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Chow Tai Sang’s Twelve Flower Gods new Chinese style series blooms with oriental elegance!

Chow Tai Sang’s Twelve Flower Gods new Chinese style series blooms with oriental elegance!

When the spring river is full of flowers, the moon is beautiful, and the time is beautiful, Zhou Dasheng has a profound insight into the rise of female power, takes the lead in catering to the new Chinese style trend, captures the attention of female consumers, and strongly breaks out of the circle with the Twelve Goddess of Flowers product series. This series draws on oriental colors, combines strong cultural heritage with new technology, uses flowers to describe scenes, uses flowers to metaphor people, and conveys everything in the world. From the calm attitude of its own flowering period, through the elegant and refined new Chinese style, this series is carefully planned offline. Chow Taisheng | She will buy flowers herself. The flower feast brings the public debut of the Twelve Flower Gods’ new series of products to consumers. It conveys the trendy charm of national brand new Chinese style jewelry. In the field of online intensive cultivation of content, in addition to the creative content of its own channels, it also works with @江 xunqian (September), a content blogger with millions of fans, to interpret the beauty of the new Chinese style of the Twelve Flower Gods through intangible cultural heritage handicrafts.

When “Born for Love” is not only a slogan, but also a belief deeply rooted in the brand’s marrow. Each of the twelve flower gods carefully cultivated by Zhou Dasheng is not only a jewelry decoration, but also a symbol of women’s self-expression. A spiritual symbol of strength and independent style in expression.

one,Twelve Flower GodsgraceBloom, feminine charm is like spring all year round

Twelve flower gods descended into the world, half elegant and half immortal. Chow Dasheng’s Twelve Goddess of Flowers series has only been online for three months. The cumulative exposure across the entire network has exceeded 2.9 billion+, and the sales volume across all channels has exceeded 2,000+ pieces. This series of products runs through spring, summer, autumn and winter, just like the diverse charm of women, it is not limited by seasons and can be found everywhere. Each product of the Twelve Flower Gods series is a profound interpretation of “Born for Love”. They take flowers as their meaning and contain the beautiful blessings for women to read, please and surpass themselves. The new Chinese style combines classical and modern The perfect fusion shows the unique charm of oriental aesthetics.

In terms of design concept, the inspiration of the Twelve Flower Gods series echoes the twelve zodiac signs, including plum blossoms in January, orchids in February, peach blossoms in March, peonies in April, pomegranates in May, June flower god lotus, July flower god rose, August flower god osmanthus, September flower god chrysanthemum, October flower god hibiscus, November flower god camellia, December flower god narcissus, everyone Women can find the moon and flower gods corresponding to their birthday months.

In Chow Tai Sang’s Twelve Flower Gods series, popular products such as plum blossoms, cherry blossoms in the cherry blossom rain, and peach blossom lock bags all reflect Chow Tai Sang’s deep understanding of female images. Plum blossoms represent tenacity and elegance, and cherry blossoms symbolize Romance and innocence, while the peach blossom lock bag symbolizes women’s gentleness and wisdom.

In terms of product design, Zhou Taisheng cleverly integrates the new Chinese style into it, making each product unique. Each month’s moon flowers come with exclusive tail tags, which embodies Zhou Taisheng’s meticulous care and respect for women. In this Tmall super release event, Zhou Taisheng focused on launching the S-class hot product Twelve Flower Gods, a joint model with the “National Treasure” IP, extracting the magpie elements and plum blossom elements from the “Wangong Sedan”, and taking Meaning: happy. Honey glitter enamel is dyed with vivid flower colors, exuding bright vitality and a hopeful spring atmosphere, symbolizing the arrival of happiness.

2. Flower feast of new dreams in the garden, immersive experience of female power

From March 3rd to 4th, Tmall joined hands with 13 major super brands to create a “New Park Dream” opening event for the new March season at Shanghai Fuxing INS Park. As the only jewelry brand invited to participate in the Tmall Super Launch this time, Chow Taisheng has changed the scene with the Chinese-style garden of the flower feast booth “She Will Buy Her Own Flowers” in order to allow more female consumers to experience the charm of the Twelve Flower Gods. , highlighting the new Chinese style and modern fashion of oriental culture, and interestingly interpreting the brand’s spring launch.

“She will buy flowers by herself. It is up to her to choose what type of flower and what flavor.” During the exhibition, consumers can not only enjoy the new Chinese flower feast, but also participate in Chow Taisheng’s twelve flower gods customized scratch cards and hairpins Through interactive sessions such as experience and bouquet gifts, you can feel the brand’s care and respect for women. Here, through the Twelve Gods of Flowers series, they can not only find themselves who explore inwardly to buy flowers, but also find themselves who dare to bloom outwards and pursue themselves.

The total exposure of the event exceeded 2.7 billion+, the total interaction was 90,000+, the content of the entire network was 5000+, and the total number of hits on the entire platform was 14 times. As the booth with the largest number of visitors, the Chow Taisheng Flower Exhibition was well-received on platforms such as Xiaohongshu and Weibo. It received unanimous praise from consumers and brought strong exposure to the Chow Tai Seng brand and Twelve Flower Gods series products.

3. In September, the linkage master uses flowers as a medium to convey women’s self-worth.

In addition to launching products and holding offline exhibitions, Chow Dasheng also invited the top 1 Douyin celebrity cultural content list – the inheritor of Chinese intangible cultural heritage in September, to shoot a flower-related short film to convey the connotation of the Twelve Flower Gods. In the video, Yue Yue learns the intangible cultural heritage silver hairpin technique to make his own flowering hairpin. Through manual silver beating, engraving, drawing and other techniques, he makes a homemade flowering mechanism on the hairpin to let plum blossoms bloom on the hairpin. Since ancient times, plum blossoms, as the god of flowers, have the beautiful meaning of “I know it is not snow from a distance, because there is a secret fragrance coming”. The Twelve Flower Gods series of “Happy Eyebrows” products use plum blossoms to symbolize women’s nobility and contain joy and blessings.

“The fragrance of plum blossoms comes from the bitter cold.” From the first intangible cultural heritage female ironworker apprentice, live-carving a giant dragon on an ice flower, to letting the silver hairpin bloom freely, September’s persistence and hard work are the best interpretation of female power. Every stroke and every drawing of her hair is the inheritance and innovation of traditional craftsmanship, just like the female power advocated by Zhou Dasheng’s Twelve Flower Goddess – tenacity, delicacy, nobility and independence. Among them, the exquisite flowering hairpins and extreme The connotative interpretation gives a deeper expression to the Twelve Flower Goddess and further radiates to a wider group of people. As of press time, the video has had 15 million+ exposures and a total of 800,000+ interactions, winning unanimous recognition from consumers in the comment area.

From making flowers, buying flowers, to blooming, Chow Tai Sang’s Twelve Flower Gods series demonstrates women’s power to please themselves and their pursuit of self-worth through a huge flower feast. It not only brings exquisite jewelry products and new Chinese style products to female consumers The unique offline exhibition experience also conveys the power of women and brand values ​​by inviting Internet celebrities to shoot short videos in September. This series of marketing activities not only enhances the popularity and reputation of the Chow Tai Sang brand, but also gives consumers a deep sense of identity and belonging to the Chow Tai Sang Twelve Flower Goddess series.

In the future, Chow Dasheng will continue to be guided by the brand concept of “Born for Love”, continue to innovate product systems and marketing strategies, and bring more surprising and touching products to consumers.

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