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China Pacific Insurance Life Insurance builds a new financial pattern of “big consumer protection” for the people

China Pacific Insurance Life Insurance builds a new financial pattern of “big consumer protection” for the people

Nowadays, insurance products are gradually entering thousands of households, and consumers’ awareness of insurance and the awareness of protecting their own rights and interests are also getting stronger and stronger. On the occasion of “March 15” in 2024, Zhu Xuesong, assistant general manager and chief service officer of China Pacific Insurance Life Insurance, shared China Pacific Insurance Life Insurance’s layout and measures in the financial “big consumer protection” work for the people.

Zhu Xuesong said that the protection of financial consumer rights and interests is the area in financial work that is closest to the people and has the closest connection with the people. In the new cycle of the industry from high-speed development to high-quality development, insurance companies should pay more attention to the protection of consumer rights and interests, change consumer protection work from a “plus point” to a “necessary item”, and incorporate consumer protection into the company’s business development Strategy, corporate culture construction and corporate governance. In recent years, China Pacific Insurance Life Insurance has actively implemented the political and people-oriented nature of financial work, systematically operated the consumer protection mechanism, improved the level of insurance services, built a new pattern of “big consumer protection” in finance for the people, and enhanced the convenience of insurance services for the people. , availability and sense of gain.

Consolidate the foundation and systematically operate the consumer protection mechanism

  The service officer takes the lead and embeds consumer protection into the entire operation process.A sound consumer protection management system is the cornerstone of consumer protection work. China Pacific Insurance has built a top-down management structure and operating mechanism for consumer protection work with clear rights and responsibilities. The company has established a team of service officers composed of senior executives of the head office and heads of branches and central branches. More than 300 service officers actively perform consumer protection duties nationwide, take the lead in studying the key points of consumer protection work, and go deep into the front line to handle consumer protection work. Implement, actively listen and review the quality and effectiveness of consumer protection work. In 2023, through various forms such as service officer reception days, customer interviews, “five entries”, and typical complaint handling, we will meet face-to-face with more than 30,000 customers, adhere to integrity, safeguard rights and interests, listen to people’s voices, and resolve people’s concerns.

As the Chief Service Officer of China Pacific Insurance Life Insurance, Zhu Xuesong listens to customers’ needs face to face.

  Based on the eight major rights and interests, we will improve the quality and efficiency of the entire process of consumer protection operations.Based on the eight basic rights and interests of financial consumers, China Pacific Life Insurance strengthens the whole process management before, during and after the event, fully implements consumer protection review, information disclosure, sales behavior traceability, appropriateness, diversified solutions and other mechanisms to effectively protect insurance Consumers’ legitimate rights and interests. At the same time, the “Voice of Customers” management closed loop has been upgraded to listen more widely and respond faster. In 2023, through the “three services” of party building and consumer protection, theme monthly activities, front-line voice collection and other forms, more than 630,000 consumer voices will be listened to. Review Focus on key links that consumers pay attention to, optimize service interfaces and processes, and continue to improve customer service experience. In addition, China Pacific Insurance Life Insurance has strengthened the construction of digital smart consumer protection capabilities, including “intelligent consumer protection review” to assist source prevention, “risk early warning” to gain insight into customer demands and proactive services, and “education virtual exhibition hall” to vividly popularize financial and insurance knowledge, and other products. It has been implemented in the whole process of consumer protection.

  The demonstration area serves as a model to spread the image of an honest and trustworthy industry.China Pacific InsuranceActively create 8 “Consumer Protection Demonstration Zones” covering the four major areas of east, west, south, north, and organize diversified consumer protection education and publicity activities, and jointly establish litigation and mediation workstations with courts, supervision, and mediation centers to build a diversified dispute resolution working mechanism , formed a consumer protection demonstration sample with CPIC characteristics, which was highly recognized by local supervision and industry associations. In addition, Party building has been strengthened to lead the new model of consumer protection. Executives at all levels have conducted 114 consumer protection themed party classes around the theme of “Consumer Protection for the People and Fulfilling the Original Aspiration”, with a total of 7,126 people participating; 42 party committees within the jurisdiction have conducted a total of 73 “Party Building + Consumer Protection” Innovative practice of “consumer protection” creates an atmosphere of consumer protection education and publicity in which everyone participates and takes responsibility.

China Taibao Bay Area Consumer Protection Demonstration Zone License Awarding Ceremony

Innovative breakthroughs to improve insurance service levels

  Focus on the effectiveness of inclusive finance and enhance people’s well-being.China Pacific Life Insurance anchors the medical security standard. In 2023, it ranked third in the long-term care insurance project industry, covering 50% of the pilot cities and covering more than 50 million people. It has 46 people-friendly insurance projects in progress, covering 12 provinces, with a total coverage of The population exceeds 20 million, effectively reducing the medical burden of the common people.Help improve multi-level medical security for the people.We have launched exclusive annuity products for the elderly, focused on the needs of elderly customers and launched door-to-door compensation service by appointment. The self-service interface shows clearer, more concise and focused service content to the elderly, and launched a claims service model in which children can apply on their behalf to help the elderly make leaps and bounds. Digital Divide; to create a community + home elderly care service model, CPIC Home has launched 13 high-quality elderly care communities in 11 cities, and Baisuiju home-based elderly care services have been piloted in more than 20 provinces.Continue to improve the sense of access to insurance services among the elderly.

  Innovate service models and create“One stop, one platform at a time” new experience.Starting from the customer journey, China Pacific Insurance actively promotes breakthroughs in “physical + cloud” counter services and creates a new model of online + offline “CPIC services are available everywhere”. At the same time, it simplifies the counter service process and provides four-step one-stop acceptance. According to customer demand, the first-time acceptance rate of the five pilot branch cloud stores is 100%, and the average timeliness is 5-9 minutes. Through process reshaping and technological innovation, the order registration speed is increased by 30%, and the quality inspection time of insurance information is increased by 67%;The claim settlement and customer information change processes are integrated, and the processing time for one time is within 6 minutes, providing customers with a one-stop and convenient service experience that reduces the number of trips.

Zhu Xuesong said that in the future, China Pacific Insurance Life Insurance will always adhere to the “people-centered” value orientation, take responsibility, take the initiative, focus on finance for the people, finance for the people, finance for the people, and practice “responsibility, wisdom, warmth” CPIC services continue to improve the quality and efficiency of consumer rights protection, safeguard consumers’ legitimate rights and interests, and safeguard a better life for the broad masses of the people!

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