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Chivalrous woman + tenderness in “Pray for Today”, the role of Mingxiu perfectly interprets the core of the fairy tale

Chivalrous woman + tenderness in “Pray for Today”, the role of Mingxiu perfectly interprets the core of the fairy tale

During the winter vacation, the fairy tale drama “Pray for the Present” set off a craze of popularity. At a time when fairy tale dramas are becoming more and more ancient, the vivid and rich portrayal of group portraits in “Pray for the Present” made many viewers lament that the original intention of the fairy tale drama is back! As the plot progresses, the story line of the group portraits gradually becomes fuller. Among them, the role of Ming Xiu, played by Bai Bingke, has attracted public attention and heated discussion with the bond between master and apprentice and his growth and transformation.

  “Pray for Today” sets off a hit trend and Bai Bingke Mingxiu’s character is popular

Among the winter vacation TV series, “Pray for Today” directed by Liu Guonan and starring Xu Kai, Yu Shuxin, Fu Xinbo, Bai Bingke, etc. has gained great popularity and topic. The play is based on the game “Legend of Sword and Fairy” and mainly tells the story of Yue Jinchao and Yue Qi joining forces with their comrades to defeat the conspiracy one by one and embark on a journey of heroic justice. In addition to the fascinating main line of the hero and heroine searching for their life experience, the group portraits are also very rich and exciting. Each of the “Hexagon” teams has its own colors, and Mingxiu is an indispensable member of it and the key to defeating Zhu? in the end.

The role of Mingxiu is played by Bai Bingke, a new generation actor born in the 2000s. She graduated from the Shanghai Theater Academy with a major. As a new actor, she has not many works, but she is very recognizable. She has left traces of her solid acting in many popular dramas, and there are also many dramas to be aired that are worth looking forward to. Bai Bingke always adheres to his original intention as an actor, interprets his true self with acting skills full of vitality and sensibility, and gives the character a unique charm. The role of Mingxiu has undoubtedly become a highlight in Bai Bingke’s acting career. She presents the arc of the character with her outstanding acting skills, impresses the audience with her progressive emotions, and truly reaches the hearts of the people.

  Mingxiu’s growth history is rich and moving, and the character creation fully demonstrates the character’s arc.

Mingxiu is a character with a clear growth line in “Pray for the Present”. When she was young, her mother was killed by a demon to protect her. When she was in danger, she was rescued by Gu Hanjiang and became his apprentice. From then on, she hated monsters deeply and relied on her master as her only support. She also shrank herself in a safe circle due to her childhood experiences and protected herself with a cold-faced and hard-spoken shell. When she first met the “Hexagon” team, she often made shocking remarks. She always spoke mercilessly and “scorned the sky and the earth”. Her playful and venomous words made people laugh and left a deep impression. At first, Mingxiu was unwilling to go with everyone because of her disgust towards monsters. However, under Shishu Xianqing’s persuasion, she stopped being stubborn and repelled, and tried to get in touch with everyone, slowly letting go of her prejudices, and gradually melting the ice in her heart.

Master Gu Hanjiang’s sacrifice of himself to save everyone is the turning point of the whole play, and it also triggers Mingxiu’s inner transformation. Gu Hanjiang is greedy for the lives of thousands of people, so he sacrifices himself to save the lives of others, but he is only afraid of the death of one person. Mingxiu is his only concern, and the restrained emotional line between master and disciple is full of tragic fate. After her master passed away, Mingxiu did not want her master’s hard work to fall into the hands of others and decided to inherit Wu Gu’s guardianship. This is the first time she has shouldered the responsibility of saving the common people, and in future plots, Mingxiu will further transform, willing to sacrifice for the world and find true righteousness.

In the early stage, Mingxiu was self-protective and had a cold and venomous tongue. In the later stage, she received the kindness of the squad and showed her innocent side under the influence of the love of her master and friends. In the later stage, she finally put her big love before her little love and saved her life. People sacrifice their lives for righteousness. Within the limited space, Bai Bing was able to outline a complete and clear growth line of Mingxiu with exquisite acting skills, showing the rich layers of the character’s arc, and the transformation from the individual to the common people in the world. This is undoubtedly the core of the story of “Fairy Sword”. The character The complexity and depth add thickness to the overall story.

  The character’s transformation and progress are obvious. Actor Bai Bingke has a promising future.

Before starring in “Pray for the Present”, Bai Bingke had already performed wonderfully in some dramas, such as the carefree Princess Mo Shuang of Northern Qin in “The Story of An Le”. Her innocent and lovely image is impressive, and The gentle and virtuous lady Du Bingyan in “Sedan” not only pays tribute to classic masterpieces, but also strives to show her own unique charm.

Compared with previous roles, the role of Mingxiu carries a heavier past. It requires going deep into the character’s heart and carefully understanding the levels of growth and change. Bai Bingke’s control of the character has become much more mature, and he performed a complex and complex performance. Vivid Ming embroidery. Although there is still some youthfulness, newcomer actor Bai Bingke’s unremitting efforts and character transformation are obvious to all. I believe that she will grow and change like Mingxiu in the play, continue to shape the character with sincerity, devote herself to interpretation, and create more vital and representative characters. Actor Bai Bingke has a bright future!

Xianxia dramas need the righteousness of “immortals” to help the world, and the pleasure and wantonness of “xiaxia” in punishing evil and promoting good. These two cores are the key to the brilliance and vitality of fairy tales dramas. The role of Mingxiu played by Bai Bingke has both the identity of a chivalrous woman and the divinity of saving the common people. Let us enter the world of fairy chivalry in “Qi Jin Zhao”, immerse ourselves in Mingxiu’s growth story, and feel the unique charm of the character!

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