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China Pacific Insurance and its subsidiary Changjiang Pension are fueling the “launch” and setting off with enthusiasm

China Pacific Insurance and its subsidiary Changjiang Pension are fueling the “launch” and setting off with enthusiasm

“Drunk” US dollars in autumn, the most popular marathon. On November 26, China Pacific Insurance will bring its subsidiary Yangtze River Pension to support the 2023 Shanghai Marathon. Not only does it provide professional and dedicated insurance protection and comprehensive pension and financial services, but it also provides considerate and considerate escort plans for the whole stage of “starting a horse” to help the elderly in the race of life have something to rely on, so that every “starting a horse” runner has a worry-free journey.

CPIC’s service of “responsibility, wisdom and warmth” is guarded wholeheartedly

As the official sponsor and designated insurance service provider of the Shanghai Marathon, China Pacific Insurance has put all its insurance protection work in place and will provide all-round services to participants of the Shanghai Marathon and go all out to ensure the successful completion of this benchmark sports event.

CPIC Property & Casualty Shanghai Branch, a subsidiary of China Pacific Insurance Company, has designed and provided an exclusive insurance plan with a total insured amount of nearly 20 billion yuan for the Shanghai Marathon, providing all participants and event workers with comprehensive insurance covering personal accident insurance, public liability insurance and accidental medical insurance. Fangbang Insurance guarantees services to ensure the high quality of the event and help create a more internationally influential “Shanghai Highlands”.

At the same time, China Pacific Insurance has established a Shanghai Marathon claims service team, opened a green channel for event claims services, and set up dedicated personnel and posts to handle claims needs at the event site in a timely manner; it has opened a 95500 Shanghai Marathon bilingual service line, and established a volunteer service team to provide patient and meticulous service. Volunteer services light up the track; during the event, China Pacific Insurance will also implement simple paperless real-time compensation for cases of less than 10,000 yuan.

“Professional, trustworthy, and sentimental” Yangtze River power helps you run worry-free

As a professional pension finance institution under China Pacific Insurance Company, Yangtze River Pension participated in the service “launch” event for the first time. It will interpret the long-term value of pension management with the unremitting persistence of thousands of runners and write a great article on “pension finance” with the marathon spirit.

This time, Yangtze River Pension will set out with more than 150 volunteers from China Pacific Insurance’s property and casualty insurance, life insurance, health insurance, asset management, CPIC Technology and other companies, setting up agitation stations at 5 kilometers and 13 kilometers of the race, and along the way. The supply station is equipped with seven volunteer teams to cheer for the Shanghai Marathon runners and encourage them to move forward. Through the dynamic performance of the cheerleading team, the full support of the support team, and the ready-to-go energy packs, the players are provided with effective mental and physical supplies.

At the same time, Yangtze River Pension will return to the “80,000” glory hall that belongs exclusively to runners with all runners, and build a brand-specific platform in Xujiahui Sports Park to welcome every winner. Not only can you take photos, record the glorious moment of successfully completing the race, and receive a wonderful gift package; you can also participate in the pension to experience the value concept of healthy accumulation and retirement wealth accumulation that must start now; there is also a “health cabin” provided by the imperial physician’s housekeeper to provide non-invasive blood sugar , traditional Chinese medicine pulse diagnosis, heart and other health assessment projects, and health managers from Pacific Health Insurance provide on-site physical therapy and massage services.

Use long-distance running and long-distance voyage to interpret the spiritual motivation of leaders in the healthy and stable development of the industry

Insurance protection is the guardian of long-term love, pension investment is long-term persistence, and health and elderly care services are long-term expectations. China Pacific Insurance has always integrated long-termism into its corporate DNA and regards long-distance running as the direction of its efforts. This time, the “Tai Ai Run” running group has gathered 90 China Pacific Insurance runners, who are actively preparing for the race with full enthusiasm. They will shout the loud slogan “Love tomorrow, run for the future” together during the 42.195-kilometer race.

Shen loves each other and advances together with excellence. As the countdown to the 2023 Shanghai Marathon enters, China Pacific Insurance and its subsidiary Yangtze River Pension will support the entire race, igniting the love of the whole people. We are waiting for you to compete on November 26!

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