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Close? The 6-day online concert is full of firepower and is not afraid of challenges to open a new experience of music live broadcast

Close? The 6-day online concert is full of firepower and is not afraid of challenges to open a new experience of music live broadcast

Off? Online live concert debut

On July 8, Guan?’s “About Us? A Time” online concert successfully kicked off on the Douyin platform. The six-day continuous live broadcast brought multi-dimensional data performance improvements to Guan?’s live broadcast room. At the same time, it was announced that Guan Yu will join hands with Douyin to formally establish a live streaming guild focusing on music talents in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, aiming to create more high-quality live content and lead the wind vane of talent live streaming. This six-day online concert is not only the first live broadcast of Guan? It is also an innovative attempt of Guan? Online music experience expands more appreciation and possibilities.

  All big coffee friends send blessings to Guan, and perform classic songs immersively

As Guan Yu’s live broadcast debut, this online concert naturally received strong support from friends and fans in the circle. A few days before the broadcast, Huang Bo, Xu Zheng, Huang Qishan, Zhong Liti, Meng Tingwei and many other friends and artists sent blessings to Guan Yu. At the same time, many musicians on the Douyin platform also expressed their expectations and wishes for Guan Yu’s live broadcast debut.

Off? Online live concert debut

On the evening of July 8, Guan’s first online concert was officially sung on the Douyin platform. The theme of the concert was “About Our Time”. “Good Voice”, “Singer”, “Masked Singer” and other domestic popular music comprehensive performances, including “The Night I Miss You”, “Comprehension”, “Wukong”, “If We Divide, I Love You Too” and other popular songs, as well as Chinese classic songs that test the singer’s live singing ability. The immersive interpretation of many songs through Guan?’s unique story-telling voice awakened the musical pursuit in everyone’s DNA, allowing the audience to recall Guan? Especially when the melody of “The Night I Missed You” sounded, the popularity of watching the live broadcast room increased significantly, Guan? once again ignited this summer with music.

  Is it a “helpless move” or an “active attack” for professional musicians to transform into online live broadcasting

Although many people think that online concerts are just a “meal replacement” for offline performances, according to the survey results released by the China Performance Industry Association, more than half of the practitioners said that they will still try online concerts after the offline market recovers . After three years of two-way penetration, both the performing arts industry and ordinary users have become accustomed to this form, and online performances are still one of the future trends.

Off? Online live concert debut

The same is true for Guan? It is understood that in recent years, Guan Yu still insists on carrying out high-quality tour concerts. For example, at the beginning of 2023, Guan Yu held the “I Miss You Night” concert in Macau. , the live performances continue to be wonderful. At the same time, there are also a number of domestic and foreign tour concerts going on as scheduled. Therefore, this online concert is Guan? An attempt on another performance track. Regarding the reason for choosing to start the live broadcast this time, Guan Yu once said, “Now that I am facing a change of identity, as a father, I hope to bring more valuable content to my children. After the children grow up, they can see them on the Internet. The career my father once loved and the efforts he made for it.” For this reason, Guan Yi prepared carefully, only to present the best state at the online concert, and bring the most authentic, unedited, An interactive music experience without a modified version. And Guan also hopes that this live broadcast is not only a test of the water, but also a new beginning of the music industry, exploring a new form of interpretation for the Chinese music industry, and bringing a better aesthetic experience.

Off? Online live concert debut

  Join hands with Douyin to set up a live streaming guild to explore new online music experience

From July 8th to July 13th, Guan?’s first online concert was broadcast continuously for six days. This is also Guan? An online immersive music feast. At the same time, Guan also announced that it will carry out in-depth cooperation with the Douyin platform to establish a live broadcast guild to continuously inject new energy into online music performances and explore a new music talent live broadcast experience.

Guan? “Hao” Miss You Night 2023 Concert Live

It is reported that since the beginning of this year, the number of online concerts held by major short video platforms has increased significantly, all of which have invited well-known singers to start a battle of swiping screen traffic and upgrade live content. As a professional musician, Guan has never forgotten his original intention. Regarding Chuqi’s live broadcast debut, he said, “Actually, I have been thinking about it for a long time. In today’s Internet age, how should we meet our fans again with music. I used to be a university music teacher, but now I am transformed into a professional musician. Do we have the responsibility to provide fans and music fans with better music aesthetics and professional guidance through the Internet platform? Now I feel that it is time, and everything needs to be proved by actions. I I believe that strong music and singing skills will explain everything.”

Guan?’s six-day live broadcast not only brought fans back to the past, but also ignited this fiery summer with classic melodies. In the future, Guan will also communicate and share with more musicians through the live broadcast guild, and bring more innovative, diverse and exciting music events to everyone.

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