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Chunxuanmao Community 2.0 started to continuously explore the construction of community culture

Chunxuanmao Community 2.0 started to continuously explore the construction of community culture

From professional services to happy life, under the brand proposition of “Healthy retirement starts from Chunxuanmao”, Chunxuanmao continues to develop diverse life scenes, gathers like-minded elders, spreads the beauty to daily life, and opens a lively and colorful life “Community Ecosystem”.

The Chunxuanmao community has evolved from the “1.0 era” of the initial enjoyment platform to the “2.0 era” of self-growth and more connections; more enthusiasm and participation of the elders are awakened, and the connection promotes more integration and more The integration of multiple places brings more sharing, and more sharing also promotes more growth. Elders who are willing to play the role of leaders in the community, drive more elders to enjoy life healthily and happily with love, and this is the charm of self-growth in the community.

Chun Xuanmao continues to build a stage for the elders, so that the elders can continue to perform the splendor of life. On May 27th, Chunxuanmao held the “Chunxuanmao Art Club Linkage Salon”, which linked Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, and Chengdu with characteristic associations, and performed the wonderful daily life of the elders with love; on June 30th, Chunxuanmao Invite heavy-weight musicians and song and dance troupes to perform “Chasing Dream Project, Voice for Love – Chunxuanmao Red Brand Art Exchange Festival” together with the internal community.

This event is Chun Xuanmao’s first major performance with an external group, and it is a milestone in the development of Chun Xuanmao’s community. At present, Chunxuanmao has established more than 100 clubs in 8 cities across the country: Fanghua Dance Troupe, Shulin Listening and Chanting Club, Heyuan Choir, Yihai Shibei Club, etc., allowing warm communities to get along and connect people who are different from each other , and use a real passionate emotional bond, so that every elder can see that the beautiful life with the “Chunxuanmao community” as the carrier can continue to be displayed.

On the basis of mutual recognition, participation and sharing, the community activates the vitality of every elder. On top of respecting the individual elders, Chunxuanmao has been integrating high-quality resources with common values, creating professional, high-end, and warm time for the elders, and building a better life. In the future, Chun Xuanmao will continue to explore the construction of community culture, dig deep into the spiritual needs of the elders, and strive to let every elder enjoy a new lifestyle of health, happiness, freedom, and shared happiness.

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