China Life Tianjin Branch Xia Qingyun won the “2023 Tianjin Consumer Rights Protection Star” and protects the rights and interests of customers with professionalism and enthusiasm


Recently, Ms. Xia Qingyun, an employee of the Customer Service Management Center and Consumer Rights Protection Department of China Life Tianjin Branch, won the title of “2023 Tianjin Consumer Rights Protection Star” selected by the Tianjin Consumers Association. She is the only one in this selection event Insurance agency employees on the list. This is an affirmation of Xia Qingyun’s unremitting work on the front line of China Life’s customer service over the past 26 years, and it is also a tribute to the high-quality service and professionalism of tens of millions of China Life people represented by her.

Since joining China Life in 1997, Xia Qingyun has been at the forefront of customer service. She has built excellent professional skills with her youth and sweat, and with her tenacious and honest character, she has provided simple, high-quality and warm service experience to China Life’s customers. She has always adhered to the work credo of “Customer first, dedicated service, and dedication to excellence.” When facing various complaints from customers, she can always empathize with and appease the customers’ impatience, and quickly respond to the customers’ demands. Feedback to relevant departments to ensure that problems can be solved in a timely and effective manner.

Xia Qingyun’s efforts and dedication have been widely recognized. In 2016, she won the title of Customer Service Manager issued by Tianjin Human Resources and Social Security Bureau. Within the China Life system, she has also won many awards, including the “Advanced Individual of the Year for Quality Service” of the head office and the “Moving Person” of the branch. This year, when China Life Tianjin Branch decided to establish a customer complaint center, Xia Qingyun shouldered the heavy responsibility and took the lead in related work. Under her leadership, the branch’s annual complaint volume dropped by 10%. Behind this remarkable achievement is the result of the unremitting efforts of her and her team.

In many service cases, Xia Qingyun has always been able to demonstrate her professionalism and enthusiasm. On a cold winter day, an 80-year-old man came to the company emotionally because his insurance policy had lapsed. Faced with this unexpected situation, Xia Qingyun quickly intervened, patiently asked about the old man’s situation, and coordinated with the relevant departments of the company to tailor a solution for the old man. She explained the current status of the insurance policy and subsequent processing steps to the elderly in plain language, successfully dispelling the elderly’s concerns. When the old man left, he gave Xia Qingyun a thumbs up and thanked him profusely.

As a full-time employee in the complaint management position, Xia Qingyun knows that his responsibility is both to solve problems and to improve services. In the context of the rapid development of the times, customer demands are increasingly diversified. She actively explores new handling methods, summarizes customer profiles, categorizes and negotiates handling skills that take into account customer demands and company management requirements. Not only did she do this herself, she also selflessly shared her experience with other colleagues in her position, which led to an improvement in the service level of the entire company’s customer complaint team.

Perseverance comes from love and responsibility. For Xia Qingyun, love comes from his original intention to serve customers; responsibility comes from his mission as a Communist Party member. This love and responsibility enable her to always think about problems, solve problems, and relieve worries from the customer’s perspective when facing various complex customer complaints, and face every challenge in the best possible condition.

26 years of experience in customer service and 10 years of experience in handling customer complaints have allowed Xia Qingyun to create extraordinary performance in an ordinary position. She explains with practical actions what real high-quality service and professionalism are; she is not only a model and role model for learning inside and outside the China Life system; she is also a role model for many Chinese people who are rooted in the front line of customer service, have ideals, dare to take responsibility, can endure hardship, and are willing to work hard. The epitome of longevity. They regard it as their responsibility and mission to enhance the people’s sense of gain, happiness and security; they use practical actions to protect the people’s good life!


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