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China Unicom’s “Online Travel? Internet Cafe Cloud” platform was officially released

China Unicom’s “Online Travel? Internet Cafe Cloud” platform was officially released

  November 7,China Unicom in TianjinThe dual-platform press conference of “Smart Hotel & Online Gaming·Internet Cafe Cloud” was held. Under the guidance of Tianjin Municipal Bureau of Commerce and Tianjin Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism, this conference was hosted by China United Network Communications Group Co., Ltd., Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone Management Committee, China Unicom Digital Technology Co., Ltd., China Unicom Video Technology Co., Ltd., China United Co-organized by the Tianjin Branch of Network Communications Co., Ltd., the conference was attended by governments, well-known hotels, Internet cafes and e-sports companies, leading companies in the communications industry, representatives of relevant industry associations, and experts and scholars from all over the country.

Currently, there are 100,000 Internet service venues such as Internet cafes and e-sports hotels in my country, and they are transforming towards high-end, specialization, and standardization. Professional consulting organizations predict that in the next three years, the output value of China’s e-sports industry will grow at an annual rate of 7.2%. The government is paying more and more attention to the development of the entire e-sports industry, actively promoting the cloud migration of Internet service venues, and promoting the development of digital consumption such as online entertainment. Standardize development.

  China Unicom upholds its responsibilities as a central enterprise and in order to further assist the development of my country’s digital economy, China Unicom made a major announcement at this press conference.Yunyou·Internet Cafe Cloud“The platform aims to break the traditional “local server + 100M Internet dedicated line” working model of Internet cafes and e-sports hotels, upgrade it to a cloud service model, realize network cloudification and content cloudification, and bring low latency, A new experience with large bandwidth, high reliability and rich content.

  Yunyou·Internet Cafe Cloud“In terms of network construction, the platform fully leverages China Unicom’s 10G optical network capabilities and builds a city-level Internet cafe cloud private network based on OTN. It has 10G bandwidth and elastic expansion capabilities, and provides loop disaster recovery and network exit intelligence. Services such as routing and carrier-grade operation and maintenance enable the transmission delay from the Internet cafe to the cloud to be less than 1ms, the platform coverage exceeds 180 kilometers, and the Internet outlet of a single Internet cafe reaches Gigabit.

The “Onyou Internet Cafe Cloud” platform is based on China Unicom Cloud and adopts the “1+N” cloud-edge collaborative deployment model across the country to achieve integrated, intensive and intelligent management and dispatch. In terms of computing power, the platform is equipped with 64T ultra-powerful bare metal servers with Nvme solid-state drives on edge cloud nodes. All core components have achieved dual disaster recovery/backup capabilities, ensuring smooth game acceleration and allowing Internet cafes to read more efficiently than before going to the cloud. The writing performance is increased by 40%, the game storage is increased by 5 times, the number of games reaches more than 3,000, and the cloud base runs with zero accidents.

  Yunyou·Internet Cafe Cloud“The platform adopts a cloud diskless operating system. China Unicom relies on years of industry experience and in-depth customized development based on the Linux system, which has greatly improved the performance of the platform in four aspects: memory scheduling, hard disk optimization, network card driver and software compatibility. Compared with Compared with similar competing products, “Yunyou·Internet Cafe Cloud“The capacity of the platform has been increased by 20%, and the boot speed has been increased by 30%, ensuring that game content can be accessed without lags.

  As the leader of the security industry chain, China Unicom relies on its trinity of security and trustworthiness capabilities to create “Yunyou·Internet Cafe Cloud“The platform, firstly, is based on the capabilities of the Cloud Shield and MoGong platforms to create a secure channel for network transmission throughout the entire network; secondly, the center node of the platform has met the Class II requirements; thirdly, the edge cloud nodes adopt a black hole strategy and a traffic load strategy. It is used to fully resist DDos attacks and build a trinity of security and trustworthiness. From 2022 to now, the Internet cafe cloud platform has successfully resisted thousands of DDos network traffic attacks and achieved safe and stable operation with zero accidents.

  Yunyou·Internet Cafe Cloud“The platform will redefine the new operation model of the Internet cafe e-sports industry and reshape the service scope of Internet cafes. Tianjin China Unicom will issue an Internet cafe cloud smart ecological recruitment order to all walks of life with the mentality of innovation, integration and win-win, and cooperate with the industry chain Partners work together to build an industrial alliance to discuss the plan for the healthy development of the e-sports industry, truly promote the transformation and upgrading of the industry, help the Internet cafe e-sports industry digitally transform to the cloud, and provideTianjin is builtInternational consumption center cities contribute to China Unicom!

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