China Pacific Insurance: “Shanghai Model” Consumer Protection Demonstration Zone Sets Sail


  China Pacific Insurance adheres to the mission of consumer protection as the heart of the people, and gathers together to build the “Shanghai Model”Demonstration zone for consumer rights protection.July 18,China Pacific InsuranceProperty & Casualty Insurance, China Pacific Life Insurance, and CPIC Shanghai Branch (hereinafter referred to as “China Pacific Insurance”) joined hands with the Shanghai Hongkou District Consumer Rights Protection Committee (hereinafter referred to as “Hongkou Consumer Protection Committee”) and Shanghai Banking and Insurance Industry Dispute Resolution Center (hereinafter referred to as “Bank Insurance Dispute Center”) at the first branch of the Jiaxing Road Citizen Post Station to jointly carry out the 2023 “Guard Safety, Warm Consumer Protection” financial and insurance public welfare publicity campaign.

  Party building empowers consumer protection and promotes the organic combination of “party building red + public welfare green + consumer protection blue”.The first station of this public welfare publicity activity was held at Jiaxing Road Street, Hongkou District, Shanghai, where General Secretary Xi Jinping once made an important instruction that “garbage sorting is the new fashion”. At the event site, a group of more than 30 people from China Pacific Insurance, Hongkou Consumer Protection Committee, and Bank Insurance Investigation Center, under the leadership of the Jiaxing Road street commentator, revisited the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s reply on the spot, and carried out a unique theme education. At the same time, the three parties of the event also jointly formed a “Consumer Protection Blue Pioneer” volunteer team, aiming to continue to promote the spirit of voluntary service for the people and pass on the temperature of financial consumer protection.

  Protect a better life and explore the “three-dimensional” public welfare publicity.The event also focused on “one old and one young”, carried out a public lecture on financial consumer protection “Protecting Finance, Insurance, Sharing and Beautifying Life”, distributed original leaflets of “Talking about Risks with Cases”, and brochures on prevention of illegal fund-raising and anti-money laundering. Starting from scenes close to the actual life, the awareness of risk prevention and self-protection of the elderly group was effectively enhanced in easy-to-understand language. At the same time, a parent-child interactive game session was set up, through activities such as garbage sorting interactive desktop games, making environmental protection night lights, etc., to jointly learn the little knowledge of garbage sorting, and actively advocate the concept of low-carbon life and environmental protection.

  Expand the “coverage” of free medical services to protect your health.In order to pay attention to and care for the health of residents and strengthen cooperation with medical institutions, the three parties jointly launched a “health clinic service” at the event site, where the chief physician answered residents’ health problems on the spot and gave guidance on daily health monitoring and prevention and treatment of common chronic diseases. “This charity event is very meaningful” “It helps the communityThe long-term development of the health cause”… The residents and experts who participated in the activity praised it one after another.

In the future, the three parties will continue to promote the service culture of “consumer protection for everyone, active consumption protection”, actively fulfill social public welfare responsibilities, continue to carry out joint construction work, solidly promote the protection of consumer rights and interests, pass on social positive energy, and add new momentum to the high-quality economic and social development of Shanghai.


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