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China Pacific Life Insurance Tianjin Branch launches “Five Entry” campus activities

China Pacific Life Insurance Tianjin Branch launches “Five Entry” campus activities

Protect youth during the school season and fight against financial fraud to accompany growth

In order to carry out the five-entry activities of the 2023 “Financial Consumer Rights Protection Education and Publicity Month” in depth, enhance the financial risk prevention awareness of the student group, and guide the student group to stay away from money laundering and related criminal activities, on September 26, China Pacific Insurance Tianjin Branch and Tianjin Business Vocational College jointly launched the financial knowledge education activity “Escorting Youth in the School Season, Anti-Fraud and Financial Growth”. A total of 136 students attended the lecture.

At the event, staff from the branch’s Consumer Rights Protection Department disseminated knowledge on anti-money laundering, preventing telecommunications fraud, preventing illegal fund-raising, and the eight rights and interests of consumers to the teachers and students of the college by setting up an information desk, distributing brochures, and conducting on-site lectures and interactions. . Qiang Chunyang, the head of the consumer rights protection department of the branch, gave an on-site lecture focusing on staying away from “routine loans” and guarding against “low threshold, high income” part-time traps. He reminded the students to establish rational consumption concepts, not to trust online information, and to protect Keep personal information well, do not rent or lend your ID card or bank card, enhance awareness of financial risk prevention and self-protection capabilities, refuse to become a participant in illegal and criminal activities of money laundering, and be a good disseminator of anti-money laundering knowledge.

This publicity activity on the theme of bringing financial knowledge to campus has achieved good results. It not only helped the student group to more clearly understand and understand the relevant anti-money laundering financial knowledge, but also stimulated the enthusiasm and initiative of the student group to learn financial anti-fraud knowledge, and improved the financial knowledge. risk prevention capabilities, and also calls on students to take practical actions to resist money laundering, stay away from illegal fund-raising, be wary of financial fraud, establish rational consumption awareness, and jointly create a healthy, safe, and stable financial environment.

China Pacific Life Insurance Tianjin Branch has always regarded the protection of consumer rights as the starting point and goal of the company’s high-quality development, always adhered to the “people-centered” service concept, and always paid attention to the improvement of financial literacy and risk prevention awareness among students. In the future, China Pacific Life Insurance Tianjin Branch will further innovate on-campus activities to help the majority of students learn and understand finance, and continue to contribute to creating a harmonious, stable and healthy financial environment.

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