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China Pacific Insurance Group brings high-tech disaster relief equipment to CIFTIS

China Pacific Insurance Group brings high-tech disaster relief equipment to CIFTIS

The 2023 Service Trade Fair will be held simultaneously at the Beijing National Convention Center and Shougang Park. As one of the three major exhibition platforms open to the outside world at the national level, the event has attracted many internationally competitive companies to participate. Drones, unmanned ships, driving experience cabins… Located in the E3 exhibition hall of the National Convention Center, a series of high-tech products exhibited by China Pacific Insurance attracted the media and audiences to stop and watch, and they were in an immersive multi-scenario experience space to appreciate the services trade. The charm of science and technology.

It is worth noting that high-tech products and system applications that serve for rapid rescue in Fangshan, Beijing, during heavy rains were also unveiled at China Pacific Insurance’s booth at the CIFTIS.

FS100 satellite communication drone helps smooth communication

Affected by floods caused by continuous heavy rainfall, places such as Fangshan and Mentougou in Beijing suffered severe flooding during this year’s flood season. Road traffic in some areas was completely blocked, and power and communications in deep mountainous areas were also completely interrupted. In the face of powerful natural disasters, China Pacific Insurance rushed to rescue and worked hard to provide disaster relief, which also included strong support from high technology.

After the heavy rain, when a large number of infrastructures were damaged and there were “three outages” such as power outage, network outage and circuit breakage, CPIC Property & Casualty’s partner Sinoline Co., Ltd. coordinated professional emergency support forces and immediately cooperated with various communication companies to set up an emergency response team. The Communications Mobile Support Team dispatched a high-throughput satellite communications fixed-wing vertical take-off and landing medium-sized UAV FS100 for emergency communications support, gaining an opportunity to carry out rescue operations. This equipment can achieve 6 hours of continuous 4G and 5G signal coverage in an area of ​​nearly 200 square kilometers, providing voice, SMS and Internet services to each user, effectively meeting the communication needs of local flood control and disaster relief command, and supporting the restoration of basic public communication capabilities.

  “In this disaster relief mission, relying on the domestic high-throughput satellite communication network and the real-time transmission of high-precision images from the pod to the disaster site, the FS100 medium-sized drone helped quickly restore communications in the disaster-stricken area.”

According to reports, the FS100 medium-sized UAV is composed of a fixed-wing vertical take-off and landing UAV, a miniaturized mobile base station, satellite communication equipment, etc. It is the vertical take-off weight and body size with the smallest take-off weight and body size among domestic UAVs with integrated satellite communication equipment. Landing fixed-wing UAV system equipped with high-throughput broadband satellite communication equipment. This equipment overcomes the many pain points of traditional communication distance being limited, being blocked by the curvature of the earth and mountainous terrain, and having high flight altitude requirements, enabling UAVs to achieve long-range, wide-range ultra-low-altitude full-range coverage anywhere within satellite coverage. Controlled and visualized flight capabilities. In addition, drones can also carry emergency medicines and living supplies to complete airdrop rescue services.

Sea Hunter unmanned ship improves search and rescue effectiveness

During heavy rains and sudden floods, traditional measuring instruments have small coverage and little data volume. Suspended materials in the flood may hinder the normal operation of equipment and cables, resulting in a heavy manual workload and potential safety hazards. In order to better ensure the safety of the lives and property of the people affected by the disaster and the safety of flood rescue personnel, China Pacific Insurance’s partner Maritime Company has devoted all its efforts to technical support with its maritime unmanned ships and various mounting equipment, reaching the most dangerous deep water front lines to participate in Beijing Fangshan provides rescue and disaster relief, supporting the local government in evacuating affected people and delivering supplies.

According to the on-site commentator, the transmission system of the unmanned ship includes image and data transmission, 4G and 5G, and also integrates Apocalypse satellite communications. At the same time, its side-scanning sonar has high imaging resolution, which can scan underwater terrain and landforms in submerged areas, identify potential safety hazards, achieve full coverage of target water areas, and obtain full-area visual underwater images, which can compensate for traditional mobilization methods. The shortcomings of slow speed, lack of effective data and personnel safety risks help achieve high-precision and efficient search and rescue work, and provide decision-making basis for rapid flood prevention and relief.

Technology empowers us to face difficulties! China Pacific Insurance protects the land and water with the power of finance, allowing more people to see the powerful driving force of financial insurance for high-quality economic and social development. In the future, China Pacific Insurance will continue to further build the “Pacific Insurance Service” brand, insist on exploring the integration of technological elements and insurance service scenarios from the customer’s perspective, and bring customers a more comprehensive and convenient smart service experience.

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