand their living conditions and needs, and encouraged them to maintain an optimistic attitude. The elderly expressed that they felt the care and warmth from the civil affairs and social work stations.

3. New Year Garden Tour promote integration

In order to promote the integration of newly established community residents and the community, actively participate in community activities, promote traditional Chinese culture, add a new year flavor to the community, and strengthen the cohesion of community residents,1moon30Ridong Maquan Town and Junxinjiayuan Community hosted talent shows, fun games, lantern riddles, and handicrafts.DIYOrganize community residents to hold New Year garden parties in the form of activities such as free clinics, safety publicity and other activities. While allowing community residents to feel the strong flavor of the New Year, it also allowed the elderly and children in the community to go out of their homes and experience the community’s social care and volunteer service atmosphere. They also received relevant safety education, allowing them to spend a wonderful time surrounded by laughter and laughter.

4. The fragrance of calligraphy and ink Welcome the Spring Festival and send blessings

In Tun Town, Hebei Province, the Social Work Station, together with the Town Civil Affairs Office and the Cultural Station, invited famous calligraphers from Xilou, Beilixinzhuang, and Houdongshang Village to write Spring Festival couplets and send blessing words to the residents, and send longevity peach calligraphy and painting works to the elderly in the village. The calligraphers turned their beautiful blessings into exquisite calligraphy works with a splash of ink. Residents said that these Spring Festival couplets not only added to the festive atmosphere, but also allowed them to appreciate the profoundness of traditional culture.

Through this series of activities, exchanges between social work stations, town and street departments and villages were promoted, and warmth and care were sent to the residents of the community, and the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation were promoted. In the new year, the Social Work Station will continue to pay attention to the needs of community residents, plan and carry out more colorful activities based on the main responsibilities of civil affairs and town and street center work, and continuously enhance the participation of community social organizations and residents. , Contribute to in-depth grassroots governance!

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