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China’s first self-defense-themed online drama is officially announced today

China’s first self-defense-themed online drama is officially announced today


Yesterday, the opening ceremony of “Justified”, the country’s first justifiable defense-themed online drama, was held at Ningbo Bodi (Ningbo) Modern Film and Television Base. The play is produced by Beijing iQiyi Technology Co., Ltd., and is jointly produced by the Film and Television Center of the Supreme People’s Procuratorate and Guoyun Culture, Ciwen Media, Bodi Culture and other units. It is directed by the famous director Li Yunliang, created by the famous screenwriters Jia Dongyan and Wu Yao, and features many well-known actors. Co-starring.

  For the first time, the lineup focuses on legitimate defense and jointly composes legal principles and human relations.

The play tells the story of Duan Hongshan (played by Zhang Luyi), a senior prosecutor from the Municipal Procuratorate, who was handling the case of “a domestically violent woman who killed her husband”. Fang Lingyuan (played by Gao Ye), a young prosecutor from the Provincial Procuratorate, was assigned to assist in the case. While the two were handling the case, they discovered that the case was closely related to the “campus defense case” that Li Mufeng (played by Bai Jingting), Meizheng (played by Zhang Baijia), and Jiang Ting (played by Ye Qing) handled by Duan Hongshan fourteen years ago. It is a story that is based on facts, takes the law as the criterion, and comprehensively considers “natural principles, human feelings, and national laws” to finally give the case an accurate conclusion.

In recent years, cases involving self-defense have attracted widespread attention from society, but they have not been shown in depth in film and television dramas. This drama focuses on social hot spots and closely revolves around the standards for self-defense identification. It tells the handling process of three cases involving self-defense. The legal principles, right and wrong, and the good and evil of human nature are slowly unfolding in the layers of confusion. The prosecutors uphold the judicial His passion for the people and his superb legal skills overcame numerous obstacles, and finally achieved fairness and justice in handling the case.

This drama demonstrates that the procuratorate’s activation of the legitimate defense system not only complies with the people’s new expectations for fairness, justice, and protection of rights and interests, but also helps encourage citizens to have the courage to protect their legitimate rights and interests in accordance with the law. It is also important for improving judicial credibility and increasing the public’s understanding of the judicial organs’ handling of the case. Understanding and agreeing with decisions has positive implications.

  A powerful partner explores the truth of the mystery together to create a high-quality crime suspense

The production team of this drama is strong. Director Li Yunliang is good at realistic themes and has directed many well-received dramas such as “The Wind”, “Smoke of Fire” and “The Case of the Emperor of the Tang Dynasty”. Screenwriters Jia Dongyan and Wu Yao have also collaborated many times. The previous “Crime Hunters” received good ratings. Guoyun Culture is responsible for the production and filming of this drama. It has previously produced many excellent works such as “Who is the Murderer”.

Hot topics, powerful actors and a gold medal production team are powerfully combined, full of sincerity and high quality. “The law cannot give in to illegality”, please stay tuned for “Justified Defense”!

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