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China Pacific Insurance Life Insurance officially launches CPIC “Family?” Family Office

China Pacific Insurance Life Insurance officially launches CPIC “Family?” Family Office


On December 20, China Pacific Life Insurance, a subsidiary of China Pacific Insurance, held the first “Goodness and Beauty·Pass on” charity event, aiming to leverage the advantages of its main business and ecosystem, build a sustainable charity channel, and gather the love of customers, internal and external staff, partners and other walks of life The power of individuals contributes to philanthropic efforts in the fields of elderly care, health, education and other fields.

Pan Yanhong, chairman of China Pacific Insurance Life Insurance, said that charity is consistent with the original intention of the life insurance industry

While China Pacific Life Insurance continues to promote charity and public welfare, it is also constantly deepening customer insights, building a “product + service” golden triangle system, proposing three major value propositions of “health, pension, and wealth” to provide customers with products and services covering the entire life cycle. solution. The official launch of the “CPIC Family Office” brand at this event marks a key step for China Pacific Life Insurance in promoting the strategic layout of high-net-worth business.

The head of the A+ business project team of China Pacific Insurance Life Insurance announced the CPIC “Family?” family office

CPIC “Home?” family office launch ceremony

  CPIC’s “Family?” family office focuses on the wealth management and inheritance needs of high-net-worth customers. It focuses on the four major sections of family, business, personal, and life, and combines the different stages of high-net-worth customers’ wealth creation, wealth preservation, wealth enjoyment, and wealth transmission. According to the needs, China Pacific Insurance selects high-quality internal and external resources, builds the Pacific Rim Home Office Alliance ecosystem, and creates a growing professional home office platform for high-net-worth customers with dynamic upgrades in resources and continuous value-added services. CPIC’s “Family?” is customer-centric and will launch 12 key home office membership benefits in the first year, providing 1+1+N for home office customers.nExclusive service guarantee, namely: 1 family office affairs officer, 1 family office specialist, N internal family office experts and n family office alliance ecosystem resources to provide higher quality family office services. In conjunction with the official launch of CPIC’s “Family Office”, China Pacific Insurance Life Insurance also launched the official WeChat public account of “CPIC Family Office” as a window for high-net-worth customers to obtain family office services and information.

Forefathers plant trees, and future generations sail – CPIC’s “Home?” Family Office will always adhere to the company’s mission and vision of “building a life insurance company with the best service experience and being a long-termist in the life insurance industry”, and join hands with customers to start wealth management New Era.

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