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China Merchants Bank Tianjin Branch launches 2023 anti-counterfeit currency publicity campaign

China Merchants Bank Tianjin Branch launches 2023 anti-counterfeit currency publicity campaign

In order to protect the vital interests of the people and comprehensively improve residents’ ability to prevent counterfeit currency, China Merchants Bank Tianjin Branch organized a series of anti-counterfeit currency publicity activities in 2023, and adopted various forms for different customer groups to convey to the public that “anti-counterfeit currency, everyone With the concept of “responsibility” and “preventing counterfeit currency and protecting oneself”, we use practical actions to fulfill our original mission of serving the people through finance.

1. Based on outlets, carry out “positional” publicity

China Merchants Bank Tianjin Branch actively carried out the “Little Bankers” activity. Many children, accompanied by their parents, participated in this activity. Before the activity, the children learned about the origin of coins and how to distinguish real and fake coins by listening to a lecture on coin and financial knowledge, which opened the door to financial knowledge for the children. During the activity, the children interacted in real time through answering games, activating the atmosphere and stimulating children’s thirst for knowledge. Subsequently, a series of fancy money counting displays and anti-fraud short video promotions enriched the children’s knowledge of currency and finance. The activity is deeply loved by children and parents.

2. Go deep into surrounding areas and conduct “door-to-door” publicity

We went to surrounding shops to actively carry out anti-counterfeiting currency propaganda, and taught relevant knowledge about currency anti-counterfeiting to store staff who may have more cash transactions.

When conducting anti-counterfeiting publicity at a certain store, we learned that store staff had been distracted by customers changing banknotes multiple times when paying, and had forgotten to pass the banknotes through the banknote detector, eventually receiving counterfeit banknotes by mistake. In response to this situation, our bank staff lectured on the anti-counterfeiting features of genuine coins and the counterfeiting features of counterfeit coins.

3. Expand channels and organize “interactive” publicity

China Merchants Bank Tianjin Branch actively participated in the People’s Bank of China’s anti-counterfeiting knowledge publicity scan QR code and answer questions to promote learning through competitions. In answering questions, it further enhanced customers’ understanding and awareness of the circulating RMB and improved the level of anti-counterfeiting and anti-counterfeiting knowledge.


Convey a concept, benefit a family, drive a community, and protect a pure land.

China Merchants Bank Tianjin Branch will actively fulfill its social responsibilities, build a long-term publicity mechanism, continuously improve cash service levels, and contribute to creating a healthy and safe currency circulation environment.

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