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China Pacific Insurance joins hands to build new heights in protecting financial consumers’ rights and interests

China Pacific Insurance joins hands to build new heights in protecting financial consumers’ rights and interests

  In order to thoroughly implement the requirements of the State Administration of Financial Supervision and Administration on the protection of consumer rights and interests, on March 9, China Pacific Insurance’s China Pacific Property & Casualty Insurance, China Pacific Insurance Life Insurance, and China Pacific Health Insurance Shanghai Branch (hereinafter referred to as “China Pacific Insurance”) jointly Municipal Hongkou District Consumer Rights Protection Committee, Shanghai Municipal Consumer Protection Commission Healthy Consumption Office (hereinafter referred to as the “Hongkou District Consumer Protection Commission”), Shanghai Banking and Insurance Dispute Mediation Center (hereinafter referred to as the “Bank Insurance Mediation Center”) and other parties Power, officially launched at the Shanghai Youth Health Promotion Center Experience Center“Financial consumer protection is by your side to protect your rights and prevent risks.”Consumer protection education and publicity activities with the theme. This event aims to strengthen cooperation in multiple fields of financial consumer protection, improve financial consumer protection literacy, strengthen financial risk prevention, and jointly build a new highland for financial consumer protection.

Party building leads the way in building defense lines, and financial consumer protection opens a new chapter

In recent years, China Pacific Insurance has joined hands with various parties to actively explore a new model of in-depth integration of “party building + consumer protection”. Experience service officers at all levels have given full play to their demonstration and leadership, and jointly launched cross-sector joint activities to protect the rights and interests of financial consumers. This activity is a continuation and deepening of the achievements of the CPIC Shanghai Consumer Protection Demonstration Zone in 2023, and it is also a new exploration and practice of financial consumer rights work. At the event site, China Pacific Insurance, together with the Shanghai Consumer Protection Commission, trade associations, banking and insurance regulatory centers, etc., jointly launched the “2024 ‘3·15′ Financial Consumer Rights Protection Education and Publicity Campaign”, demonstrating the collaboration of multiple parties to strengthen the protection of financial consumers’ rights and interests. Determination and confidence in work also provide a solid organizational guarantee.

On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the restructuring of the Consumer Protection Committee, a forum with the theme of “enjoying rights, benefiting the people through finance, and putting rights first” was also held at the event. The theme forum is hosted by Wang Wei from the Banking and Insurance Regulatory Center as the special host, and is in charge of the Hongkou District Consumer Protection Committee, China Telecom Shanghai Company, Lei Yun Shangbei District Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Shanghai Shizhuang Information Technology Co., Ltd. and China Pacific Insurance people to conduct in-depth exchanges on issues such as consumption reform and changes in consumption habits.

Senior executives take the lead in fulfilling their commitments and jointly building an honest financial ecosystem

Integrity is the foundation of the financial industry and the bridge of trust between financial institutions and customers. In order to strengthen the construction of honest services, under the joint witness of the Secretary-General of the Hongkou District Consumer Protection Committee, the Deputy Secretary-General of the Shanghai Insurance Association, the Executive Director of the Banking and Insurance Regulatory Center, and the Chief Service Officers of China Pacific Property & Casualty Insurance, China Pacific Insurance Life Insurance, and Pacific Health Insurance, The general managers of China Pacific Insurance, Life Insurance and Healthcare Shanghai Branch jointly signed the Integrity Service Declaration. We promise to fully integrate integrity services into the company’s entire business process, from product design to sales to claims settlement, and will always adhere to the principle of integrity to ensure that customers’ legitimate rights and interests are fully protected.

In the future, China Pacific Insurance will always uphold the concept of integrity, set a new benchmark for the healthy development of the financial industry, and make financial services more convenient, accessible and inclusive.

Parent-child sports study finance, technology empowers risk prevention

In order to strengthen young people’s understanding of financial consumer protection and enhance risk prevention awareness, a financial consumer protection sports meeting was held at the event site, attracting the active participation of many young people and family members.

The Shanghai Youth Health Promotion Center Experience Hall is the first “immersive” sports and health experience system in China. The event site is themed “Consumer Protection + Health + Risk”. Through parent-child interaction and technology interaction, financial knowledge is taught and entertained. It is delivered in a way that aims to guide young people to establish a correct view of financial consumption and enhance their awareness of self-protection.

This event also carefully arranged an AI creation session. With the assistance of AI technology, young people transformed financial security knowledge into creative practice. Focusing closely on the eight rights of financial consumers and real cases, I personally drew paintings on the theme of financial security, combining theoretical knowledge with creativity, which further deepened the understanding of financial security knowledge among young people and laid a solid foundation for financial literacy education.

Enterprises and media resonate with the same frequency, playing the strongest voice for consumer protection

In addition, this event has also received active attention from the Shanghai TV Financial Channel, Shanghai Education Channel and other media. The follow-up will focus on the 3.15 series of special reports and in-depth interview programs on this event, and strengthen consumer awareness through multi-angle and all-round publicity reports. Be aware of the protection of your own legitimate rights and interests and contribute to building a fair and honest consumer environment.

Looking forward to the future, China Pacific Insurance will continue to strengthen the demonstration role of party building leadership, deepen cross-border cooperation in consumer protection demonstration zones, and resolutely defend the legitimate rights and interests of consumers. In the rapidly changing financial field, China Pacific Insurance actively explores the application of new technologies and new methods, continuously improves the professionalism and effectiveness of consumer rights protection, continues to create demonstration models of “co-construction, co-governance and sharing” in consumer protection, and actively creates harmony. A healthy financial consumption environment fully demonstrates the responsibility of “Pacific Insurance Services”.

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