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China Pacific Life Insurance Tianjin Branch comprehensively launched the “Tianjin Social Credit Regulations” publicity month activity

China Pacific Life Insurance Tianjin Branch comprehensively launched the “Tianjin Social Credit Regulations” publicity month activity

In order to strengthen the publicity and education on integrity, promote the cultural concept of integrity, and practice China Pacific Insurance’s core values ​​of “integrity in the world, stability throughout life, pursuit of excellence, innovation and win-win”, January 5 to January 31, 2024, China Pacific Life Insurance Tianjin The branch focused on carrying out a month-long publicity campaign for the “Tianjin Social Credit Regulations”. At 10 a.m. on January 9, the branch had 15 customer service centers, 47 consumer rights protection staff, and 43 integrity service ambassador representatives from each agency. Resonating with the same frequency, the publicity month activity was officially launched.

1. Create a social atmosphere of honesty and trustworthiness

  China Pacific Insurance Life Insurance Tianjin BranchFocus on the customer base at the counter and comprehensively popularize the contents of the “Regulations” in conjunction with current hot topics.One isPrint the main contents of the Regulations into promotional pages and place them in the “Public Publicity Area” and counters of the customer service center, and use paper media to promote them.Make “knowing trust, keeping trust, using trust and protecting trust” deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.two isThrough advertising machine equipment, the “Regulations” and integrity propaganda slogans are played on-site, so that insurance consumers can understand the contents of the “Regulations” more intuitively, enhance their awareness of integrity, and establish a solid concept of integrity.The third isPlay in customer service center“Keep your money bag and protect your happy home” and “Don’t ignore early warnings and dissuasion, pay attention to property safety” self-made videos advocate “honesty, trustworthiness and benefit”, guide financial consumers away from illegal fund-raising, and enhance the ability to identify illegal financial activities. The fourth is to use the “Consumer Protection Zone” column of the branch’s WeChat public account totightly integratedPromotional content of the Regulations andHot topics, popularizing credit knowledge, publishedOriginal works such as “Winning Trust by Providing “Good” Services” and “Using Cases to Talk about Risks” enrich online publicity and education resources and promote the culture of credit.

  2. Establish an honest service spokesperson and promote the concept of honest and trustworthy service

Honesty is the foundation of one’s life, and trust is the foundation of morality. China Pacific Life Insurance Tianjin Branch is committed to cultivating and selecting models of integrity. During the publicity month, the branch organized 43 Integrity Service Ambassadors to watch the educational film “Adhere to the Original Intention, Serve with Integrity”, carry out intensive study of the contents of the “Regulations”, give full play to the role model of the Integrity Service Ambassador team, and pass on social credit information to the field teams of their institutions. , protection of the rights and interests of credit entities and other key contents of the Regulations, share exemplary cases of honest sales, popularize the concept of honest management, and drive sustainable and healthy business development with honest services.

  3. Conduct special training on the “Tianjin Social Credit Regulations”

The branch organized the consumer protection team to carry out integrity-themed learning and education, focusing on the legislative background of the “Regulations”, interpreting the necessity of the promulgation of the “Regulations”, explaining the core content of the “Regulations” and the importance of honesty and credit construction, and further strengthening the culture of integrity Education to improve the trustworthy quality of our employees.

China Pacific Life Insurance Tianjin Branch seized this credit promotion opportunity to effectively popularize social credit knowledge and enhance the credit awareness of employees and the public. In the future, China Pacific Insurance Life Insurance Tianjin Branch will combine integrity building publicity with financial education publicity, actively practice the business philosophy of honesty and trustworthiness, and contribute to the construction of a financial environment that respects trust, is good, knows trust and abides by the law.

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