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China Life: Yao Ming and Yi Jianlian are in the same frame again, this time for charity!

China Life: Yao Ming and Yi Jianlian are in the same frame again, this time for charity!

On September 17, China Life’s charity partner, Beijing Yao Foundation, held the “11th Yao Foundation Charity Competition” in Macau, China. The “International Basketball Star Team” composed of Isaiah Thomas, Joseph Young, Jeremy Lin, etc. defeated the “Chinese Basketball Star Team” composed of Fang Shuo, Zhai Xiaochuan, Kolan Bek, etc. with a score of 147:144.

With charity as a platform and basketball as a link, China Life’s global image spokesperson Yao Ming and China Life’s brand ambassador Yi Jianlian gathered together again. At the Yao Foundation Charity Dinner on the evening of September 16, a total of Yao Ming and Yi Jianlian’s signature basketballs and sneakers were displayed. The auction result is 2.51 million, which will be used together with other donations to support the development of sports in rural schools.


This is the second time in three days that the two leading figures of Chinese basketball have been in the same frame. On September 15, Yi Jianlian held a retirement ceremony in Guangzhou. He said to Yao Ming: “Many people hoped that I could catch up with you or even surpass you. For 21 years, I have tried various methods and exhausted all means. In the end, it just stayed at 2.13 meters.” At the ceremony, the Arab League showed a more tender and humorous side, and after the young man who chased the wind on the field took off his jersey, he will also show the fans and the public more details in the new journey. How wonderful.

Whether it is 2.13 meters or 2.26 meters, it is the height of Chinese basketball and will always be imprinted in the hearts of fans! What speaks for Chinese sports and builds the foundation for the future is the figure of hard work, unwavering belief, and never-ending original intention. All hope comes from living up to love and trust, joining hands to create a tomorrow. !

The original intention remains unchanged and the protection remains the same

Although Yao Ming and Yi Jianlian have bid farewell to the court one after another, they have not left basketball. Their original intention to join forces to create a tomorrow for Chinese basketball has never changed, just as China Life’s companionship and protection for its customers have always been there and consistent.

At the retirement ceremony of Yi Jianlian, China Life representatives sent blessings to Yi Jianlian and witnessed the glorious moment of Yi Jianlian’s retirement.

Sports carry the dream of national prosperity and rejuvenation

One of the highlights of the Yao Foundation Charity Game is that in the third quarter, representatives of outstanding young players from the Yao Foundation Hope Primary School basketball season appeared on the court. These children from rural areas across the country compete with the players on the court, allowing their little basketball dreams to bloom on a bigger stage.

As Yao Ming said at the Yao Foundation Charity Dinner, he hopes to bring this warm and exciting basketball charity feast to more caring people, jointly create the public influence of sports charity events, and enhance the public’s dissemination of sports charity and sports value. The power of advocacy. China Life has actively responded to the country’s call for rural revitalization and sports power over the years. Since 2019, China Life Charity Foundation and Yao Foundation have jointly launched the “China Life·100 School Sports Assistance Plan”, through supporting hardware, teacher support, basketball competitions, etc. , focusing on improving the lack of physical education in poor rural schools, bringing professional physical education and the spirit of hard work into the mountains, allowing children to feel the charm of sports up close, enjoy happiness and grow up healthily in sports. The program has benefited a total of 813 poor rural schools, benefiting 758,000 teachers and students.

On the basketball court, we have witnessed the glory of Yao Ming and Yi Jianlian. They dedicated everything to this, which is the persistence of their original aspirations and their lifelong pursuit. They are also the fire that continues to pass on the basketball spirit and inspires more young people to fight for their dreams. Work hard. China Life will also accompany and protect every striver who works hard and lives with heart, and escorts the journey of life.

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