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China Life’s strength to actively respond to the aging population

China Life’s strength to actively respond to the aging population

  Actively responding to population aging is related to national development and people’s livelihood and well-being.high-quality economic development,Maintain national security and social stabilityimportant measures. The report of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China proposed: “Implement the national strategy of actively responding to the aging of the population, develop elderly care and elderly care industries, optimize services for the elderly alone, and promote the realization of basic elderly care services for all elderly people.” The Central Financial Work Conference pointed out that it is necessary to do a good job Big article on pension finance. Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, our country hasHave something to look after in old age“Continuous efforts have been made to actively respond to population aging, and it has been identified as a national strategy to actively respond to population aging. It has specifically introduced and implemented medium- and long-term plans to promote a more complete top-level design of the aging cause and the implementation of major reform measures, laying a solid foundation for actively responding to population aging.

In recent years, the state has successively promulgated a series of policies and regulations to guide insurance institutions to actively participate in the construction of a risk protection system for the elderly. As a financial state-owned enterprise, China Life Insurance Company deeply implements the aging work policy of “party committee leadership, government leadership, social participation, and national action” and actively fulfills its corporate social responsibilities. The company gives full play to its advantages in the main business of insurance to meet the people’s growing demand for pension financial services as its starting point and foothold. It actively participates in the country’s work related to aging and is engaged in accident insurance for the elderly, personal pension business and large-scale insurance. We are actively exploring aspects such as the construction of a healthy and comprehensive elderly care ecosystem, and are committed to playing a greater role in improving the construction of the national elderly care security system.

  Vigorously develop the elderly

accident insurance

Building an accident risk barrier for the aging population

  In recent years, China Life Insurance Company has actively implemented the “Guidance on carrying out accident insurance for the elderly》Relevant requirements, the company vigorously promotes accidental injury insurance for the elderly throughout the company, providing the elderly with comprehensive insurance covering responsibilities such as disease death, accidental death, accidental disability, accidental fracture, accidental medical expense compensation, accidental hospitalization allowance, etc. Azimuth insurance protection meets the insurance protection needs of the elderly population and further improves the elderly’s ability to resist risks.

  Institutions at all levels of China Life Insurance Company have successively carried out various promotion activities with remarkable results, such as the Shandong “Yinling Health Project“,GuangdongAnhui “Silver age health campaign“,Jiangsu”Health Care Action“,Jilin”Health activities for the elderly” etc., effectively playing the role of insurance in providing people’s livelihood protection, improving the elderly’s ability to resist risks, and alleviating the financial pressure on the elderly’s families, etc., and has become a project that benefits the people with wide influence. The company’s agencies at all levels also combine local characteristics to innovate work Based on the idea, we vigorously support the cause of the elderly and carry out a variety of public welfare activities, such as the Spring Festival Gala for the elderly, large-scale free clinics, etc. These efforts have been affirmed and supported by local government departments, and have also been warmly welcomed by the elderly friends.

  In order to better provide insurance services to the elderly, China Life Insurance Company has established a full-time senior insurance service team to provide daily consultation and guidance to the elderly. Build a people’s livelihood insurance service platform and actively issue “Convenience service card》 and other various promotional materials to facilitate ordinary people to understand the functions of insurance and enjoy services such as simple insurance payment, accident report, and claim return visit. The company also established a “Green channel for insurance claims for the elderly“, ensuring fast acceptance, quick investigation, and quick claims settlement, so that the elderly who are in danger can quickly receive financial compensation, and the people-benefiting effect of people’s livelihood insurance can be fully released.

  In 2022, the elderly business underwritten by China Life Insurance Company will coverAbout 55 million peopleproviding for the elderly populationOver 3 trillion yuanThe rapid development of elderly insurance has built a solid personal risk protection network for the elderly. In the next step, the company will continue to fulfill its original mission of serving the overall development of the country, fully implement the national strategy of actively responding to the aging population, support the development of aging causes in the new era, continue to increase its efforts, and actively promote various products that meet the characteristics of the elderly. , innovate and optimize elderly-friendly services, better meet the risk protection needs of the elderly, improve the level of accidental injury protection for the elderly, and contribute insurance power to improve the construction of the risk protection system for the elderly.

