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“Cloud” Wandering Watcher Shanghai Bank’s “cloud outlets” provide convenient financial services to elderly customers

“Cloud” Wandering Watcher Shanghai Bank’s “cloud outlets” provide convenient financial services to elderly customers

Recently, aging-friendly services in the banking industry have received widespread attention from society. The State Council’s “Opinions on Further Optimizing Payment Services and Improving Payment Convenience” emphasizes the need to focus on the problem of payment inconvenience for groups such as the elderly. The People’s Bank of China held a meeting to promote the optimization of payment services for financial institutions in Shanghai and pointed out that the elderly should effectively enjoy my country’s convenient payment services.

Shanghai is one of the cities with the highest degree of aging in China. As the largest bank for pension issuance in Shanghai, Bank of Shanghai has been committed to solving the congestion and pain points in convenient payment for the elderly, so that elderly customers can continue to experience warm financial services.

In the process of providing bank payment services to the elderly, considering that elderly customers usually have limited mobility and difficulty in going to offline branches, the importance of remote video banking services has become highlighted. How to allow the elderly to truly experience “remote video banking that is warm and accessible without leaving home” while keeping risks under control?

“Cloud Branch” is a remote video banking service launched by Bank of Shanghai in recent years, and has served a total of about 500,000 people. Compared with traditional offline counters, “cloud outlets” can support customers and bank service specialists to complete financial services through video, such as time deposits, account balance inquiries, password resets and other services.

On this basis, “cloud outlets” provide a series of aging-friendly service initiatives to provide convenience for the elderly to enjoy financial services walking in the “cloud”.Face-to-face communication feels more secureinteracting with “visible” service specialists can significantly alleviate the tension and anxiety of elderly customers in online transactions;The process is simplified and easy to useelderly customers only need to call in with one click, verbalize their needs and perform some confirmation operations, which lowers the usage threshold for elderly customers;Warmer user experiencethe “Cloud Branch” entrance is displayed in a prominent position on the home page of the mobile banking senior care special edition, and the font is enlarged so that elderly customers can easily see it clearly;Compatible with elderly preferencessupports passbook media business, allowing elderly customers who only own passbooks to enjoy the convenience;Service triggering is smarterequipped with scenario-driven functions. In scenarios such as customer password locking and transfer over-limit, mobile banking automatically guides customers to “cloud outlets”, making online services truly available at their fingertips;Financial services are more secure“Cloud outlets” adopt anti-email fraud models, blacklist detection, video anti-tampering and other technologies to effectively protect the security of elderly customers’ funds.

  Grandpa Wu: It’s really a one-click call that turns worries into joy

Under the premise of compliance, the Bank of Shanghai’s “cloud outlets” are promoting the migration of more businesses that “can only be done at branches” to “online”, covering 90% of common scenarios of personal non-cash visits to stores, and are further promoting service marketing, verification It has been extended to areas such as authentication to meet customers’ diverse needs for bank financial services. For special elderly groups who are sick and physically inconvenient, it has solved the problem of difficulty in traveling for business.

Grandpa Wu was in a hurry to transfer money after receiving his pension. Because he was not used to using mobile banking, he originally planned to go to a bank branch to handle the transfer. However, he was hospitalized for long-term recuperation due to a chronic underlying disease and was unable to go to the branch alone.

After learning about the “cloud outlets” of Bank of Shanghai’s online financial services, Grandpa Wu dialed the prominently located “cloud outlets” link of mobile banking with some trepidation. Under the enthusiastic service of the remote service specialist, the large-amount transfer was completed in less than 5 minutes and informed that the funds had arrived, which solved Grandpa Wu’s urgent need.

“It was so easy to complete, I really didn’t expect it.” Grandpa Wu said that he no longer had to worry about how to handle banking business before he was discharged from the hospital.

  Grandma Li: She is the “patron saint” who lives on her mobile phone

“Cloud outlets” enable customers to transform online self-service management into companion management. Due to the intervention of cloud outlet tellers, it has a positive preventive effect on the elderly who are at high risk of electronic fraud.

“Hey, Bank of Shanghai? I need to transfer 50,000 yuan.” Customer Grandma Li called the cloud branch through mobile banking and requested a transfer.

The cloud branch service specialist asked the customer for the payee information and the reason for the remittance. Grandma Li immediately waved her hand and said: “No problem, I was notified to transfer the money to myself.”

After hearing this, the service specialist immediately became vigilant and asked further, “Who informed you?”

Grandma Li said that she received a call today notifying her to participate in the “WeChat Account Million Protection Plan” and requesting that all funds in her bank cards be transferred to an account at XX Bank. Combined with other information added by Grandma Li, the cloud branch service specialist confirmed that Grandma Li was experiencing telecommunications fraud, so he patiently persuaded Grandma Li to give up the transaction and called the police immediately.

“It turned out to be a liar! Fortunately, there is a cloud network to protect me, otherwise I would have been deceived!” Grandma Li finally realized it, immediately stopped the transfer transaction and chose to call the police.

Since 2023, Shanghai Bank’s “Cloud Branches” have focused on differentiated transformation for the elderly, further lowering the threshold for elderly customers to use them by assisting them to open mobile banking, one-click call-in, simplified operations, font enlargement, etc.; in addition, by providing dialects We launched a series of publicity activities for cloud outlets to make the elderly dare to use, know how to use, and use it easily. The number of incoming calls from customers over 60 years old increased by 1.5 times. In 2024, in order to further prevent telecommunications fraud, the Bank of Shanghai’s “Cloud Branch” system will add pop-up windows (such as frequent reminders for transfer behaviors) in transaction processes such as large-amount transfers and limit adjustments based on customers’ fund transaction habits, prompting tellers to strengthen review , protect the “money bag” of the elderly.

In the future, Bank of Shanghai’s “cloud outlets” will always implement aging-friendly services, fulfill the social responsibility of serving the people through finance, and continue to expand the scope of aging-friendly services, such as helping customers operate on-screen guidance, linking online customer service and digital employees, and adding new elderly card activation , willingness verification and other scenarios to help the elderly benefit the people’s financial experience and solidly improve the inclusiveness and availability of financial services.

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