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City Show Vol.3 Surprise Growth, Tianjin Vanke Plaza’s Trendy IP Leads the Trend of Unlocking New Stores

City Show Vol.3 Surprise Growth, Tianjin Vanke Plaza’s Trendy IP Leads the Trend of Unlocking New Stores

  The novelty of business lies in always seeing and always being new.“City Show”It is the “Urban Utopia” trend experience IP originally cultivated by Tianjin Vanke Plaza. After two seasons of gestation, it has become the only gathering place for urban trendsetters, trendy toys, trendy cars and trendy sports. It will usher in its second edition in September 2023. Three new iterations of the season.

  Project recruitment and IP deepening have always gone hand in hand. This quarter8 good stores are fully unveiledAt the same time, it once again brought many highlight activities, including brand upgrades that have accompanied Tianjin Vanke Plaza for many years, and is committed to “growing together” with the brand.

“Grow together” with merchants

As an urban renewal project in the urban area, the Tianjin Vanke Plaza project quickly made its mark with its excellent architectural language in the early days of its opening. Later, it was deliberately improved in many aspects such as large supermarkets, fashionable restaurants, and comprehensive supporting facilities. In addition, the operation team adopted diversified and high-frequency The promotion actions have gathered a core customer group of all ages and provided a pan-social life field for Hexi District and even the urban area.

  It is worth mentioning that the deep operation of Tianjin Vanke Plaza is especially reflected in its close linkage with merchants.Such as the first floor of the projectjimmy burger(JIMMY`S BURGER&CO) is a restaurant shortlisted for three consecutive years on Dianping’s must-eat list. The brand was renovated and developed in Tianjin Vanke Plaza. It has accumulated a large number of advantageous products in the supply chain and loyal fans. It has been open for three years now and is working with the project operation team. With the joint efforts of the company, a second-floor landscape corner shop was selected to upgrade the original restaurant. It is also planned to continue to use the original store to create a high-quality cold chain retail platform for food ingredients, expand a more convenient and fashionable new retail sales scene, and extend it to the store. Experience + home meal preparation, a new catering ecology with an organic cycle.

  “Opening new doors with hospitality”

Up to now, Tianjin Vanke Plaza has accumulated tens of thousands of members. The project continues to pay attention to members’ consumption habits and feedback, and timely introduces brands that are more popular with customers.

  In the third quarter of this year, there were8 new brands have arrivedexcept for those mentioned beforejimmy burgerIn addition to the new upgrade, there is also a Jinpai hotpot that is perfect for family gatherings and delivers more than 1,000,000 servings of good hotpot every year.Fangzhuyuan; Beef soup and Korean bibimbap brands loved by urban young peopleMuzi story; Let the ingredients restore their natural tasteJasmine yogurt; Use good tea as the base to create freshTea Hundred Ways;Specialized in Roujiamo and handmade noodlesLegend of steamed bun worldNew arrival, immersive home furnishing collection store with 14 years historyDalong Department Store;Fighting for the team, with full “aura”UGYM excellent fitnessAppeared one after another.

“Boiling up” with young people

  Meet up on the roof rooftop meeting plan – the first Golden Burger Festival, the 2D Itasha Carnival, the “? Factory” rooftop event, the international famous breed cat exhibition…“City Show” 3.0bringNew upgrade,new gameplay,new social! Youth is boiling, you and I will never leave!

  The first meeting plan starts with the first Golden Burger Festival from September 30th to October 2nd.“35+ handmade burger merchants, local catering, and 40+ cultural and creative merchants in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei”the three-day event also invited six major bands to perform passionately, allowing young people with similar interests to immersively participate, check in, and socialize, build a consumption scene with burger culture as the medium, and create a top trendy “city eat” event linked to Beijing, Tianjin, and Hebei. .

  Held on October 14-152D Itasha CarnivalThere will be a display of the latest trend itasha, a full parade of classic anime characters, random K-POP, and then forwarded through cosplayersLeverage the private traffic of tens of thousands of two-dimensional culture enthusiastsgiving itasha fans and two-dimensional fans maximum emotional resonance.

  The newly built rooftop space of Vanke Plaza and Youshi Fitness-? Factory will make a surprise debut at the end of Octoberadvocating “freedom, equality, friendship, purity”, a cultural gathering community born in the summer of 2023, using electronic music as a link, radiating club culture, avant-garde art, etc., breathing together and colliding with inspiration.

As a benchmark for urban renewal projects in urban areas, the Tianjin Vanke Plaza project has been continuously polished after four years of operation. It is “new every day”. Only by constantly creating and updating can we always move forward with our wonderful customers.

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