  Participate in the third pillar

Construction of pension security system

Promote the development of personal pension business

  In April 2022, the General Office of the State Council officially issued the “Opinions on promoting the development of personal pensions》(State Council Issued No. 2022-7, referred to as “”Opinion“”).Should”Opinion”Based on the party and government’s exploration and practice in solving elderly care issues in recent years,With high level of positioning, strong signal significance and wide scope of effect, it is an important improvement and upgrade of my country’s pension finance policy system, and it is alsoThe top-level system of the third pillar of my country’s pension security. In November 2022, five ministries and commissions including the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security jointly issued the “Implementation Measures for Personal Pensions“(Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security Issue No. 2022-70), this measure is to promote “Opinion》Concrete methods for implementation. In the same month, in order to promote the development of personal pension business by insurance companies, the former China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission issued the “Notice on Matters Concerning the Development of Personal Pension Business by Insurance Companies” (Bank and Insurance Regulatory Commission No. 2022-17) provides an institutional basis for insurance companies to carry out personal pension business.

The personal pension system is an important institutional arrangement for the development of a multi-level and multi-pillar pension insurance system at the national strategic level. It is related to the future personal pension arrangements of the people and is an important measure to enhance the people’s sense of gain, happiness and security. At the same time, it is also an important measure to promote high-quality and sustainable development of social security undertakings, and is a good thing that benefits the country and the people.

  China Life Insurance Company has long adhered to the principle of “people-centered“The development idea of ​​​​and insist onpolitical,People’s character,promoteprofessional, actively fulfill corporate responsibilities, play a leading role, and actively participate in the construction of the country’s third pillar pension security system. The company attaches great importance to the launch of the personal pension business. China Life Xinxiangbao’s exclusive commercial pension insurance was approved to become the first batch of personal pension products in the industry, the first batch in the industry to complete the acceptance of the Bank of China Insurance System, and the first in the industry to launch a personal pension area.After the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security issued a document to open the door, the company’s first order for personal pension products was quickly launched. The next day, the personal pension pilot program was launched in36All regions issue orders.As of September 30, 2023, the company’s personal pension business has issued a total of64,200 pieces,forNearly 50,000The customer provides personal pension insurance products and services. In the future, the company will strictly implement the requirements of national policies and systems, continue to make efforts to enrich product supply, improve service quality, continue to meet the financial and insurance service needs of the elderly, and protect the people’s better life.

  Accelerate comprehensive health and elderly care

Ecological construction

Promote special elderly care security services

  Aging is a global population development trend and a major challenge facing my country’s social development. As my country’s population aging process accelerates, actively responding to the issue of population aging is related to the overall development of the country and the people’s livelihood and well-being. The party and the country have made active response to population aging a national strategy. The report of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and the Central Economic Work Conference set the tone to support the development of the elderly care industry. “Insurance + Pension“It will become an important direction for the transformation and development of the insurance industry and the switching of driving forces.

  Since its shareholding reform and listing in 2003, China Life Insurance Company has always insisted on “people-centered” development ideas and gradually established the “Serving the overall development of the country,Protect people’s better life,Build a world-class life insurance company” mission and vision. Actively play the unique role of commercial insurance in coping with the aging of the population and participating in the development of the elderly care industry, the company has built a rich elderly care product service system for customers. As of the end of 2022, the company has invested in 7 elderly care projects, elderly care communities Accumulated service experienceAbout 300,000 visitorsaccumulating high-net-worth clientsMore than 60,000 people.

  In order to continue to implement major national strategies and promote the company’s high-quality development, China Life Insurance Company continues to accelerate the construction of a senior care ecosystem. In 2022, the company will establish the health and elderly care ecological project as “Eight major projects” one and identified the build with “city ​​center area“Institutional elderly care is the mainstay, supplemented by existing institutional elderly care, home care and community care.”Insurance + pension services“Model. The company will strive to create a high-quality and efficient senior care service management system through the combination of light and heavy assets, with asset-liability linkage, total and branch coordination, and comprehensively enhance the company’s integrated senior care ecological integration capabilities and platform influence to create “Product-Service-Payment“Closed loop, built”Products + Services“Core competitiveness makes the company a backbone in helping to improve the social security system, enhance people’s livelihood and well-being, and improve people’s quality of life.

  At present, China Life Insurance Company’s health and elderly care ecological project has entered the implementation stage, and the cultivation of new driving forces has entered an acceleration period. The company will accelerate “Insurance + Pension“Business ecological layout, taking the lead in20Key cities have rapidly formed the capacity to provide health care and elderly care services. In the new era and new journey, the company will promote “Insurance + Pension“The business continues to set sail, providing customers with pension security services with China Life characteristics, and helping the elderly groupHave something to look after in old age,Old age needs medical treatment,Being old and doing something good,Learned from time to time,Have fun in old ageNew progress continues to be made.

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