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China Pacific Insurance and Shanghai No. 2 Rehabilitation Hospital cooperated in depth to build the “Yuan Shen Rehabilitation Special Needs Ward”

China Pacific Insurance and Shanghai No. 2 Rehabilitation Hospital cooperated in depth to build the “Yuan Shen Rehabilitation Special Needs Ward”

Recently, Pacific Healthcare, a subsidiary of China Pacific Insurance, signed a comprehensive strategic cooperation agreement with Shanghai No. 2 Rehabilitation Hospital, a public rehabilitation hospital in Shanghai. The two parties agreed to give full play to their respective resource advantages to jointly build the “Yuan Shen Rehabilitation Special Needs Ward” in Shanghai No. 2 Rehabilitation Hospital, innovatively explore the “insurance + rehabilitation” service model, and realize the mutual promotion and integration of medical health and insurance ecology.

  Substantial breakthroughs have been made in the innovative service model of “Insurance + Rehabilitation”

Adhering to the principle of “complementary advantages, long-term cooperation, mutual benefit and win-win”, Pacific Healthcare and Shanghai No. 2 Rehabilitation Hospital have given full play to the location advantage of China Pacific Insurance’s headquarters in Shanghai and relied on the medical resources of the regional head public rehabilitation hospital to create a benchmark cooperation project of “Yuan Shen Rehabilitation”, a professional rehabilitation medical brand under China Pacific Insurance.

(Rendering of Yuanshen Special Needs Ward for Rehabilitation)

It is reported that China Pacific Insurance customers can enjoy professional, high-quality and convenient rehabilitation services in the Yuanshen Rehabilitation Special Needs Ward. At the same time, Pacific Medical Health will continue to optimize service experience, innovate products and optimize service forms based on patients’ medical feedback.

The relevant person in charge of Pacific Medical and Health said that China Pacific Insurance participated in the development of China’s rehabilitation medical industry with patience, awe and public welfare, and will create a closed loop of Unicom insurance, service and payment. China Pacific Insurance can be both a provider of rehabilitation medical services and a payer of rehabilitation medical expenses, and ultimately allow more people to have comprehensive health insurance protection and affordable, high-quality rehabilitation medical services. This cooperation with Shanghai No. 2 Rehabilitation Hospital is a model innovation. Yuanshen Rehabilitation Special Needs Ward can provide CPIC customers with high-quality, reliable and warm rehabilitation medical services.

Further enrich the territory of China Pacific Life Insurance Rehabilitation Medical Strategic Alliance

At present, the rapid development of remote and digital medical technology has brought new possibilities to medical services. However, offline physical medical institutions still play an irreplaceable role in diagnosis and treatment. For rehabilitation patients, offline physical medical institutions can provide customized rehabilitation plans and diagnosis and treatment services to help patients improve and restore their functions so that they can return to their families, society and normal life.

Realizing the great value of physical medical care to patients and society, China Pacific Insurance actively fulfills its social responsibilities and has established a strategic cooperation with Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine; in addition, it has also established Yuanshen Rehabilitation Industry Fund with an initial investment of 3 billion yuan to enter the rehabilitation medical field with a high starting point and high quality. In 2023, China Pacific Insurance will innovate and build the first rehabilitation medical alliance in the insurance industry, and plans to establish cooperation with at least 50 leading rehabilitation medical institutions within 3 years, and form a strong alliance to build a nationwide rehabilitation medical service network. The cooperation model with Shanghai No. 2 Rehabilitation Medical is an innovative attempt by China Pacific Insurance to further accelerate the physical layout.

The “Yuan Shen Rehabilitation Special Needs Ward” project has been fully launched and will be officially put into use in October 2023. It is believed that with the joint efforts of both parties, the “Yuan Shen Rehabilitation Special Needs Ward” will become a benchmark scene for the innovative service model of “insurance + rehabilitation”, promote the high-quality development of the rehabilitation medical industry, and help both parties make due contributions to jointly promote the Healthy China strategy.

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[About China Pacific Life Insurance Rehabilitation Medical Strategic Alliance]

In 2023, China Pacific Life Insurance will launch the construction of a rehabilitation medical strategic alliance, recruit and select domestic head rehabilitation hospitals, clinics and other medical institutions that provide high-quality rehabilitation services, explore the “insurance + rehabilitation” synergy model, and build a three-level rehabilitation service network covering general hospital rehabilitation department-head rehabilitation hospital-featured specialty clinics, and contribute to the new pattern of rehabilitation hierarchical diagnosis and treatment services.

At the same time, with the help of the alliance’s resource advantages, it will further accelerate rehabilitation medical services and product innovation, enhance China Pacific Insurance’s influence in the rehabilitation medical field, and help the development of the main insurance business.

【About Shanghai Second Rehabilitation Hospital】

  Shanghai Head Public Rehabilitation Hospital, established in 1984, is a specialized rehabilitation hospital integrating rehabilitation medical treatment, teaching and scientific research, and well-established rehabilitation disciplines.It has won honorary titles such as “Shanghai Civilized Unit”, “Shanghai Volunteer Base”, “Science Popularization Demonstration Base of Chinese Rehabilitation Medicine Association”.At present, it is actively establishing a tertiary rehabilitation hospital and the Affiliated Hospital of Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

  HospitalThe hospital covers an area of ​​16089.2m2with a total construction area of ​​27452.16m2.Open 454 beds, with 9 clinical departments, 6 rehabilitation treatment departments and 5 medical technology departments, set upNeurological rehabilitation, geriatric rehabilitation, bone and joint rehabilitation, cardiac rehabilitation, respiratory and critical illness rehabilitation, pain rehabilitation, children’s rehabilitation, traditional Chinese medicine rehabilitation, rehabilitation engineering and other rehabilitation subspecialties.There are rehabilitation treatment departments such as exercise therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, physical factor therapy, traditional medical treatment, and children’s rehabilitation treatment.The hospital has a hyperbaric oxygen chamber group of 36 people, and carries out hyperbaric oxygen therapy, which can meet the rehabilitation needs of various patients.

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