China Merchants Bank Tianjin Branch warms the hearts of the elderly with services

China Merchants Bank Tianjin Branch warms the hearts of the elderly with services

As the aging society continues to deepen, the state proposes to speed up the improvement of social security, pension services, and health support systems. On March 1, 2023, the “Administrative Measures for the Protection of Consumer Rights and Interests of Banking and Insurance Institutions” was officially implemented. The Measures propose that banking and insurance institutions should actively integrate into the construction of an age-friendly society to protect consumers’ right to education and respected rights.

In order to continue to promote the protection of the rights and interests of financial consumers and provide patient and thoughtful financial services to the elderly, China Merchants Bank Tianjin Branch has taken multiple measures to provide financial services and information products suitable for the elderly in accordance with the principle of “special handling for special groups”. Continuously improve the financial service experience of elderly customers. Practicing the core values ​​of “customer-centered”, insisting on doing small things in detail, providing delayed and door-to-door services for elderly customers, and treating every elderly person with the most professional service quality and the most considerate service client.

Let customers take one less step, let us go one step further

At noon on February 14, the phone in the business hall rang:

— “Hello, China Merchants Bank.”

— “Hello, I need your help with something, see if it can be done?” An aunt’s voice came out on the phone, a little anxious.

–“Hi Auntie, please tell me if you need anything!”

–“My old man had a house demolished in Xi’an, and I gave you a deposit certificate from your bank. They said that the old man needs to go to your bank to handle it in person, but my old man’s brain is congested, so he can’t go to your bank to handle it, and we live now. Here in Dagang Oilfield, from the map, your network is the nearest to us, about 30 kilometers away, is there any way to coordinate it?”

— “Okay, Auntie, please leave the deposit receipt information and contact information, we will coordinate and reply to you as soon as possible.”

Putting down the phone, the operation manager immediately verified based on the information provided by the aunt, and there was indeed a deposit receipt to be activated in the Xi’an branch, and the information of the head of the household was exactly the same as that provided by the aunt! The operating partners of the sub-branch expressed that they would provide door-to-door extended services for this elderly customer in need, so as to solve the urgent needs of the elderly.

After work, as night fell, the supervisor and the teller drove to the Dagang Oilfield non-stop. In order to relieve the anxiety of the elderly, they took the initiative to call the aunt on the road and informed the arrival time of the car. When the car slowly drove into the community, the headlights illuminated from a distance, and I saw the figure of an aunt, who greeted the staff of China Merchants Bank downstairs.

“Thank you so much, it’s so late, and it’s cold, so please come here at night! The children have worked hard!” the aunt said excitedly. “Auntie, it’s not too late and it’s not too hard. You have been waiting for more than 20 days to handle the withdrawal of the deposit certificate! We will handle it properly for you today!” After obtaining the consent of the owner of the deposit certificate, Grandpa Zhang, he successfully completed the door-to-door verification process, and asked Their family members introduced the withdrawal procedures on behalf of them, worried that they would misremember the process, and specially wrote a “business handling reminder sheet” and handed it to the elderly customers, and agreed on the processing time.

In the early morning of February 18, the customer came to the branch full of joy and gratitude, and successfully withdrew the deposit receipt. He said repeatedly: “Thank you for serving the ordinary people sincerely and solving big problems for our family!”

  Special “love” for special you

Uncle Huang, the customer, urgently needs to print the transaction details of the salary card due to a labor dispute with his original unit. However, he is over sixty years old and has limited mobility, so he cannot reach the branch, so the staff of China Merchants Bank intends to advise customers to apply for transaction details online through mobile banking. Said that due to old age, he could not learn to operate the mobile banking system.

“Special people need special care”! We can’t just sit back and ignore the service needs of elderly customers, and the operation director of the sub-branch immediately starts the door-to-door extension service without saying a word. In this way, the supervisor and the teller formed a team of “Learning from Lei Feng” and hurried to Uncle Huang’s house. After completing the compliance procedures for identity verification, they quickly helped Uncle Huang apply for the transaction details online. Uncle Huang gave the pair of “Learning from Lei Feng” a thumbs up, and said tearfully, “Without your help, I will never get back the hard-earned money I have spent most of my life in!”

 Sincerely not afraid of “fire” refining

On January 29, 2023, Mr. Li, a customer, suffered a fire at home and a large amount of cash was severely burned. He walked into China Merchants Bank with a mentality of trying it out.

Mr. Li frowned tightly, eager to exchange: “There is a fire at home. This is the money my old mother kept at home. It is about to be burned to ashes. She is always thinking about it if she doesn’t eat. Oops!” The branch manager urgently contacted the branch Report, the branch phone call: “Protect the safety of the assets of the elderly, start a special business process, and do everything possible to handle the exchange for customers!”. It was noon, and the tellers didn’t have time to eat lunch, and quickly put themselves into the work of sorting out and counting Huoshao coins. They carefully cleaned and separated one by one. After two and a half hours of pasting and counting, they successfully exchanged 20,050 yuan for the customer! After successfully handling the exchange business, their foreheads were wet with sweat, and everyone smiled at each other: “Heh! Under the sharp-eyed operation, China Merchants Bank has shown its real skills!”

Mr. Li and his family were deeply moved by the patience and thoughtfulness of the staff and their enthusiasm for service. Mr. Li came again when the sub-branch opened the next day. , the old aunt smiled and carried a bag of apples on the counter: “You have worked hard, don’t patronize work in the future, young people should remember to eat!”.

Service is always online after business hours

During the National Day, just as the business hours of the outlets were over, an elderly customer came to the outlet in a hurry.

“Are you off work?” the customer asked anxiously.

“Hello, uncle! We are off work, and our business closes at 4 pm on holidays. Do you need to handle business?”

The uncle looked distressed: “I took the bus from Dagang for more than an hour. I didn’t expect you to get off work! I have an urgent matter and need to check the account details for 2017. What should I do!”

“Don’t worry uncle, if it’s your account details, you can check it in your mobile banking, and it can be sent directly to your email, and I will guide you to check it.”

“Young man, what’s your name? I want to write you a letter of praise!” The elderly customer showed a happy smile.

Banking hours are closed, but our services are always online!

China Merchants Bank will continue to improve service quality, integrate online and offline, enrich products and services suitable for aging, and integrate the warmest care and considerate service into financial work, so that customers can feel the heart-warming service of China Merchants Bank all the time.

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