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China Pacific Insurance debuted at the China-ASEAN Expo with its “1421” green insurance innovation practice

China Pacific Insurance debuted at the China-ASEAN Expo with its “1421” green insurance innovation practice

From September 16th to 19th, the 20th China-ASEAN Expo was held in Nanning City, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region.

As the first domestic property and casualty insurance company to clearly propose a sustainable insurance strategic plan and systematize innovative practices, China Pacific Property and Casualty Insurance, a subsidiary of China Pacific Insurance Company, will be a major participant in the exhibition and comprehensively display practical results in the field of green insurance during the expo. Through systematic design, forward-looking Through comprehensive research and innovative practice, the “1+4+2+1” green insurance innovation practice system was fully demonstrated at the China-ASEAN Expo, actively leading the high-quality development of green insurance in the industry.

“1” set of green insurance standard guidelines

China Pacific Property & Casualty Insurance has innovatively established green insurance standard guidelines, which comprehensively cover the company’s green insurance encouraged business, including 4 major categories, covering 12 fields, 22 subdivisions, and 47 business scopes. Build a green insurance data statistics platform and formulate 86 label categories and more than 1,200 label rules. According to regulatory requirements, we will continue to integrate, adjust and improve the company’s standard construction.

“4” big green insurance product areas

CPIC Property & Casualty’s first green insurance product covers four major areas: green energy, green transportation, pollution reduction and carbon reduction, and ecological and environmental protection. It has developed 25 industry-first products, including Guangxi Oyster Marine Carbon Sink Insurance, Carbon Asset Repurchase Performance Guarantee Insurance, Carbon Quota Pledge Insurance, and Wetland Carbon Sink Ecological Value Insurance.

“2” ecological activity innovation model

  The industry’s first “carbon neutrality + comprehensive insurance guarantee for large-scale events” model.China Pacific Property & Casualty Insurance provides a comprehensive package of “large-scale event carbon neutrality + comprehensive insurance protection” for large-scale domestic and foreign events such as the China International Import Expo, China (Beijing) International Fair for Trade in Services, World Green Development Investment and Trade Expo, and World Internet of Things Expo. The solution is to introduce a carbon inclusive mechanism and work with organizers to jointly design and implement carbon neutral actions, creating a benchmark for the green exhibition industry and showing the world China’s ambitions and measures for carbon neutrality.

  The first “universal inclusive” model in the insurance industry.China Pacific Insurance Property & Casualty launched the CPIC Carbon Inclusive Platform at the 20th China-ASEAN Expo and officially launched it in Guangxi. This platform is the first carbon-inclusive platform in the domestic insurance industry that is authorized by users and has a single purpose to measure and incentivize customers’ low-carbon emission reduction behaviors. By building customers’ carbon accounts, we build low-carbon scenarios with insurance characteristics, and provide customers with carbon reduction incentives, effectively guiding customers to green and low-carbon concepts.

“1” insurance company’s green and low-carbon operating system

China Pacific Property & Casualty Insurance is the first to establish an integrated management model of “physical + financial + carbon emissions” for the company’s iconic key assets, as well as carbon reduction promotion mechanisms such as carbon guidance taxes, and promote the construction of supporting technology platforms for low-carbon operations to promote the realization of low-carbon operations green and “four modernizations” quantitative goals.

In the future, China Pacific Insurance will continue to deepen and innovate in key areas, focus on innovative research leadership, business integration promotion, and promotion of low-carbon operations, further serve the national green development strategy, and strive to become a pioneer and contributor to green insurance innovation in the industry!

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