China Pacific Insurance’s first asset-light fixed-point cooperation project for the elderly care industry landed and joined hands with Changsha Beichen Oubaoting to create a core model of elderly care services

China Pacific Insurance’s first asset-light fixed-point cooperation project for the elderly care industry landed and joined hands with Changsha Beichen Oubaoting to create a core model of elderly care services

On March 17, Changsha Beichen Oubaoting International Elderly Care Center officially became the senior care service cooperation institution of China Pacific Insurance’s senior care investment company, which is also the first asset-light fixed-point cooperation project of China Pacific Insurance.

Relevant persons in charge of CPIC Aged Care Investment Co., Ltd., Orbaoting China, Beijing state-owned enterprise Beichen Real Estate, and Hunan Branch of China Pacific Insurance Life Insurance Co., Ltd. attended the cooperation unveiling ceremony held in Changsha Beichen Orbaoting International Elderly Care Center. This cooperation marks that China Pacific Insurance has basically completed the national After the asset-heavy projects are laid out, it is actively exploring the development of asset-light projects in accordance with the development strategy of the elderly care industry of “emphasis first and then light, and both light and heavy”.

  Actively empower the exploration of the main insurance businessAsset-light service for local companies

As the aging process continues to deepen, the needs of insurance customers have also changed. More customers hope to obtain integrated solutions of “insurance + pension + health” covering value-added services such as pension and health management. Especially in the post-epidemic era, the people’s demand for health care services is more urgent. In order to better meet the needs of customers, China Pacific Insurance has formulated a development strategy for the elderly care industry that is “priority first, and then focus on both”. The layout of heavy asset projects invested in self-construction, self-sustained and self-operated is basically completed. In the next stage, China Pacific Insurance will make a transition from heavy to light, give full play to the professional advantages of CPIC Orbaoting, a joint venture with France’s Orbaoting Group, take multiple measures to speed up the development of light asset projects, and explore home and community elderly care services to expand the coverage of elderly care services .

In this context, in order to meet the high-quality pension needs of more than 10,000 mid-to-high-end customers of Hunan Branch of CPIC Life Insurance and their families, CPIC Aged Care Investment Co., Ltd. and Changsha Beichen Aubaoting reached a cooperation, which is the first service for local companies in the form of light assets. This will help insurance customers in Changsha City and Hunan Province to experience China Pacific Insurance’s high-quality pension services, health management, and short-term residence more conveniently. Through these service scenarios, customers will be strongly encouraged to access insurance products from the services around them. In this way, it empowers the main business of insurance and assists the marketing agents of Life Insurance Hunan Branch to deliver product + service solutions to insurance customers.

Changsha Beichen Oubaoting International Elderly Care Center is a Sino-French cooperative elderly care project launched in 2018 by Beichen Group, a state-owned enterprise directly under the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of Beijing, and Oubaoting Group. The project is located in the center of Changsha New City, with convenient transportation and abundant living, commercial and medical resources in the surrounding area. With a construction area of ​​25,000 square meters and a high-end positioning, it has 224 rooms of various types and more than 400 beds. The living and entertainment facilities are rich, and the public space includes SPA hydrotherapy area, movie screening room, chess and mahjong room, multi-function hall, rehabilitation room, etc.; there is also a medical center equipped with multiple large-scale digital rehabilitation training equipment, and medical rehabilitation, nursing A multidisciplinary team, including nursing professionals, can provide personalized, professional and international high-quality elderly care and rehabilitation care services for independent, disabled and dementia elderly families.

After Changsha·Beichen Oubaoting International Elderly Care Center becomes the senior care service cooperative institution of CPIC Aged Care Investment Company, it will be especially convenient for local customers of CPIC Life Insurance in Hunan to obtain high-quality senior care services such as community visits, short-term experiences, and long-term stays. CPIC customers who stay for a long time will also Get the best deal on your stay.

  Develop multi-level elderly care service supply Giving priority to social needs

The 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China called for promoting the construction of a healthy China, implementing a national strategy to actively respond to population aging, developing pension services and industries, and promoting the realization of basic pension services for all elderly people. As a comprehensive insurance group that actively fulfills its social responsibilities, China Pacific Insurance will further optimize its project layout, and will also carry out inclusive asset-light elderly care business with a wider audience in various places, and solidly promote the party’s 20th anniversary of the common prosperity of all people. big request.

China Pacific Insurance will adhere to the development strategy of “priority first, light weight, and both” to complete the layout of CPIC’s asset-heavy projects in the southeast, northwest, and north as soon as possible. Project layout. Closer location refers to being closer to the city center, and the distance from each city center is no more than 45 minutes by car; better scale refers to the pursuit of high-quality goods instead of complete collections, and the pursuit of moderate economies of scale; older customers refer to the community, half The proportion of nursing care, comprehensive nursing care, and dementia and disability customers has gradually increased to about 50%, and the proportion of active elderly people has gradually decreased, giving priority to meeting the rigid needs of the society and rapidly increasing the occupancy rate.

The cooperation between CPIC Aging Investment Company and Changsha Beichen Oubaoting is the first project of China Pacific Insurance from heavy to light. The asset-light fixed-point cooperation between Taibao Aged Care Investment Company and Orbaoting Xianlin International Elderly Care Center operated by Orbaoting China in Nanjing will also be implemented soon. In the next step, China Pacific Insurance will take multiple measures to develop multi-level elderly care supply and expand the coverage of services. Including the construction of high-quality “CPIC Homeland”, mid-level “Nanshan Residence”, inclusive external entrustment or leasing projects in cooperation with Shanghai Kangyang Group, thus forming a pyramid-shaped elderly care service model. It will also radiate the existing elderly care community services of CPIC Home to the surrounding areas, so as to explore a business development model that coordinates home and institutions, and provide more elderly people with side-by-side services, life-long services and exquisite services.

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