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Civilized and courteous: CSCEC Blue in Volunteer Red

Civilized and courteous: CSCEC Blue in Volunteer Red

The spring breeze brings warmth, civility and courtesy start from me. The Tianjin Branch of China Construction Sixth Bureau Transportation Construction Company organizes party members, cadres and employees to carry out various theme activities and strive to be the spokesperson of civilization and courtesy.

The Party Branch of the Tianjin Branch established a “civilized and courteous” volunteer service team, and carried out a “civilized and courteous volunteer service to protect health” volunteer service activities with Tianjin No. 1 Hospital. Volunteers provide detailed guidance and help to the general medical public in various aspects such as outpatient route guidance, on-site registration process explanations, online registration and pick-up operations, self-service payment services, and promotion of the use of Internet electronic medical insurance, which not only facilitates the medical people, but also This greatly relieves the hospital’s consultation pressure. In conjunction with the Hunanli community of Tianta Street in Hexi District, we carry out public welfare activities at the doorstep to prevent “blockage” on the road to civilization and create sanitation activities. Work with community staff to clean up garbage and debris in the corridors. It not only improves the overall environment of the community, but also enhances residents’ awareness of environmental protection and responsibility.

The Dasi depot project of Tianjin Metro Line 7 jointly launched the “Civilized and Courteous Month·Volunteer and Serve Together” party-building and co-building voluntary service activities with the street social work station and the Miaomiao Public Welfare Center of Xiqing District, Tianjin. Project volunteers delivered daily necessities, food and other necessary materials to the lonely elderly people in the community, and participated in intangible cultural heritage red velvet flower making activities, using practical actions to help people in need in the community “micro-entrepreneurship”. Together with the Conventional Mechanical and Electrical No. 1 Standard, the Dasi Town Social Work Station, the School of Traditional Chinese Medicine of the University of Chinese Medicine, the Yinai Reunion Charity Society and the Fortuna Bay Community, we jointly carried out a garden-style medicinal garden soil pile party and mass group joint construction volunteer service activity. Everyone planted medicinal materials together and Publicity of knowledge on Chinese medicinal materials to the community.

Tianjin Metro Lijiang Road Project organized project volunteers to listen to the stories of retired veteran cadres. The dedication of veteran cadres interprets the profound connotation of the core values ​​of socialism, awe-inspiring project employees and stimulating everyone’s work motivation.

Tianjin Metro Line 5 project volunteers went to Tianjin Muzhai Nursing Home to deliver biscuits, nutritious cereals and other condolences to the elderly, and patiently popularized anti-fraud knowledge to them and reminded them to improve their legal awareness. The elderly are also very welcome to everyone. came and kindly told everyone about his life experience.

Volunteers from Tianjin Metro Z4 Line 13 Project went to Tianjin Port Bulk Logistics Park, Xingang Street, Binhai New Area to organize volunteer activities of cutting reeds and picking up garbage, beautifying the community environment while eliminating potential safety hazards caused by dry weeds and other flammable materials. . (Photo: Lujiao)

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